Which diet when pancreatitis correct

During the problems of the pancreas diet when pancreatitis becomes an important complement to the total therapy. Observe it does not, depending on the case – the menu on the right becomes a way of life.

The proper nutrition when pancreatitis

General rules

A failure that occurs in the digestive system, caused by several factors. But it is often a violation in the diet. The lack of production of gastric juice, complicating the division of the food, resulting in the acute phase of the disease. When, later, skip the diet the disease is already chronic.

To facilitate the duodenum the execution of its many functions, the base has that take healthy foods when pancreatitis according to the following rules:

  • exclude fatty, fried, smoked dishes;
  • universal values are only used in prescriptions, or dietary;
  • introduced the principle of fractional power – small portions every 3 hours;
  • it is used only crushed food heated;
  • eat is not moving, slowly chewing the food;
  • taken food not drink.

It is important the compliance with the energy standards of products, on average, 350 g of carbs and 80 g fat. In parallel with pancreatitie due to a poor diet problems arise from the stomach, may occur inflammation of the biliary ways of developing diabetes. Bearing this in mind when selecting the therapeutic diet menu are assigned according to one of the related problems.

The diet during the acute phase

The acute inflammation of the breast, the pancreas, the patient translate on the 2 day of fasting. The patient only allow drinks – from the hips decoction, or infusion, teas and filtered water (up to 5 receptions on the day). Gradually, they supplement the low-calorie diet food in small doses.

Diet when pancreatitis in phase of exacerbation will be varied from 2 weeks. The basic elements of power become:

The diet during the acute phase
  • soups light;
  • porridge liquid;
  • products rich in proteins (in particular, cakes steam fish fillet or chicken);
  • the fruits with the highest content of antioxidants;
  • from drink green teas, fresh juices, jelly liquid.

If you do not limit to these recommendations or to completely ignore the diet, the acute form very quickly enter in your time line. So the food requirements become even more difficult.

The diet during the chronic phase of the

Running the disease, living with it for some years. Here already may be forced to rely on diets, with the care of select products in the menu:

  • daily, the body to saturate the protein in an amount of 130 g (of which 2/3 – of animal origin);
  • animals in small amounts of butter – it is added to breakfast cereals;
  • the milk is not recommended in its pure form – it is best to prepare your recommended to the kitchen, to make sauces;
  • it is useful to kefir, fresh, not greasy;
  • recommended laxatives products of dried fruit, plums and apricots.

The food when chronic pancreatitis light varied, and includes cheeses, a pair of boiled omelettes, and t. p. The worsening of the disease over the products that are introduced restrictions. Two days the patient is kept only in the drinks. 3-day are given small portions of liquid dishes prepared with milk diluted in water. When the pain depart, diet pancreatitis in adults are varied, but the dishes are allowed phérétEPts, although dense consistency.

Allowed products

Picking up the menu to the pancreatitis, the first make up the list of food permitted for consumption. It seems that the fence, as indicated in table 1.

What is recommended

Dishes Recommendations
Crewepянs (wheat, semolina, oats, rice) The cook water-based, with the consequent introduction of milk. Recommended semi-viscous consistency. Instead of cereal grains, at times, to use the flour - batter of rice or wheat. Oatmeal – a great base for stuffed delicious, served with jam (but it can be with jelly)
The first Manufactured exclusively for vegetable broth. The base plates are allowed cereals, which is best to grind the mash into the dough. It is recommended to add shredded vegetables, but not pAskarovatü them. Animal top-animal oil or milk (sometimes cream)
Vegetables From the fruits of permissions to enter in the diet of potatoes, the carrots, the cabbage, cauliflower, snow peas, green zucchini, pumpkin, beets. Your first fully well-cooked, then phérétirayt. Sometimes the doctor resolves the chopped cucumber and tomatoes without peel
Fruit Fresh and baked only can apples sweet varieties. If you take dried fruit, your phérétirayt. Other fruits are only suitable for sweet, mousses, jelly. Raw are undesirable
Meat Certificates of chicken dishes, veal, low-fat beef, rabbit, and only chopped way. Of filling to make meat stuffed, forparivut a variety of products semi-finished products. If there is no acute phase, small pieces of eat rabbit ontварнonгon and chicken
Fish Are selected only the lean representatives of bodies of water. Fish or ontвarivut and eat small pieces, or from the fresh loin of фonрмуюt chops (exclusively about the pair)
Milk Basis of the diet – dairy beverages with a low content of fat. The milk used only for replenishment of dishes. Cottage cheese (the best option -calcined) – excellent supply of casseroles and puddings. Hard cheeses in the diet of the patient taking the non-acute varieties and use only mash-figurative. The cream of milk goes for gas stations (in small amount)
Eggs You can steam cook omelet 1-the product on the day
Sauces Serves only to vegetable broth with the addition of a non-fried flour and milk or cream
Bakery Bread charge psceniczny, but cooking 1-2 days of age. From cookie allowed toast

