Diet and nutrition in gout — what can and what is not, the products table

Food that makes up a person's daily diet should include foods that have a large number of useful functions for the organism substances. Useful revenue can only help us to keep you healthy and attractive, despite the age. However, if the diet is not balanced or it is present a large number of fatty acids, sharp or heavy for the digestive system of the dishes, the human metabolism can fail, and the body will start to accumulate salts of uric acid. Especially the men. The increase in the concentration of these salts lead to inflammation of the joints, is called gout.

The drop

General description of the pathology and the principles of a diet

Gout is a chronic disease of the joints, which is accompanied by strong enough the pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Of course, you need to perform your medical treatment, as well as in patients significant worsening of quality of life, limited mobility. To deal with the pathology possible in the house, to comply with all recommendations of doctors. The diet when a drop of the patient requires, before everything. When you do, assigned by dr. diet should be respected, not only during the aggravation of the disease, but in the time of remission. Each day the need to take care of your energy. The proper diet in gout – the key to human health and to guarantee the reduction of the cases of worsening of the pathology.

Gout is a disease associated with disorders of the metabolism of the body. Therefore, the diet for gout has a very large value for the treatment. The reason of occurrence of disease lies in the increase in the concentration of uric acid in the body, the salt which are deposited in the joints. The diet, which should be respected every day, allowing you to decrease your amount in the blood, as well as the kidneys can not cope with this alone.

Symptoms of the disease

More often than not the symptoms of gout manifest in men 40 years of age. Women pathology develops with the onset of the post-menstrual period. It should be noted that gout can affect virtually all joints, but more often it occurs in the feet.

If the diet during the time of the appearance of symptoms of gout will not be met, then, periodically, you may experience relapse, because it is totally cure the disease it will not work.

Gout has sharpened the beginning. Often the pain appears during the night. Salt of uric acid are first deposited in the large joints of the toes, knees, and toes. The symptoms of gout usually appear much, therefore, to confuse gout with other diseases of the joints difficult. If during the treatment of gout at home does not comply with a diet, the condition can spread to all the joints.

The treatment of gout

The increase in the concentration of salts of uric acid may occur not only on the set, but in the ligamentous apparatus, cartilage, masks, causing inflammation. Of course, one day, gout can manifest itself in full force. Pathology has these symptoms:

  • pain;
  • redness of the skin in the area of defeat;
  • increase the local temperature;
  • the appearance of swelling.

In male patients usually the symptoms manifest themselves in the early morning or the middle of the night. Sharp period may last a day, and more than 3 days. Day, the symptoms of gout can decrease its intensity, although a pain is again reinforced with the arrival of the night. When this man can talk about violations in the diet, which is usually done by a doctor in gout.

There are other signs of manifestation of the disease: in the hands or feet appear tumors of the bone tissue. Although the men came up with the gout, or women, the patient should consult your doctor. This will give you the opportunity to make an accurate diagnosis to start appropriate treatment and to acquire the right diet.


Diagnostic provides for the visual inspection of the victim drop the joint, the realization of an x-ray, as well as laboratory tests of blood and urine. X-ray allows us to identify the state of the joint, the presence of osteophytes. Laboratory tests provide the opportunity to observe an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood. Signs and symptoms described by the patient with gout, help to assign appropriate treatment. Depending on the degree of concentration of uric acid in the body of the patient can be given to the drugs and facilitating their excretion.

The principles of the diet

Get rid of the disease can be in the home, because the hospital is not necessary. The therapy provides for compliance with the diet — the diet, in gout is the main method of treatment and prevention of recurrence. Sample menu diet on gout is the physician taking into account the individual characteristics of the body and co-morbidities. It should be directed to the resolution of a high level of uric acid in the body, as well as signs of pathology. For this, the man should review his diet each day and comply with a certain diet.

Products for the gout should not have in their composition purine, which transforms the uric acid (table allowed and blocked products will be presented below). The list of such products, which include almost all vegetables and fruits, so, the food of patients with gout mainly similar with vegetarian menus. Recipes in the drop are not elaborate or complex, however, to prepare them you need to correctly and if all the ingredients of a diet should have from a list in a table of permissions of the products.

The principles of the diet

Healthy foods for gout will help the patient to quickly get rid of the bad and the painful symptoms at home. However, the use of fatty acids or tasty dishes can cause a relapse and a high level of uric acid in the body fast enough. For example, the maximum number of purine contains a cafe, drinking that can cause a heart attack. This can also contribute to the alcohol, mainly beer and beverages based on grapes, therefore, of the diet, they are deleted.

The proper nutrition during an exacerbation of gout or remission need to exercise each day. As well as you should be treated at home, the patient must be present the desire to get rid of the symptoms of the disease and willpower to not disturb the feeding mode. The table of permissions for food to drop, and the recipes presented by on, help you compose an individual menu with all the features of the body and of the pathology of the patient.

The food during the gout treatment can be tasty and varied. The feed, which must meet the requirements of the body, it does not involve very restricted, however, promotes the lifestyle.

What can not be, when the drop of

If the sick person the defeat of the joints in the legs, you should know that there is in the drop. The fact is that during the diet of some products (even fruit) consumed is not recommended, as they contain a certain amount of purine. Cure or, at least, eliminate the symptoms without a proper diet is not possible. The following table will show you that you can't eat in the drop.

