How to lose weight in a week 7 kg

The issue of weight loss quickly, sooner or later, get up before each girl. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays of children, first romantic meetings with the young person, the journey to the sea – reasons quickly to correct the settings of your body is a lot, and the list can continue indefinitely. And how to lose weight in a week the 7 kg? It is possible, in so short a space of time to bring your body up to the ideal?

The answer definitely is positive, but you will have to make a big effort so that the result pleased. In this article, you will learn about the most popular and most effective as extremely to throw off the extra pounds. Stay with us, start losing weight properly and with benefits for your body.

lose weight per week

Tips and advice for those who want to lose weight 5 kg per week

The drastic weight reduction – is a great stress for the organism of any one, even the most prepared person. The modern nutritionists give some useful tips that can help you play out the unnecessary pounds and does not affect the time of health care:

  • Among the dozens of a variety of food systems, select options-balanced ration. Mono programs by type of wheat from the diet, the discharge of the day in fruits are not suitable, as well as create a lack of many nutrients in the body.
  • Reduce the amount of necessary food intake. You should reduce the amount of each meal, up to 200 to 250 grams. A meal should be held in the palm and then you reach the desired results. Eating compulsively is strictly prohibited.
  • Power fractional – share of the diet, 5-6 portions, among which 3 are relegated to the basic techniques of food, and the rest – delicious snacks.
  • To avoid dehydration, which is unavoidable in units of the diets, we keep the regime of drinking. On the day you need to drink at least a year and a half gallons of drinking water. Do not forget that the much needed body fluid is contained and the products used, for example, vegetables and fruits.
  • Dieting, completely ruled out the possible list of products quickly in carbs or empty calories, that we purposely turn into the fat you want. This includes pasta, cakes, sweets, alcoholic beverages.
  • Totally give up sausages, sausages, cold meats, smoked, marinated and other products with high fat content.
  • The last meal at least 3-4 hours before sleep. Before you sleep, the digestive system should will have time to digest past the food and begin to relax.
  • We assume heavy, intense physical exercise. We prefer easy, slow walk, load in the morning, yoga classes and a workout area at home.
  • Are welcome for more a procedure of massages, wraps, cleaning, and other events aimed at the improvement of the state of the skin and the elimination of the layer of cellulite.

Allowed products to do the diet for a week

Just as quickly throw off those extra pounds? What is the secret? Any diet plan, clearly thought out, designed by specialists of the diet consists of certain products. The result is that the weight loss process depends mainly on the type of names and what is the amount that we use on a daily basis. The "allowed" list includes products from:

  • Contain a lot of protein — milk products, cheese, a little meat fat and the bird, fish, and vegetables.
  • With long carb — all kinds of cereals, for example, the powder of rice, matzo, misspelled, couscous, bulgur.
  • Useful in fats – fish oil, flaxseed, olive oil, a variety of dietary supplements from food.
  • Water is a component of any diet. Drinking liquid starts the metabolism, detoxifies the body against the products of degradation. For this reason, it is important to drink on the day of the standard set.
  • Fruits and vegetables with low GI are fruits of a minimal amount of sugar in the composition, that help much more efficient to lose weight.


Abandon the task of losing weight fast at least 3 pounds and will have that when you have at least one counter-indications from the following list:

  • Pregnancy. In the expectation of an increase in the joint, the body must have the maximum nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The lack of certain components can lead to negative consequences in the development of the fetus and bad for the health of the future mom.
  • The period of breastfeeding. During the young mother must be always in a good mood, not to be in a state of stress, so it's worth giving up any diet on feeding of the child breast-feeding.
  • Violation of the menstrual cycle. Established hormonal is very important for any woman. During the emergency of slimming are the possible violations, which, with time, often lead to more serious, to the unpleasant effects.
  • The presence of chronic stage. During the week of slimming all chronic diseases, regardless of etiology, may be aggravated, which, inevitably, leads to a total of health problems.
  • Rehabilitation, after a long therapy. During rehabilitation, the body needs to constantly receive nutrients that the diet will not be more exact.

The more effective the diet for a week weight loss

Many nutritionists developed a large range of techniques, dietary and programs that allow only one week to get rid of a few pounds the most hated. Every woman and even man can choose the most suitable for the option that come to feed and the possible outcomes. We offer the most interesting and effective options.

How to lose weight in 3 kg per week, in rapid Estonian diet

Estonian diet is one of the efficient techniques for slimming, but with some differences. Popular not only with excellent results, but and original approach to the implementation. Of course, none of the alien species on the menu do not, but the diet is quite rigid and assumes specific composition.