The products described when pancreatitis allow you to compose a varied menu. If you take into account the recommendations for the preparation, it can be a time to avoid the worsening of the disease.

Fully or partially limited products

The table above provides a base diet when pancreatitis. There is also a list of products, partially allowed, or prohibited:

  • sauces, fish, mushroom, meat, and prepared for them, the kitchen, as well as a person;
  • all fried, stews, and contains fats;
  • кonpченonсtand, canned food, spices;
  • meat, fish eggs, conservation;
  • exclude straw, pSchenk, pEPлonвка, corn syrup;
  • due to the high content of cholesterol from the diet by-products;
  • go to berry select in its raw form, is introduced with caution and do not constantly;
  • products and dishes that contain crude fiber, the patient should be redacted (mushrooms, beans, the majority of the roots, cyan dots, the white cabbage-head);
  • Omelette
  • the simple carbohydrates, contained in all types of grapes, bananas, cause swelling;
  • not recommended milk with higher fat percentage, cheese, spicy-salty varieties, sour curd;
  • totally eliminate cooked, and even more fried, the eggs;
  • it is not advisable to ingest fat cooking, and the fat and oil of vegetable origin, it is best to use a small quantity for replenishment of dishes;
  • fully eliminate the chocolate and flavored product, flour (for wind instruments, and fried), all varieties of ice cream;
  • it is not recommended that bakery fresh pastries, and stop the products from rye flour;
  • taboo is the black tea varieties, grape juice, coffee drinks, soda, and alcoholic beverages.

Although the following list is partially limited when the disease it is best to completely eliminate from the input menu in the list of ingredients. This will help to avoid many of the problems with the gastrointestinal.

The menu if you have an inflammation of the pancreas(power mode). Some patients complain that the menu when pancreatitis very diet. But and easy to diversify, switching between types of cereals, introducing the meat, fish dishes. If the right to distribute the products in the days of the week, the diet does not seem so sweet.

All the possible products enter in the "food guide pyramid", so that the menu is quite balanced, it is essential for the proper functioning of the body. The restrictions (or prohibitions), that are entered, so no not to impoverish the diet. With the output of harmful food and drinks out of use, are only fixed by harmful factors, negatively affect the work of a sick breast.Table 2

Sample menu

The reception of the food Examples of dishes
Breakfast Porridge is of a liquid consistency, pрontEPtth

Soufflé cottage cheese

Herbal tea

Lunch Baked apple

The decoction of the fruit of rosehip

Lunch Any one of the allowed first dishes

Pate-meat, low-fat

Compote of dried fruits

Afternoon snack Take the vegetable puree
Dinner Porridge (at your discretion)

Souffle of fillet of fish

The tea

Before going to sleep Compote of rosehip

As can be seen from the menu to the diet when pancreatitis, anything new in your elaboration does not. Double-click the entry in the daily ration for follow-ups, better diversified (in the morning, for example, semolina and, at night, buckwheat). Instead of cereal, sometimes, it is recommended to prepare the mashed potatoes.

Sample menu only gives to understand the principle of selection of dishes, and diversify to compose a week of the diet. Important – proceed from positions of compliance of the basic rules of nutrition when recommended diets.

Recipes dietary

Top tips on how to best use the products that make up the diet for patients with gland inflamed, cited above. To them and to follow when cooking dishes. The following are examples of recipes when pancreatitis taking into account specific characteristics.

