Energy diets

The problem of excess weight gives a lot of problems for men and women. Energy diets (ED) – especially developed food products (cocktails), help you to say goodbye with a stranger pounds without effort. The system of ED is designed for athletes and people who take less of an active life-style. It is a balanced diet, cleaning the body of toxins and filling it with vitamins and trace elements. The slimming process is slow, the skin can fall off, not adding new wrinkles.

slimming with energy diets

How they work cocktails Energy Diet for weight loss?

  • With a diet based on the products in this series is easier to optimize daily calories, get the body the amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Many types of cocktails, which combine well with the other. If you mix types, the result will be the new flavor of the product, which allows you to make a diet with erectile dysfunction more diverse.
  • Thanks subcutaneous tissue and enzymes, contained in cocktails, enhancing the healthy digestion.
  • Cocktails quickly and easily digested, forming in the intestine of the slag.
  • The ideal amount of protein in the product, as well as dietary fibres contribute to a long feeling of satiety.
  • If you replace a meal with a cocktail in hand, with the time, changing the eating habits. This helps to control the overwhelming desire of harmful products.

What is included?

Energy diets is a high-tech product, designed to ensure the healthy adult human with all the required elements. The components included in the product ED:

  • Animal protein (concentrate, milk proteins), vegetable proteins from soy, pea). Each party contains 18 essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesizes it, and can only get from food.
  • Fats. In cocktails ED has soybean oil, which contains more than 30 nutrients, including vitamin E1 and linoleic acid, inhibitory to the development of cancer cells. The product does not contain animal fat and, therefore, has no cholesterol.
  • The carbohydrates in cocktails balanced and presented to the glucose which is instantly absorbed, the body is provided by carbohydrates for a long period. Software muscles and the brain, adjust the amount of carbohydrates prevents the appearance of feelings of fatigue.
  • The fiber in the form of gum, as well as inulin from chicory. These are the ingredients of cocktails provide a prolonged feeling of satiety, helps to keep the intestinal flora in proper cleaning the intestine.
  • 11 minerals, 12 vitamins in the product help to optimise the metabolism of the body.
  • The caribbean cherry. Is a product always on the content of vitamin.
  • Royal-jelly – milk, that highlight the bees to feed their young. Thanks to this ingredient of the cocktail, the tissue of the body absorb the oxygen, increases resistance to adverse external conditions, stabilizes the emotional state.
  • The enzyme complex, is included in the cocktails, contributes to the rapid, complete digestion of vegetable and animal proteins. The activity of enzymes produced by the organism, is maintained.
weight loss program with energy diets

Weight loss program Energy diet - the three phases

Energy diets concentrated for the quick preparation of omelettes, soups and cocktails. Through a balanced composition, the body receives all the required elements of the limited calories. Manufacturers of products promise to comfortable lose weight without feeling hunger, depression and lethargy. Weight reduction program divided into three phases. During any period of time, it is necessary to maintain the balance of water - drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

The beginning in 3-5 days

The first phase is called to start the weight loss process. The main goal – to change the power supply, ensuring the body scarce to he elements to restore the metabolism. Daily calories products limited 1200-1500 calories. Lasts this phase: when the extra weight up to 10 kg in 3 days, when surplus more than 10 kg to 5 days. Daily ration is composed of 4 to 5 servings of party energy diets, and 1-2 servings of permissions from products. To strengthen the sense of saturation, the developers recommend a diet drink a glass of water soon after the ingestion of portions of the party.

Allowed the program Energy diets vegetables, whose number should not exceed 400 g, it is recommended that the consumption of boiled, cheese or cooked. For the salad is allowed to use a small amount of vegetable oil, lemon juice, spices, apple cider vinegar. Comopowie products erectile dysfunction can lead to pitting of the vegetation of fennel or parsley. Are allowed in a diet of products:

  • the eggplant;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • broccoli;
  • mushrooms;
  • green radish;
  • zucchini;
  • the area of salad;
  • deciduous beet;
  • onion (and green onion);
  • marine cabbage;
  • cucumber;
  • soy sprouts;
  • tomatoes;
  • radish;
  • turnips;
  • asparagus;
  • pods of green beans;
  • pumpkin;
  • the fennel, parsley, chestnut, vegetables, celery;
  • colors, and cabbage;
  • the spinach.

All drinks must be drunk without sugar, it is possible to use, low-calorie, the sugar substitutes in limited amount. Drinks allowed when you're on a diet:

  • coffee without caffeine or poorly manufactured;
  • water;
  • herbal tea;
  • green, red or black teas.

Fixing the result

At this time, the slimming process is already running in the action. The main thing – do not deviate from your goal and not go back to his old way of life. The creators of the diet call this period of phase transition. Cocktails energy diets should be consumed 1-2 times a day (mandatory – for dinner). The list of permitted in a diet of products expands. To it are added:

power control
  • baked fish or seafood – 150g;
  • peru – 150g;
  • rabbit 150g;
  • low-fat cheese – 100g;
  • cow lean 100g;
  • the liver 100g;
  • veal 100g;
  • cottage cheese low-fat 150 g;
  • chicken-150 g;
  • the eggs (without yolks) 2pcs.

If at night, tormented by the feeling of hunger, no later than 2 hours before sleep is allowed to eat 0,5 portions of the party. The length of this period is 3 to 4 weeks. If the mass of a body more normal 15 kg or more, and at the end of the phase the result is not achieved, the developers of the weight loss program recommend again begin to take cocktails, as in the first period of the diet.

The control over the power and the weight

To secure the result you need to take care with the quantity and quality of absorbed products. Important – eventually supplant the psychological dependence of the food, learn to assess the needs of the body, and satisfy your useful products. The creators recommend that it is time to drink a cocktail 1 time a day at dinner.

In this phase, the diet to previously authorized products are added to the dishes containing carbohydrates, a number that still must be limited to:

  • wheat;
  • peas;
  • cereal pieces;
  • red beans;
  • masses of whole-wheat flour;
  • rice;
  • flour of oats;
  • dry beans;
  • the whole-grain bread;
  • lentils.

During the passage of a phase control over the power and the weight can consume 1 portion of fruit, in the amount of 80 g:

  • apricot fresh-3 PCs.;
  • orange 1 PCs.;
  • pineapple, fresh 1 large piece;
  • watermelon-1 large piece;
  • banana fresh 1pc;
  • grapefruit 0,5 PCs.;
  • pear-1 PCs.;
  • kiwi 2pcs;
  • strawberry fresh 7 PCs.;
  • raspberry 4 St. spoons;
  • peach 1 PCs.;
  • drain 2 PCs.;
  • the blueberry fresh 4 St. spoons;
  • blackcurrant fresh 4 St. spoons;
  • apple 1 PCs.
shakes for weight loss

The duration of the phase is easy to calculate the formula: number of pounds lost is equal to the number of months. If, during the entire diet lost eight kilos, the phase will last eight months. So you attach obtained eating habits, so the weight once again began to grow. Always remember: the number of drinking water of two litres per day!

How to make shakes to lose weight?

All the cocktails energy diet, it is recommended to dilute the 1.5% milk. It is placed on the calculation of calories and the composition of the product. Allowed to replace the milk by water, the juice of a lemon or yoghurt with the same boldStd, but it can affect the calorie content and flavors. You can also mix several products of ED to get the new flavors. Cocktails are prepared before the use, storage, cooked product is not!