What methods are effective for slimming?

Under the weight loss understood as the process by which the mass of a body may slowly decrease. Weight reduction occurs as a by compulsion (for example, if the diets), and outside circumstances (the disease).


The weight loss has several goals:

  1. dealing with obesity;
  2. to increase the attraction of a person in the eyes of others.

It should be understood that the drastic reduction of the mass of his body, in some cases, is a symptom of a particular disease.


Competence to compile a program, aimed at weight loss, it is very difficult, if you do not know the basic concepts. In particular, it is body mass index (BMI). It represents the proportion that is considered to be between the weight and height.

There is a certain gradation of IMC, in accordance with which is formed the degree of obesity and other indicators. Thus, if the figure women, and not more than 18, she needs to gain extra weight. In the case when this index is 18.5 to 25, you talk about the normal index.

Obesity is diagnosed when the BMI is equal to 30 and 40. In situations like this, one is in need of immediate treatment, which consists in the combination of the receipt of a specific list of drugs, moderate physical loads of work and diet. When a BMI above 40 are diagnosed in the extreme degree of obesity. If you do not take appropriate measures, the man with the body mass index soon dies.

4 basic rules

The problem of slimming today is really the question for many people. Despite the fact that the modern medicine offers a variety of techniques, which allow to lose to you the weight, the solution to this problem has not yet been found.

Unfortunately, the weight loss for people who suffer from obesity, with time it becomes an obsession. In addition, some of which occurs a violation of the psyche, potentially resulting in slender girl (this is mostly for the females) you see a woman, therefore, continue stubbornly to relieve the weight, not paying any attention to what the index has fallen below a possible normal. Eventually leads to the development of dystrophy.

Naturally, this wealth of the market could not ignore his attention, trading companies, which offer all types of fat burners, supplements and other means, along the path, giving the promise that the reception of a particular medicine for several weeks will lose the excess weight. However, none of them is as effective, as it is stated in the advertising. So much so that in the treatment of obesity depend on only one method may not be.

Losing weight is possible if you follow four basic rules:

the rules of weight loss
  1. The weight that I need to reset gradually. The maximum limit of loss is 1 pound per week. Efficient and, more important, that is useful for body weight loss involves weight reduction of not more than 3 to 4 pounds per month. It is important to maintain a rhythm.
  2. Effective weight loss is not possible, if you follow the principles of the so-called extreme diets. They allow a few weeks of losing 5 to 6 pounds, however, in the first place, can cause sometimes irreparable damage to the body, and in the second place, and not every one bear the burden of similar work. And, as a result, the amount of excess fat increase dramatically.
  3. Reset the unnecessary weight is not possible without the final intentions. Decided to lose weight, you must follow a firm in this installation, ignoring the triggers. Just trust in yourself and your force will reach the goal set.
  4. People who suffer from excess weight, before you start losing weight, you should consult a doctor.

The same as firmly the intention to remove some extra kilos, you should pay attention to two tips:

  1. Food no later than three hours before the waste to the bed. If during this period of time the hunger increase, it can be "choke" a cup of yogurt.
  2. The diet should include only the freshest products products. Semi-finished products during the diet are contraindicated.
  3. Daily you should drink up to two litres of water.
  4. A diet to gradually eliminate bakery products (cakes, pies, and the like), foods with a high content of trans fats.
  5. The more fruit and vegetables as part of food, the better.
  6. Once a week should be left to the "unloading" of the body.
  7. One or two days per month, you can remove the hunger. There is, at this time, the products must replace the consumption of clean water.
  8. To normalize the metabolism and support you in such a state of sleep of 7 to 8 hours per night.
  9. More movements.
  10. Search for more incentives. For example, you can position it in a prominent place a picture of any and lean, of a celebrity.
  11. The combination of dietary restrictions and physical exercise.
  12. Effective weight loss is achieved not only well chosen, diet, but and regular training. The diet must include foods rich in macro and micronutrients.
  13. Exercise is necessary, as in the case of their absence, fat is lost due to muscle mass. When the fat remains.
  14. The program chosen to reset the excess amount of weight, should be individualized. Of course, it is easier to find on the Network some specific program, in order to reduce hated by the pound, and stick with it. However, the best result is achieved only when a set of exercise, diet, and the constraints are selected rigorously for each person, depending on their state.

