Drink diet

When is coming the warm weather of the year, all the women think about the kgs that got deposited in their hips and in the waist during the winter. Nutritionists is offered with a wide variety of diets. One of the diets that have emerged in recent years, refers to drink diet. By itself, the name of this diet suggests that the dishes that she does not need to eat and drink. Change the consistency of dishes that can adequately realize is not everything, so, initially, it is only suitable for those who like soups and other liquid dishes.

drink diet

The essence of the diet

Depending on the age of the man over the 65-80% is composed of water. The water in the human body performs many functions:

  • it is the universal solvent for most substances: virtually all reactions in the human body occur in a liquid medium;
  • included in all of the environments of the biological of the human body: blood, lymph, digestive juices, secretions and mucous membranes and secretions of glands of internal secretion;
  • serves as a transport system for nutrients, enzymes, hormones, gases, degradation products, and sharing, of cells and molecules-vectors;
  • dissolve the salt and the displays in excess of the body through the urine and sweat;
  • maintains homeostasis — the dynamic balance of electrolytes, acids, bases, the pressure inside and outside of the cells;
  • ensures the uniformity of the temperature of the body (through evaporation of the excess heat);
  • promotes liquefaction fecal;
  • maintains the elasticity (turgor) of the fabric.

The average number of persons every day loses to 3.0 l of water (through urine, then, expired air, excreta) depending on the conditions of its permanence and intensity of the work. If the permanence of a person in terms of the elements of the heating of the climate (hot factory floor, in the sauna, at the hottest time of year) loss of water increase very much.

To supply this deficiency of water in the body, 20 to 30% occurs as a result of an internal redox reactions of 20% to 30% — by account revenue solid and semi-solid food and 50% for the account of the so-called "free-liquid (water, jam, juice, jelly, dairy drinks).

The essence of the diet drinking is, to increase the input fluid in the body from the outside. It is possible to perform, by replacing the solid food (main dishes, desserts, sandwiches, snacks) in the melted. Therefore, normalizes the metabolism, the harmful substances are trapped in the body (intestine, kidneys, blood vessels), improves the condition of skin.

Principles of power

To drink, the diet is very strict. Respecting all of the principles of nutrition, one can obtain good results: it is possible to play up to 15 kg per month. For this, you need to:

  1. When composing your diet should choose useful products, avoiding contain in its composition of genetically modified organisms, food supplements, trans.
  2. The night can be consumed, not more than 5 l of total liquid, including liquid food.
  3. The volume of fluid that comes out in the night, in the form of food, it should be at least 2 l.
  4. Separately from the acquisition of food, you need to drink at least 2 litres of clean water per day.
  5. During the intake of food is forbidden to chew, as well as during the chewing actively include the digestive juices. It is forbidden to chew also moon: rise — which has the same effect.
  6. The volume of food, which is programmed for the consumption per day, needs to be divided into 5-6 receptions.
  7. Need of physical activities moderate.
  8. The chair must be regular, daily. When you are prompted to constipation, you should take laxatives medicines or placing agents of enemas.
  9. In addition, you need to drink vitamins and minerals tools.
  10. You can not alone increase the residence time in the diet, because it the Norwegian Opera and ballet.lansarovna.
the essence of the diet

The most popular of all varieties are two options to this diet:

  • drink diet for 7 days;
  • drinking a diet of 30 days.

Those who decided to lose weight, therefore, it is best to start with the diet drinking for the week. It is more severe, but gives a good and fast result. In addition, a person can decide if it would be able to support such a restriction in the diet for a month.

Pros of the diet drinking

The great advantage of drinking low-calorie diet is to cleanse the body of toxic substances and slag. In addition to cleaning up the body, it is the slimming has many other positive effects on the body slimming:

  • helps normalize digestion;
  • increases the speed of the rates of reactions in the body;
  • reduces the volume of the stomach;
  • improves the mood.

In the preparation of dishes drinking diet does not require much time or any type of high-value products. The main thing — to compose a menu.