The main feature of the estonia program to lose weight – a classic combination of mono-system and rigid low-calorie diet, with a minimum of calories. Such "tandem" provides a really quick weight reduction:

  • Is the diet a list of programs on mono, the time during which a person uses only a product that is shared, without the addition of salt, sugar, and vegetation. Therefore, you quickly clean your body from the excess water and waste from undigested food.
  • The duration is one week or six days, with guaranteed results in 3 to 5 pounds. But, it is worth mentioning that the first thing that comes out is standing water, not body fat. To guaranteed to keep the result at the end of the diet, it will be necessary to continue to adhere to adequate food.
  • During the dietary program, specialists recommend to consume foods with a high content of protein, which not only nourish but also help in the process of weight reduction.

Sample menu for this diet is the following:

  • First day – boiled chicken eggs. Eating an interested party for each meal – 6 meals per day.
  • Second day – low-fat cottage cheese in the amount of 200 to 300 grams. Divide it into three great meals at regular intervals of time.
  • The third day – half a kilo of chicken breast, divided into 6 portions.
  • The day's fourth – cooked, without added salt/sugar rice powder 200 grams. We divided up into four meals.
  • Day five – eat day 5-6 boiled potatoes, cooked. Each meal was a potato.
  • Sixth day – eat acid, and sour-sweet apples in unlimited quantities.

How to lose 10 kg in a week diet egg

Want to lose weight in a balanced way? There is no desire to remain in a state of stress? Egg shells diet – exactly what you need. This is one of the most effective and interesting diet program with a thoughtful, fully balanced feed, allowing you to never experience the feeling of hunger. The basis of the menu of chicken eggs. This product has a small calorie, the mass of nutrients in the composition and helps the body faster, and easier to deal with other children.

There are some rules for diet:

diet options
  • Eat three main reception – breakfast, lunch and dinner. None of the snacks and meals the night.
  • Fully exclude from your diet parts purchased sauces, cold meats and other high calorie names of harmful fats.
  • It is expressly forbidden to eat dates, bananas, grapes and a mango. These fruits contain many calories and how diet food are not suitable.
  • The chicken meat boil without salt, skin to throw away all the days. Substitute the chicken for other lean varieties.
  • If required, the egg can be replaced with little bold cheese.
  • Eggs eat only cooked without adding salt.
  • If the menu includes salads of vegetables, preparing them without vegetable oils. Fat refills to replace the lemon juice.
  • Occurring at the output of the diet, you limit yourself in the future, the diet is the consumption of dishes containing refined sugar.

How to lose 2 kg per week in the diet the japanese

If you need faster, but durable result, the diet of the japanese is an excellent way to get rid of the weight. The main feature of this program of loss of weight – marked reduction of daily calories, no more 500-800 Kcal can eat during the day. The main advantages of the "Korean":

  • The term. The effect persists for a long time. If you strictly follow all the rules of a diet and competent to exit the system, so, in the future, you not only multiply the result, but to save it, at a minimum, within two to three years.
  • Thoughtful diet. Nothing to invent not. Nutritionists have developed a special plan, that man can only follow it, getting a result of excellent and beautiful, a slender figure.
  • The ease and simplicity of the dishes. The menu is composed of basic cooking. Only half an hour, and a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner is ready.

Diet japanese it gives really visible results, but she has not only numerous advantages but also some disadvantages, which you can feel during the period of the fair:

  • Restrictions of products used can not support the proposal of the menu during the entire period of a week.
  • To drink, you can not only water, green tea, but coffee, frequent consumption of which leads to disruptions in the gastrointestinal tract, in the level of pressure.
  • Maintaining a diet can people only with good health, no diseases in the chronic stage.
  • If the right does not come out of the diet, the pounds quickly come back to back. After the "koreans" need to rebuild your daily diet.

How you can lose weight in a week

fast slimming

How many kilos you can play for 7 days? The minimum for the week to follow the principles and the rules of most diets, there is the possibility of losing, on average, 2 to 3 kg of excess weight, while the standard pattern for the body – not more than two kilos. In all the other volumes weight loss depend on the initial weight: the thicker the person, the faster and more visible looses it. Beauty lush, as a rule, fold in the week of the diet up to 6 pounds, but well proportioned manage to get rid of maximum of 1-2.

These results are provided when a balanced diet, when there are no rigid restrictions on used products. In the case of "starvation" diets, there are more significant results. Of course, you spear 10 pounds, but in the process of feeling a sense of discomfort and various side effects.

Which is better, to choose you. But it is best to consult with an expert, and we help with a choice the appropriate option.