The replacement program excess weight

to reset the excess weight

The algorithm, which aims to reduce the body mass, is composed of the following items:

  1. The choice of the ideal weight. It is the preference that turns the abstract goal ("to reset the excess") specific ("bring your record up to 60"). Knowing that in the week to really put away not more than a kilogram, one can calculate the time it will take to achieve the desired result. And it is also recommended to use various tools to help you determine which weight in the concrete case is the ideal.
  2. Find out the daily rate of calories. For this, you may also need the help of a calculator or a special formula, to find out who on the Network is easy. One should consider that the minimum daily standard is 1200 kcal. The less calories you consume, it is not possible, as it is dangerous for the health. Knowing daily, you can compose your diet. For that, you need to count calorie or other products.
  3. Private diet. Following the two writings of an item, you can compose your own menu for the week, which includes the amount of useful products, based on its few calories, fat, and other parameters.
  4. Physical exercises. After a week after the start of the program aimed at weight reduction, you need to start making the lungs and physical exercise. Of course, no one prohibits the exercise on the first day. The main condition is to regulate the conduct of exercises.

For more tips

In fact, it is not a universal program that allows any person lose weight for a certain period of time. Losing weight is a daily and very hard work. And to cope with the tasks, you need to make a great effort.

To facilitate the work, you can take advantage of not only the suggestions above, but what about the other recommendations:

  1. The refusal of excesses. The food need to take rigorously selected, schedule. You can not complete remains of children's products, to eat for the company, and the like.
  2. Keep a journal. It should reflect in all the products, which were consumed during the day. This approach gives you more control over himself and will give up the light and unnecessary snacks.
  3. Increase the amount of liquid. The more water is in the stomach, the more blunted the sensation of appetite.
  4. Abstinence of alcohol. The use of alcoholic beverages increases the desire to eat the forbidden product.
  5. Order a dish less. Through this method, you can "trick" your perception. The small diameter of the small portion it seems, on the contrary, it is great.
  6. Daily let 20 minutes of exercise. In fact, instead of them, you can do household works.
  7. Frequent water treatments. The positive effect on weight loss is achieved if you apply a shower of sensations.
  8. It is slowly, carefully chewing food. The dishes must be delicious.
  9. To avoid the stress. Suitable for different techniques of meditation, yoga and other forms of relaxation.
the fat burning soups

Examples of diets

Seven days

You should prepare in advance, especially if the 1 to 2 days per week, in use only with certain products. This approach allows you to learn how to deal if the body is new to it loads.

Day 1. The fat burning soups. Usually, the first day is the most complex of all. That is why in this diet that he intended to soups. They are very easy to digest throughout the body. In addition, there is a wide variety of recipes that help to burn fat. As soon as we find among them the dish that you will like quite simple.

Day 2. Fresh fruit. The fruits contain a lot of sugar. Easy to reduce the feeling of hunger. Recommend eating 5-6 apples 3-4 grapefruit.

Day 3. The kefir. Drink about 1.5 liters of the product. The drink cleans the stomach, restores its microflora. In addition, kefir affects the person as a laxative.

Day 4. Proteins. The protein is required for the normal life. Without this component is broken, the work of all organs of the human body. For replacement of proteins you can consume chicken, meat, fish, green tea, yogurt.

Day 5. Soups and juices. On the fifth day of the diet, the body is experiencing severe stress due to a sudden change of diet. For that he needs a certain discharge. For this will be the perfect fat burning fats and juices. They are easily digested by the body and the vitamin deficiencies.

Day 6. Vegetables. Vegetables recommended to eat or raw, or cooked. No matter what products are included in the diet. On Friday the day also need to drink more fluids.

Day 7. Salads and fish. Recommend eat, unites the products of a week of diet and more familiar food.

Six days

Day 1. 300-500 grams of baked or boiled fish. During the preparation of the dishes of which it is necessary to abandon the salt. It is worth using herbs or mild spices. Drink recommend green tea and mineral still water.

Day 2. Vegetables. The second day of the diet full of fibers. You can eat in its raw form, or make a variety of salads, placing a small amount of sunflower oil.

chicken breast

Day 3. Chicken. You need is entirely up to you. Whenever possible, you should take juicy. The bird cooked, quenched, baked with the use of different condiments. Drink need of mineral water without gas, and green tea.

Day 4. Porridge without milk and other additives. A option desirable to are mixture, prepared with oatmeal, greci or rice. Drinks, as in the previous night.

Day 5. Cottage cheese. It is necessary to compensate for the lack of calcium in the body. Need to eat but 400-500 grams of fat up to 5%.

Day 6. Fruit. During every day you should eat a kg.

In fact, the fad diets, there is a lot. Some of them are aimed at the reduction of the total body weight in order to other is, for example, the reduction of the magnitude of the belly or legs.

Nutritionists also recommend, periodically, to perform the so-called discharge day: there is only one product. However, it is important to remember that this diet may cause serious damage to the body. This is especially important if the person identified as certain diseases. Thus, when the problem occurs with the work of the digestive system, you can't give yourself a day of fasting, based on apples. If you have disorders of renal function should abandon the consumption of meat.

Regardless of what diet like, before you cut a change your diet, you must consult a professional in nutrition.