How to lose weight in a week at home quickly

The doctors say that weight loss fast can be unhealthy, therefore, in the search by an important figure is not to do everything is in the mind and not to worsen the health. To be able to speed up the metabolism and start the process of cleaning the body of unnecessary, toxins, toxins, lipids, or other substances, you should combine the diet with physical exercise and full of sleep.

The diet

An integrated approach to combat excess weight can lead to tangible results. For this it is important to follow some rules that help to improve digestion, raise the tone and start the fat burning process. Get rid of the extra pounds work correctly render the menu. A low-calorie diet, in conjunction with the decimal symbol of the food system, sports classes, is the correct mode of work and leisure work at a fast pace to reach the initial goal and to make the body in order. The basic rules of the diet at home is:

  • light breakfast (in the morning, you don't need a large amount of calories);
  • the exception from the diet of sweets, starchy foods, salt, fatty foods;
  • power fractional, small portions (optimized to eat 5 or 6 times per day);
  • the use of a large number of non-carbonated clean water (1.5 to 2 litres per day);
  • one of the regular sports (not less than one hour per day), at least, make the loading and in this tour before you sleep;
  • the conclusion of dinner, at least 2-3 hours before bedtime;
  • the physical load and the reception of a glass of water before going to sleep (it is not possible to run some exercises for the problem areas of the body);
  • 8 hours of sleep (bedtime early, to rest, since the earthquake leads to still more active to the accumulation of fat in the body).

Diet weight loss per week

Food restrictions or my session -- exhaustive on hunger strike, which lead to a rapid loss of weight not only are not desirable, but are harmful to the health. Nutritionists strongly recommend that you do not lead the body to exhaustion, depriving it of necessary elements, including vitamins and minerals. With the proper preparation of diet reduces the amount of consumption of a calorie of products, and, in rare cases, almost eliminate it from the menu.

Balanced low-calorie diet ensures the gradual loss of body fat when there is no risk to health. Effective weight loss at home involves the intake of food 5-6 times per day, with intervals of 2-3 hours. Eating should be small portions, not eating too much. To lose weight in a week at home, it is important to reject or limit to a minimum of such products:

  • flour, white bread;
  • the sugar;
  • roast, fat, salt;
  • canned;
  • coffee, black tea, strong.
White bread

First it will be difficult to follow unusual food and change of usefulness of a power system. However, the body of a few days will be able to get used to the new menu bar, in which will be present substitute products. These decisions include:

  1. Fruits, and vegetables. They are rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber, which contribute to the reduction in the weight (fresh fruits best to eat in the morning).
  2. Lean meats, not fatty fish. To prepare such products better in the oven, on the grill or boil in lightly salted water.
  3. Lean dairy products.
  4. Normal or mineral water without gas. The net is necessary for the removal of the body of toxins, other harmful substances, maintenance of water balance, without which it is not possible to the normal metabolism.

In the buckwheat

If other diet worked, worth a try buckwheat food intake, because of that, per week, at home it is possible to lose weight on 5 kg. Wheat – ideal for the fat burning of the product, which ensures maximum saturation and clean the body of toxins. During the diet of porridge cooked in water and eating 3 or 4 servings per day. In addition, you can be consumed a little fat cottage cheese or yogurt. Mandatory rule for those who want to lose weight in a week – the buckwheat do not add salt or any seasoning.

Intense weight loss at home for the week perhaps when the alternative, the method of preparation of porridge. In the night about a kilo of cereal, pour hot water, the ability to enjoy a lid and wrap with a towel. Morning porridge eating together with unsweetened green tea or a small amount of yogurt fat to 0.5%. This dish is consumed when it occurs the sensation of hunger. Mono - lasts a week, the first 2-3 days are illustrative: if the body normally responds to such a diet, then you can continue to lose weight this way.

In yogurt

This option of the diet is recognized as one of the most difficult, that is why they are choosing-if only the will-power, ambitious people. If you join a proposed diet you can to lose weight 7 kg in a week (1 pound per day). The essence of the diet is to drink 1,5 liter of yogurt. Snack, you can serve low-fat cottage cheese, a little citrus, chicken breast, or baked potato. You can only select one of the following products, when you eat can be just in the first five days. On day 6 allowed to drink only a yogurt and water.