Cons diet drinking

Drink diet, regardless of duration, is not suitable for people with:

  • chronic, serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • disorders excretory renal function;
  • inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract in the acute phase;
  • a propensity for edema;
  • diabetics.

When a person at least one of the above listed diseases is required the consultation of a doctor. Only qualified service personnel can determine how dangerous is this type of weight loss if form or another illness.

Drink weight loss leads to the washout minerals from the body and reduction of revenues of vitamins, therefore, in practice it is not worth, in periods of seasonal beriberi.

The deficiency of vitamins and minerals can negatively affect the condition of skin, nails and hair. The immunity of a person worse, observed anemic manifestations. There may be visual disturbances, disturbances of memory and attention. However, the ingestion of complex interactions of medicines, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients can alert you to possible deficiency of these substances. Adequate vitamins and complex mineral can choose the doctor according to the age, weight, height and state of health of the patient.

It is not recommended to use this diet, pregnant women and lactating mothers, children and the elderly, as it is very stressful.

It's not worth to continue drinking slimming, if during it the man begins to persistence of feeling the sensation of hunger, especially accompanied by thlokrujeniya, fainting, weakness, dejection, irritability, insomnia or drowsiness, pains in the stomach or in the abdomen, disorders of attention and memory.

you can eat

You can eat

Drink diet allows for the consumption of:

  • drinking water without gas;
  • lean dairy products and fermented foods (not above 2.5% fat);
  • BUlionov of vegetables, mushrooms, lean meat, offal, poultry, fish;
  • fresh juices of vegetables and fruits;
  • fruit drinks and jam from berries;
  • jams;
  • natural and teas.

Dishes, you must cook without salt, and sugar. Cook the preparation of the products must be minimal: decoction and grilling. Prevent frying, baking, grilling.

What can you not eat

To drink diet showed good results, one must abandon totally:

  • solid and semi-solid foods (second dishes, kebabs, salads, casseroles, sandwiches);
  • alcohol, including withlAboalкоthlof covered beverages and wines;
  • the coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine;
  • strong broths (fatty fatty types of meat);
  • animal fats (butter and ghee, fat, interior fat);
  • sauces and pickles;
  • pickles;
  • canned;
  • drinks with gas;
  • the juice of industrial production;
  • salt and salty snacks from gas stations;
  • sugar and other sweeteners (honey, fructose);
  • food additives, flavouring agents, agents for improving taste, preservatives, dyes).

Drink the 7 day diet

Thanks to a week of diet, you can evaluate its physical properties and strength of will possibilities before you start months course of weight loss. When you do this, you menus diet for each person must be produced individually.

Drink the diet does not have strictly determined the menu for the week, but during your preparation you can follow the recommended 7 days of the diet.

the diet menu drinking

The first day

Thus, the right choice for you the beginning of weight loss is the 7 day diet, when on this first day of diet drinking it is advisable to make molfull-time, and, better still киwithlоmolfull-time (kefir, a bit of yeast, ryazhenka, yoghurt without additives). This will help you set up the digestive system the digestion liquid food.

The second day

Drink the diet on the second day may consist of soups based on vegetables, lean fish and meat BUlionov. You should avoid adding soup pasta, potatoes, sour cream, cheese or other additives. The soup should be welded in to eat a lean meat (beef, rabbit or chicken without skin), fish (jejunum maritime or fluvial), vegetables (zucchini, cabbage, carrots, beets, onions). Refills on the soup should not be an exception may be only the addition of tomato to the acidification. The taste of the soup can supplement condiments leafy green vegetables (pykkola, parsley, dill, cilantro, basil). Salt is better not to add.

The third day

The menu of the day, intended to meet the body of vitamins. For this, during the day drinking, jams and at the time of fruit and vegetable juices. Pre-requirements is the lack of sugar or withахарозаменитеlher in these drinks. Natural drinks can meet the deficiency of vitamins.

The fourth day

Around the fourth day, you need to drink jelly — mucous membranes-based drinks fruit and berries broth, without the addition of sugar. Jelly involve the mucosa of the organs of the stomach and intestine, and are also a source of water-soluble lегкоуwithвояеmoth carbohydrate — corn starch.

