The diet of the japanese: the menu and the results

There are a multitude of diets quick give you for a couple of weeks to throw off those extra pounds. The diet japanese is one of such. But she distinguishes that the diet is very varied and the result is reliable. A week this diet you are able to reset the four kilograms, if the cause of excess weight has become disturbed metabolism. Japanese very strict diet. So, get ready for strenuous struggle for the slender figure.

types of diet japanese

Types of diet japanese

Because the diet of the japanese is considered to be rigid, it is not suitable to all people. She is severely restricted the number of calories consumed on account of the prohibition of easily digestible carbohydrates. The minimization of the consumption of salt gives perfectly removing the surplus liquid, get rid of the swelling, which affects significantly the final result in the balance. The diet japanese is allowed to repeat more than once per year.

There are three options of the japanese diet, calculated for a week, two and 13 days. The main difference is in the term and result. In the rest of the diet are almost the same: they have the same contra-indications, lists of substances prohibited and allowed products, advantages and disadvantages. With ease, shifting from celebrated japanese food diet, you will be able to survive, and a couple of weeks. If the excess weight is not very large, it is recommended to stick to 7 day diet japanese, in the other case, resort to the full rate of exchange 14 days.

Protein in 13 days

The first option dietary japanese diet lasts for 13 days, after which the balance will show less than 7 kg. Repeat the diet of animals not more than two times per year. The output of it should be correct, otherwise the weight lost will come back thoroughly. By this, the time will forget about the cake and the rolls in the name of a slender figure. The basic rule of the diet-the japanese – the application of rigorous diet. The consumption of carbohydrates is limited, and the emphasis was placed on the entry of goods into the body of the protein. This gives a high efficiency of the system, however, does not make its balanced.

During the accomplishment of the diet in japanese diet the body will lose some nutrients, including fibers of vegetable origin. In general, the diet of low carbohydrate and low fat, does not cause great damage to the health. It's also worth to remember that any diet with calorie restriction should take a multivitamin.

Salt-free in 14 days

The second variant of the diet japanese it is difficult to mention balanced, because it is compiled without regard to the normal proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Such systems of power among the fair sex is very popular, because it is guaranteed to give result fast. It is worth mentioning, that their action is not the nature of long duration, therefore, after the end of the diet japanese must control.

Within two weeks it is forbidden to consume the salt, sugar, candy, flour, confectionery, alcoholic beverages. After the end of japanese diet the diet is not worth to embark in all serious cases, and absorb large quantities of prohibited products, otherwise, the lost kilograms will again be based on one of its sides, buttocks and belly. An important pre-requirement is deemed to be compliance with the diet, a sequence of days, compliance with drinking (the consumption of 1.5 l of drinking water).

Shorter than 7 days

And the last option is computed by a week. During the time of the fulfillment of the excluded, salt, sugar, alcohol, bakery products. Respect the rules – is not allowed no concessions, products, replacement, addition of sauces to improve the taste. You will need all your accuracy and the speed of the shutter, if you want to get the most coveted of the form. Daily consume 1,5–2 liters of water. Is allowed the cup of green tea without sugar per day. In addition, minimize the addition of vegetable oil in dishes ready.

Also the diet japanese requires preparation. For a few days, it is worthwhile facilitate the feeding, stock up on shipping of multivitamins. It is a positive impact on general health and the condition of your skin. The diet japanese has an agenda, that you must follow. This will give you the control. The only break – it is permissible to replace coffee by tea in rare cases.

Description this diet japanese

A true japanese diet includes foods that provide efficient way to relieve the weight of not have acute crises of hunger. This meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, olive oil. The traditional food of the japanese population and the geisha the most diverse, but the diet is calculated in losing weight. Products try consumed fresh, so the body would behave during nutrients and vitamins.

options diet japanese

The diet of the japanese serves to nourish our body proteins from eggs, chicken, fish, meat and dairy products, carbohydrates – from crackers and the list of permissions vegetable fats – olive oil, used for salad, to cook. The daily consumption of coffee invigorates the body, quenches antioxidants. Remember that this drink should be natural, high quality, without additives and flavorings.

Following the diet japanese more than two weeks, is strictly prohibited, because the menu is difficult to mention balanced, because some of the nutrients in it are very limited. You can also feel some side effects of lack of carbs: weakness, body aches, headache. If you notice the symptoms described, the diet japanese you must leave and go to the doctor. It is important to the correct mode: a lot of standing water to the feeling of fullness, gastric, facilitate the exit of products of processing of proteins.

If you will strictly follow the plan of the japanese system, the success you will have. Days may not be confused, as to produce the replacement of products. Is only allowed at times to replace the coffee with green tea without sugar. During the entire period of the giving up the salt, which will benefit in their joints. If this is going to be difficult, it is allowed the minimum of salt dishes. Your day will consist of three meals and any snacks are prohibited. The last meal should pass three hours before bedtime. Every morning, fasting drink a glass of water, which will help start and speed up the metabolism, as well as the best way to move the lack of coffee in the morning.