There are less rigorous than the options of diet in yogurt, which help to lose weight 3 to 4 kg per week at home. Example menu of the week (mainly products part, stretching the number specified in the night):

In yogurt
  1. Monday: 1,5 kefir, 5 potatoes cooked.
  2. Tuesday: 100 g chicken (boil or bake in the oven without seasoning), 1, 5 liters of yogurt.
  3. Wednesday: 100 g of boiled veal or beef, 1.5 liters of yogurt.
  4. Thursday: 1.5 liters of yogurt, 100 g fish cooked.
  5. Friday: vegetables and fruits, without limitation, 1.5 liters of yogurt.
  6. Saturday: kefir 1.5 l (will discharge, the other forbidden products).
  7. Sunday: the mineral water (1 l), 1.5 liters of yogurt.

In the water

To resist that the diet can not the whole world, because within 7 days you lose weight almost always feel hungry. To lose weight 7 kg in a week at home, you should follow the menu:

  • on the first day to drink not more gallons of milk, the same amount of unsweetened herbal tea and water;
  • on the second day is allowed to eat 200 grams of cottage cheese zero fat, and to drink, besides water, a natural juice without sugar;
  • on the third day allowed to drink exclusively mineral still water;
  • on the fourth day of the diet, add boiled potatoes (4 PCs.) and up to a litre without sugar juice;
  • on day five of lose weight uses only water and some apples;
  • on Fridays the day is permitted, boiled, without salt chicken fillet, juice without sugar;
  • on the seventh day, demonstrates a technique litres lean kefir and the same amount of water.

The oatmeal

Oats are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibers. The use of the product guarantees the sense of well-being and full of joy. With the help of oatmeal can not only to lose weight at home for a week, but and normalize the work of intestines, clean it of harmful substances, stagnant liquid. Feed the oatmeal helps replenish 3-4 extra pounds, the reduction of the number of accumulated fat and reducing the cholesterol level in the blood.

Before the diet, it is important to prepare the body to lose weight at home. To this end, boil 4 St. l. rice with kucelem with the addition of 1 liter of water. Allow it to cool the broth and drink is not filtering. Over 4-6 hours refrain from any type of foods and beverages. Can be repeated periodically the cleaning of the procedure in the future. After the purification of the organs of the digestive tract of toxins and waste, starting the diet, the oatmeal. Basic rules that help you lose weight in a week few pounds more:

  • not worth eating more than 4 times per day, it is forbidden to eat too much;
  • eat porridge should only occurs when there is a strong feeling of hunger;
  • do not include the product salt, the sugar, milk or any other product;
  • you may from time to time to eat fruits in small amounts (more than 2 night and except banana, grape), and, separately, of cereals;
  • it is important to observe the regime of drink: consume need 1.5 to 2 litres of water, no sugar jam or herbal tea;
  • the use of diet for pregnant women, breastfeeding women.

In apples

These fruits contain virtually all types of vitamins, as well as pectin and natural sugar. With the help of an apple with the diet you can lose weight in a week at home 4 to 5 kg. More popular and accessible, the technical option assumes the fulfilment of such a diet:

  1. Monday: you need to eat a kilo of green apples, drink water and green tea without sugar. When severe discomfort allowed to eat a couple of carriedladca crackers.
  2. Tuesday: you should eat at least 1.5 kg of apples, drink a lot of water, tea.
  3. Wednesday, Thursday: the need of consuming 2 kg of apples and drink the maximum number of water.
  4. Friday: the need to eat 1.5 kg of apples, drink 1.5 l of water.
  5. Saturday: eating 1 kg of apples, drink water, green tea.
  6. Sunday: it is allowed to eat apples in any quantity, and drink as much water as you want.

Protein diet

It is reliable and fastest way to lose weight at home, to help to get rid of 6 to 10 kg of excess weight. Protein diet implies an increase in the consumption of fish and meat, with a reduction in the amount of fats and carbs in the diet. Lose weight at home is possible thanks to the fact that the body begins to spend its own reserves of fat formed haveglVODNOM scarce. When this occurs, the body quickly displays the excess fluid and, consequently, the shape becomes more attractive.