Table 1. Prohibited products in the drop

Product groupThe content of the group
Bakery productsBread pastry
Meat and poultrySmoked and cured sausages boiled, sausages, sausages, meat of young animals, fat pork, organ meats (lungs, liver, kidney), canned
Seafood, fishFatty, salty, smoked or grilled fish (sardine, sprat, cod), salmon roe
Dairy productsSavory and spicy cheese
CerealsLentils, beans, soy, beans
VegetablesThe mushrooms, chestnut
Fruit, fruitThe grape, fig, raspberry
DishesMeat, fish or mushroom broth, oxalic soup, dishes, with the addition of legumes and spinach; sauces according to the above broth, mayonnaise
SweetCakes with cream, cakes
FatsMargarine, fat
DrinksAny alcoholic beverages, especially beer and wine, coffee, cocoa, strong tea (although the beverages contain purines, they do not fission for the uric acid, however, they have a strong diuretic effect, which contributes to dehydration)
SpicesPepper, mustard, horseradish, sharp spices

The products that contains the list presented is not, when the gout in the foot no way. This table should always be at hand during the cooking.


Still, until recently, doctors have doubted, you can see if there are tomatoes for the gout. The fact is that these products diet provides diet, although they contain purines (the oxalic acid). However, in the tomato your number so insignificant, what to eat, it is not only possible, but also useful. Tomatoes contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and organic acids. These products are well support immunity. In addition, tomatoes contain antioxidants and volatile compounds which contribute to the resolution of the inflammatory process in gout.

The tomatoes, when the gout can eat in any quantity. The fact is that they are well affect the metabolism of the body. The best of all beneficial properties of these products manifest themselves after the heat treatment and the addition of vegetable oil.

The tomatoes, when the gout eating can and should be, they will not do evil.

Except for those products that are on a diet for the gout in the feet forbidden, there are still those that can be consumed in limited quantity. The following table contains a list:

Table 2. Products permitted in limited quantities

Product groupList
VegetablesTurnip, cauliflower, radish, spinach, asparagus, rhubarb, celery, pepper, chives and parsley
Fruit, fruitPlum
DrinksThe tomato juice

With caution should also apply the honey. As can be seen, a multitude of products still are not desirable in the diet, if the patient suffers from gout in the feet. However, the food can be very tasty and varied. The he just needs to get used to, after all, gout is a chronic condition, that can bother the person for the whole life. Therefore, the diet of the need to comply with religiously, because even one cup of coffee can cause a heart attack.

What you have in the drop

The icing on the

Gout is not a simple disease, which requires a responsible attitude and respect for the principles of proper nutrition. This is why you should know which products to eat and which are prohibited. The previous table contained information about which foods to eat, should not and why they act negatively on the body. Now, you should understand is that you can eat in the drop.

Table 3. Allowed products

Product groupList of productsCharacteristics of the abuse
BakeryBlack or white bread is not bread, pastry
Meat and poultryRabbit, turkey, chickenAny kind of meat used 2 or 3 times per week and not more than 170 g
Fish and seafoodMarine cephalopods, crustaceans, shrimp, non-greasy fish (salmon, trout), squidThese foods the gout are very useful. The diet provides for a stew of fish and the broth of preference merge
Milk, eggsLean milk, kefir, without salt cheese, yogurt, sour cream, eggs (this product is authorized, but eating can only be 1 time per day 1 piece in any way), cottage cheeseWhole milk, should be consumed with caution. During the preparation of dishes based on milk it is best to dilute a little. The butter is also not advisable to eat in its pure form. Better to add it in cooked dishes
CerealsAll, in addition to legumesThe beans are included in the list of products that you can't eat, because they contain uric acid, and in large quantity
VegetablesThe fennel, corn, beet, onion, garlic, potatoes, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, pumpkin (helps improve metabolism)The garlic in the drop is useful because it helps to eliminate the inflammatory process. The plants are used actively during the days in fasting. The potatoes and cucumbers have a large amount of potassium, therefore, enhance the excretion of uric acid from the body
The berries, fruitsOranges, tangerines, green apples, dates, persimmons, dried fruits (in addition to raisins), strawberries, lemons, apricots, pearsYou should not eat only fruits and in large quantity. The diet should be varied and full
DishesPorridge, cereal with milk, vegetarian soup, potatoes, soups, with the addition of cereals, salads, fresh and sour vegetables, salad vegetables with salmon roe, vegetables, milk or sauce creamMilk in this case, you must dilute
SweetMarshmallow, jam, marmalade, compote, small marshmallows, not chocolate, ice cream
FatsAny vegetable oilAnimal fats, you should fully delete, as they are too heavy for the body
DrinksGreen tea, fruit tea and berries, tea with milk and lemon, juice (any one, even tomato), are mixtures of herbs, fruit juices, jams of fruits and berries, fresh cucumber juice, mineral water alkaline when the drop is also very useful, broth rosehip, chicory
SpicesVanillin, cinnamon, bay leaf, citric acid

When the gout in the feet you can eat the seeds and all kinds of nuts:

Fruits and vegetables
  • nuts;
  • cedar;
  • hazelnuts;
  • almonds;
  • the pistachios.

Peanut butter consumed should not be, because it is rich in purines. Many patients do not know, I can drink drink in gout. The answer is simple: you can and should do. The diet makes use of almost all the vegetables and fruits with rare exceptions. For example, the cherry on the drop is possible. On the day, you can eat about 20 fruits. Useful cherry jams, juices and morsy. The icing on the drop is particularly useful. Mors it contributes to the elimination of excess purines.

What is important to understand just how useful it is when the gout are fish oil and kombucha. Fish oil is a gold mine of vitamins. It contains almost all the useful mineral that are needed by the body. Therefore, the fish oil for gout should take necessarily. However, having the tool, it is necessary to be careful, if there are stones in the ureters.

The right diet contributes to the elimination of uric acid and resolution of the inflammatory process in gout. So that it will not be repeated, the man should forget about such products, such as: fats, coffee, grape, especially the alcohol. Only then, with the condition of the treatment of gout bodø effective. God bless you!