Day five

The menu of the fifth day corresponds to the third, but you can add uzvar of dried fruits, cooked without sugar.

The sixth day

On the sixth day, need to drink about 3 liters of kissel oat and oatmeal. This pudding is prepared from 200 g oats, 100 g of oatmeal, a cup of lean yogurt, 1.5 liters of water. Start cooking oatmeal pudding needed from the fifth day of the diet: pour the oats and cereal with yoghurt and leave in a warm place. A day a mixture of wipe through a sieve and add the water. Bring to the boil and cook on low heat for a few minutes. When you do this, you must pudding constantly moving.


The seventh-day, 7 days of the diet is similar to that of 1 day diet drinking, except for a small relief — soft cheese casseroles at the end of the day. This casserole, on the last day of the week diet drinking will facilitate the exit.

The most difficult thing in the water diet, according to the feedback experienced it, is the first day. It is a stressful situation for the body to start losing weight on a diet drink better, then, when the person does not have an important meeting or responsible work.

Drinking a diet of 30 days

The more positive, the effect of a month of the diet is the significant decrease in the volume of the stomach. Drinking a diet of 30 days, gives concrete results for the body, which reflects in the health of weight loss, before and after it. The cleansing effect of the diet is different at different periods:

  1. In the first decade of the are cleaned of stones, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the bladder and the bowel.
  2. During the second 10 days clean parenchymal organs: heart, liver, spleen, and also the lungs and the blood vessels.
  3. In the last decade, it occurs to update the mobile phone of the composition of the body. It is in this phase that the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness are replaced with the joy and with ease.

30 days diet menu is different from the diet of 7 days of the diet. Every day, the menu must be present soup, pureed meat or fish. When this occurs, you necessarily need to count calories: the rate of daily menu should not exceed 1500 kcal.

get out of the diet

The correct output

For the weight loss results preserved, it is necessary to output the correct drink to the diet:

  1. First you need to insert the liquid of cereals.
  2. The first 1-2 weeks, the dinner should be drinking.
  3. A week after leaving a little bit of everything, you can insert an omelet of 1-2 eggs soft cheese casseroles, cheesecakes. Salt and sugar should be reduced to the maximum.
  4. In the second week of launch should be on the lunch add salads with fresh vegetables and fruits, prepare them sauteed, in stews and other specialties, occurs where the extinction of the components in their own juice.
  5. During the third week of the diet, you can enter a lean meat, fish, or seafood.
  6. In the future, at least once per week are necessary valves, discharge days.

In addition to these outbound rules, you should continue to follow the calorie content of the diet, avoid fried and fatty dishes, sweets, soft drinks and alcohol.

Discharge drinking days

Discharge drinking days will help you maintain the weight after slimming. A source of discharge tube days, you put up these days:

  • the tea house — 1.5 l of any tea without sugar (you can with lemon) in a day;
  • milk — the same amount of skim milk, lean kefir or yogurt without additives on day;
  • tomato — up to 3 liters of tomato juice without salt per day;
  • vegetable — up to 2 litres of fresh juice of beets, carrots, celery, or other vegetables per day (without salt and sugar).

Vegetables discharge days are the most ideal from the point of view of replenishment of vitamins in the body. In addition, they have useful fiber that improves digestion and helps normalize the chair.


Drink the diet is one of the most effective and modern diets. There are two varieties of this diet: in the week and in 30 days.

Drink diet for the week is more severe in comparison with the month, therefore, withstand much more difficult. Difficult on a 7 day diet is 1 day diet drinking.


In the water of a diet menu for 30 days is less strict than the diet for a week. The menu for a month diet includes the daily use of the soup, which makes it more tolerated.

Drinking a diet use by pregnant women and lactating women, the elderly and children, people with diseases of the digestive system and the heart, kidneys and blood vessels.

The opinions of people who have tried this diet, in several cases of websites and forums talking about the good results that such a slimming diet. During their stay in a month of drinking diet occurs the complete cleaning of the body, normalizes metabolism, improves mood, appears lightness in the body. The correct output from such a diet will keep your weight in the long term.