Protein diet

It is important to properly prepare the products: animals, baking, decoction, roasting, steaming. For the week the fulfillment of a protein-rich diet at home you can lose weight, including the menu of such products (the number given in maximum number of 1 night):

  • seafood – 300 g;
  • the protein of eggs – 5 PCs.;
  • cottage cheese low-fat – 200 g;
  • the beef or veal – 100 g;
  • fillets of chicken without the skin – 200 g;
  • without sugar, fruit – up to 2 PCs.;
  • water – 2 l.;
  • vegetables (roasted, cooked or fresh as a lettuce with olive oil) – 150 g.

Exercises to lose weight at home per week

The real weight loss at home for a week is only possible with the condition that the diet is complemented with physical activity. It is more efficient in this case, it will be aerobic cargo, dancing, running, fast walking, swimming. To lose weight happens, and when the charge in the morning, weight training, yoga. To lose a few kilos per week at home, it is important to exercise daily and not less than 40-60 minutes, ideally 1.5 hours. The balanced diet together with physical activity help you lose weight fast and tighten the skin.

For the feet

Get the training you need with the warm-up, which prepares the muscles, ligaments and joints of the load. For the feet, more slim, at home it is worth to perform the following exercises:

  1. While journeying through this. Well is standing, with emphasis on the internal surface of the thigh – the best problematic area. For the execution of the lift, place one foot higher from the shoulder level, slowly, sit with your back straight to the knees formed a 90-degree angle. Return to starting position. Do three sets of 10 to 15 times.
  2. High chair. It helps you to lose weight feet, giving a good load of all the muscles. Static exercise is considered to be one of the most efficient to burn calories at home. Stand with your back to the wall, take the step and start to sink slowly, sits down in a chair. In the knee and hip joints repeat the form of a chair, back to back heads of the wall. Keep a static posture for 30 seconds, then climb, and then clear the tension in the muscles, of the foot need to shake.

For the glutes and thighs

A sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the thighs and buttocks, leading to the formation of an excess of sediment in these parts of the body. Combat sagging skin can be with the help of fitness exercises. To lose weight in a week at home, use one of them:

  1. Insults. Form the relief of the muscles, giving your feet, the thinness. The main load falls on the buttocks and thighs. Become exactly, stretch your shoulders, take a step to the front, for a time, squatting down, formed a right angle at the knee. Repeat the exercise for each leg 20 times. Run a couple of approaches. To increase the load up to the maximum and the most rapid to lose weight, the step should be very large.
  2. Mahi. Perfectly trained hip and small gluteus muscle. Make sure the knees, focusing on his knees and hands. Start making movements of the balance foot behind with bent knee, the foot and the maximum amplitude. Each leg to do 20 reps. After 30 seconds of rest repeat the exercise again.

To the waist

Exercises to lose weight

The majority of women with overweight tend to lose weight in the waist area, having reached the beautiful soft curves of the body. There are several effective exercises, which you easily do at home. These exercises include:

  1. To twist. The more effective the exercise will help you lose weight in the waist a couple of inches already for the week to run active. To do it at home does not require a special inventory. Lie on your back, interlock the hands in the nape of the neck, point the elbows to the sides. Bend knees, feet firmly on the ground. Start slowly taking back the ground, padtagIVaS to his knees. Slowly return to starting position. Do 3-4 sets of 20 reps, rest between them for 30 seconds.
  2. The belt. This is an exercise of acting in a comprehensive manner to the whole body, helping you lose weight fast and lead to tone the muscles of the belly, thighs, back. Rest the fingers of the feet and the palms of the hands on the floor, the body should form a straight line. For this, the stomach need to paint himself, and his back and buttocks stretch. You should feel a strong tension of the muscles of the stomach. Stay Sttechnom position for 30 seconds. After a minute, repeat the exercise again. Contra-indication to its performance – critical days for women.

Good sleep for weight loss

Recreation is an important aspect for weight loss. During the entire week of diet and physical, the practice is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours per day. When the lack of sleep and haveтомls the body begins to produce cortisol (the stress hormone), which causes the fat to be deposited in the body with the goal of forming the reserve of energy needed for this difficult period. To lose weight in a week at home, try to early to bed. The best body recovers, if you get to rest in the 20-21 hour on the hour.