How to lose weight quickly — top 10 tips and recommendations!

Hello, my dear!

how to lose weight

Today I want to offer you ten proven techniques on how to lose weight quickly. And just want to "thing to smithereens" deep-seated and already annoying and a stereotype that "if you lost weight quickly, it means that briefly.

It is better to lose weight slowly, so extra pounds will not return. Come, my dear, how are you going to come back!

If you are after of diets, exercises and other things, which led him to have a slender body, again getting back to an active life style, problems of energy supply, and so on!

This is the ONLY reason why the so hard to beat again " are back!!!

And for another reason, there is simply no.

How to lose weight fast — tips and suggestions

And no matter what you lose weight quickly or slowly. If you return to the style of life and power – the weight back. Logical? You know, like the Greek language translates the word "diet"? A Style Of Life!

Therefore, to choose for themselves a form of physical activity, diet, regime of drinking, and so on, it should be understood that it is for always! What is now to you – your lifestyle! Therefore, you do not need to choose for yourself what you feel you will not be able to join in a long time! Fail, go back to the still – only going to get worse...

My recommendations to disgrace simple, but that they do not become less effective! In fact, all bright – just right! No need to search for something complex and thinking that, once the complex – which means that it will work... Simple — will work too!

The main thing is to DO. And more time DOING. Here, then, will be the result!!!

So, how to lose weight quickly?

1. We reduce the diet of fats and does not entirely discard saturated fats

Nutritionists recommend drinking no more than 2-3 tablespoons per day of vegetable oil cold pressed good quality.

If there are other foods that contain fat (seeds, nuts) – we reduced the dose to 2 tablespoons.

Delete fast-food, sausage, sausage, thick pork sausage, biscuits and other products, which is hidden contain fats. In addition, it is particularly dangerous for the health – trans.

Fried – is not for you. If you want to be slim, healthy and beautiful — forget it. Forever.

delete sweet

2. We have reduced the sweet.

Do not rule out the option entirely, and just reduced! The good news, right? The sweet flavor we need for a healthy body, a healthy psyche!

Therefore, eat fresh, enjoy, but just not sure that this will be possible, not harmful sweet, and the most healthy, natural and helpful — chocolate, fruit, berries, dried fruits: dates, prunes, dried apricots. Especially the overlay to grapefruit.

And still prepare a delicious and useful for smoothies: cleaning, slimming, apple, kefir,

3. Completely eliminate all refined, recycled products.

This includes not only fast food, but in all the so-called "trash food". Is fried potatoes, biscuits, sweet drinks, canned foods, packaged juices. Sweets, chocolates, cereal bars, biscuits, breads, cakes, and t. d.

All this is not good to eat! All refined products contains catastrophic for our health and beauty amount of chemical additives, sugar, tRangiroa and other types of waste.

Learn how to make bread, cakes, cooking healthy meals and delicious nuts with honey, herbs, sweets, and do a useful option of chocolate. Well, now a sea of information HOW to do this.

Or buy things in shops of organic foods. Also a good option.

4. Reduce the carbohydrates.

But it is not useful, it is harmful! What the nutritionists call "empty calories". Those that the body is not absolutely necessary. They have no benefit to the body, but only a few calories.

It is all white flour products, all flour, especially with fats and sugar in the composition of masses.

Cereals (oats, wheat, and t. d.) this does not happen! They are extremely necessary to feel energized!

5. Following!

By following, as much as possible! By following at all times! Especially looking for any opportunity to actively move around!

Exercise, make small race in the morning, really walk, do not use the elevator, play outdoor games, go on walks with your friends... Opportunities – the sea!

Movement is Life!

the use of spices

6. We use spices!

They have properties that help burn excess fat, as well as is well disperse the metabolism, increase digestion, are derived from the excess of fluid from the body.


Particularly recommended cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, red pepper powder (usually is the "bomb!"), the seeds of mustard.

7. Drink plenty of clean water!

30-50 ml. for each pound of body weight – as you want-not-want, but drink throughout the day, simply thank you!

Is the water, not the tea-coffee-jam! You are not here, nor juice, neither morsy, nor soups nor stews.

Don't want to drink? And have to get used to! It will be difficult, only the first time, while the body will become accustomed to this "nosestWu". But later when he will realize that he is a blessing, you yourself will be a hindrance to the water!

Many nutritionists, among the first questions asked to the patient, asked how much water per day, it uses. And note that people with excess weight, and underlying diseases, as a rule, drink very little pure water per day!

And water is the basis of life! Here the secret is the CORRECT drinking water.

And – is, not before a half hour BEFORE the meal, and not before 1.5 -2 hours AFTER the ingestion of food.

And still – get yourself a rule, every morning, immediately after waking up, drink at least 2 cups of warm water. Ideally, if you are going to add the lemon juice!

And still overlay useful for teas: oolong, green tea, gaming, and other diet drinks and shakes for weight loss

8. Plenty of fresh air!

Here is the information of the remarkable me, a respected doctor, a nutritionist and simply "advanced" in the field of HLS person. With this information I simply "sat back" in time.

With your permission, through your words...

Many simply do not know the importance of oxygen in the processes of fat burning! And, in addition to the liver, here a big role played by the organs of respiration.

Remember that the fat is not possible to simply "pump" in the muscle, can only be decomposed by the end of metabolites –carbon dioxide and water.

In numbers:

  • for the burning of 10 kg. fat the person should breathe in 29 kg. and oxygen producing 28 kg. carbon dioxide and water.
  • From 10 kg. fat 8.4 kg. appears organs of breathing through the lungs and only about 1.6 kg. – through urine, sweat and other liquid secretions!

Charge the note, friends!

supplement beneficial

9. We take supplements!

As a natural vitamin complex, spirulina, chlorella, fish oil, chlorophyll, omega-3 complex, and so on.

This is all good and it all helps for a healthy metabolism. But the one that is good, healthy metabolism of the body, the excess weight that is not the case!

10. Use less salt!

In addition, the salt harms the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, so still and slows down the excess fluid in the body. Minimize the consumption of salt in the diet. The nutritionists say that it is only guaranteed to "hold" with a minimum of four pounds!

Here are the top 10 tips of how to lose weight quickly, friends! Remember that the REGULARITY and STABILITY! Here is the key to success!

All the desire of well-being, Harmony, and Youth!