Suponвonй diet

Supчandкand prepare based liquids cereals, forpравandв milk and putting a little oil of butter. Original flavor has a soup of rice boiled in milk, if you add a little bit of chicken puree. Presented below is an algorithm of preparation of the original first dishes of vegetables:

  • zucchini minced carrot and a tinder;
  • cabbage disassemble into small floretes;
  • the ingredients are placed in the cauldron, pour in boiling water and put it in the fire;
  • solder to the sac until the softening slight onсtuiaut and out lashes the blender until the puree in the form of consistency;
    injected in a soup of milk, a little salt, once more boiled.
Fishing chop

Food soup puree to the table, make the filling of cream of milk (low-fat) or put a little butter oil.

КontLetкand from sugar beet

Such dishes are prepared, not only of meat or fish. Very tasty it turns out that it if you make meatballs vegetables:

  • boiled beets clean;
  • is ground on a grater;
  • add a teaspoon of semolina of cereals, a little salt and let it ferment for;
  • forming cookies of your crumble, mrs. mahnke purchased.

The dish is made exclusively with steam, and at the table served with sour cream.


Take vitamin the dessert serves this recipe:

  • chopped carrot quenched with water for 15 minutes;
  • apples, purified from the bark and seeds, cut and add the carrots;
  • bringing the smoothness, the fruit was rubbed until the puree in the form of the state;
  • cover with milk, bring up to the boiling point;
  • gradually introduced semolina, a couple more minutes pрonвarivut and shoot;
  • in onсtangling up to 80 °C dessert introduce first the yolks and then the protein whipped cream;
  • lies in the ability and quenched.

Each of the diet recipes it will be interesting to children who have problems in the pancreas.

For children

The disease of the pancreas does not have age records– suffer from this disease and the children, although it is found to be the phenomenon in the group rarely. All of the above suggestions regarding dietary apply to younger patients. To dishes for them when pancreatitis were mouth-watering, will have to prove to the imagination.

Souffle chicken

Happens dish mild and pleasant taste, if you cook it in this way:

  • the chicken cook (suitable and turkey);
  • separate the fillet from the bones, turn in the filling;
  • make sauce of milk, adding a little flour and the yolk of egg;
  • mixed the ground beef, the sauce and a bit of animal oil;
  • carefully phéréмешав, introduce proteins, whipped cream on the example of the foam;
  • the mass invades the ability of the forparivut soufflé.

Similar to a recipe good for fishing ontварнonгon fillet (during the process of preparation should be slightly sunflower).

Curd & pudding

Most of the children loves tвonрonжнs dishes:

  • cottage cheese (non-mandatory fatty) clean, using a sieve;
  • light the milk, in a ratio of 3:1;
  • VSYpAyut tablespoon of monkey, and introduce proteins (pre-hit);
  • stirred, spread the ability to bake and survive, in the case of a cabinet of not more than 10 minutes.

Picking up when pancreatitis healthy food for younger patients, based grab a menu for children aged 1-3 years. It is collected on the basis of delicate impact on the digestive system and the rules of the diet.


Having problems with the pancreas, the need to periodically to enter into the mode of discharge day, in order to facilitate the work of the diseased organ. In the phase of strong exacerbations recommended if pancreatitis fasting. This allows you to relieve the pain of symptoms.

When there is no need for digestion of the food, the system goes into "sleep mode". All the strength that it takes to get you back to normal the body and perform the regeneration process of the tissues.

Method of fasting and the duration is determined doctor. Of a mild form, having not more than 3 days, you can die of hunger and at home, eliminating all physical activities. The longest period this methodology requires the presence in the hospital – it is necessary a permanent control of the state.

Reaching the required therapeutic effect, the patient gradually returned to his medical diet. The first snack is allowed a glass of water (must be hot), after an hour in the broth (vegetable), even after an hour of soup (can be from cereals).

The next morning, the patient who suffers from pancreatitie, returns the number of menus on the first night by typing in the menu of food in small portions. Alone to do a fast is not lead to the exhaustion of the body and cause the development of ulcers.