Because the japanese diet is very strict, it is worth to prepare in advance. Tune in psychologically more long, of a lot of work for the benefit of its own way, let him deny a few days of fast food, snacks, sweets, reduce the default size of the portions. After the end of the diet japanese on the prize of self-control, discipline, you will see less than 5 or more pounds to the scale.

List of permitted and prohibited products

The list of permitted in the diet of japanese products includes the following:

  • Dairy products.
  • The lean meat.
  • Lean varieties of fish.
  • Eggs.
  • Push-ups.
  • The vegetables and the fruit partially.
  • The olive oil.

It is expressly avoid the appearance of the japanese diet:

  • Any fat, beyond what is allowed.
  • Bread.
  • Sugar.
  • Salt.
  • The sweet.
  • Foods rich in starch.
  • Alcohol.

Example of menu in 14 days

First day:

  • Breakfast a cup of coffee without sweeteners.
  • For lunch animals of two boiled eggs, salad of cabbage cooked with a sauce of olive oil, a glass of tomato juice without salt.
  • The evening meal includes 200 grams cooked in a couple of fish.
changing the diet japanese

The second day:

  • For breakfast you are allowed a biscuit rye bread, a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch – salad of fresh vegetables with the fueling with vegetable oil, 200 g of fish, cooked any way.
  • Dinner a cup of yogurt, 100 g of cooked meat.

The third day:

  • At lunch we ate biscuit, rye bread or bread with bran of wheat, we drink the cup of coffee.
  • For lunch we prepared 1-fried in olive oil zucchini.
  • Dinner 200 g of boiled meat, 2 boiled eggs, cabbage salad.

The fourth day:

  • The breakfast includes a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch – 15 g of cheese, 3 carrots, cooked, 1 raw egg.
  • Dining fruit, excluding grapes, banana and mango.

Day five:

  • For breakfast, we ate carrot salad with lemon sauce.
  • Lunch a cup of tomato juice 200 g cooked any method of fish.
  • During the dinner, we eat fruits in addition to mango, banana and grape.

The sixth day:

  • In the morning prepare a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch – carrot salad, or kale with olive oil, half of a boiled chicken without fat, the skin.
  • Having dinner with carrot salad, 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Seventh day:

  • The buffet includes green tea without sweeteners.
  • Lunch fruit, 200 g of boiled meat.
  • For dinner – any choice of these, besides the dinner, the third day.

The eighth day:

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch – carrot or cabbage, lettuce, half of the chicken cooked without fat, skin.
  • Dinner – salad of the sea with oil, 2 boiled eggs.

Ninth day:

  • Breakfast-carrot salad with lemon juice.
  • For lunch we prepared 200 g of fish of any form, drink a glass of tomato juice.
  • Dining fruits excluding mango, banana and grape.

The tenth day:

  • At breakfast a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch – 3 boiled carrots with olive oil, 1 raw egg, 15 g of cheese.
  • Dining fruit, in addition to locks.

The eleventh day:

recipes diet japanese
  • For breakfast, eat biscuit, rye bread, drinking a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch seared zucchini.
  • Dinner 200 g of boiled meat, 2 boiled eggs, cabbage salad.

Twelfth day:

  • Breakfast – biscuit, coffee.
  • Lunch – salad of vegetables without starch, 200 g of fish cooked.
  • Supper – a cup of yogurt, 100 g of cooked meat.

Thirteenth day:

  • Morning meal – the coffee.
  • Dinner – salad of cabbage, 2 boiled eggs.
  • The evening meal – 200 g of cooked any method of fish.

The fourteenth day:

  • Breakfast - coffee.
  • Lunch cabbage salad with olive oil, boiled fish.
  • Dinner a cup of yogurt, a slice of cooked meat, 200-g.

How to properly quit the diet

General principles out of the diet the japanese, are the following:

  • The graduality – only after a couple of weeks or a month, you can go back to his usual energy.
  • The continuous expansion of the menu – every day, add a product that has been denied in the diet. First, pull the of complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Rational balanced nutrition, the minimum number of sugar, fats animals, the enrichment of the diet in fibers, vitamins, proteins.

Below we offer a menu to quit the diet. Animals adjust it to your own taste. The number of meals increases, which does not feel hunger, to eat large portions. Do japanese diet more diverse, comes in useful for the organism food, avoid plenty of fat and simple carbohydrates. The menu to quit the diet the japanese:

  • The first breakfast - oatmeal or rice porridge in water, milk, tea with a spoon of honey.
  • Second breakfast includes a handful of dried fruit or apple, mineral water or juice.
  • For lunch animal meat with beans, buckwheat, vegetables, tea, milk, toast is available.
  • Afternoon snack – milk, drinks or fruits.
  • Dinner – dairy products and vegetables.
the diet menu japanese


The japanese diet is contraindicated:

  • Children.
  • Mothers and pregnant women.
  • People with chronic diseases.
  • People with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.
  • Individuals with diseases in the liver, kidneys.
  • The people who deal with the increase of the intellectual work.