Diet 6 petals": example of menu for each day, and the results

Romantic the title and author of the woman-a nutritionist — is already a good publicity for the techniques of weight loss. Let's see the popular diet "6 petals": example of menu for each day, the traveler and the possible results.

This is one of the methodologies, which officially recognized the Association of European nutritionists. She is able to bring about quick and notable successes. On average, the case has little effect on well-being. Not to be critical of disease, hunger, syncope, and oppressive consequences for immunity.

The diet 6 petals

And the more significant the advantage of the diet "6 petals" is the weight loss between 500 and 800 grams per day for men with excess of weight of 7 kg and above.

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The basic principles of a diet

The author of the methodology captivated the concept of separate power supply, and has created a program of six mono-diet, that are replaced within a period of six days in a sequence.

In only 1 day of duration of each mono-dietaa, when a person uses a narrow set of products of the group regular. Proteins merged with carbohydrates, which gives the acceleration recording.

The author recommends the 6 supermarkets groups homogeneous composition:

  1. Fish of the day = Fish + squid, prawns, octopus, mussels;
  2. Vegetable day = Vegetables;
  3. The hen per day = meat Chicken;
  4. Cereal day = Cereal grains;
  5. Curd & day = Curd;
  6. Fruity day = Fruit.

Graceful the idea of the author of the methodology aims to support the commitment of slimming a person. What you must do, the ideal to justify the idea and the name of the diet? Draw and cut out the flower with 6 tew petals. The tag days and to keep with the petals of progress. So, we clearly see that we have passed and the path ahead.

The main rules for eating

The mode of feeding: number of meals 4, small portions.

Are prohibited the intervals between one meal more than 4 hours. Sample menu includes:

  • Breakfast-2-oh-breakfast — Lunch — Snack afternoon — Dinner.

During the meal, should be to thoroughly chew the food.

Carefully means about 20 times each slice. To enrich is to feed a piece of enzymes and activates the entire digestive system.

The scheme of drink: clean water or weak tea (green).

Do not drink during the meal. About the number of sail in the main office. If the headquarters does not, drink at least 1.2-1.5 litres per day.

Any day is permitted the use of salt and natural spices.

The amount of salt to 3-5 grams: it is 1/2 or 2/3 teaspoon. As a small additive in animal fresh greens (fennel, parsley, cilantro, lettuce).

Confectionery products

The number of products in each day.

About the amount of servings with more examples to see in one of the comments below the article.

Prohibited products

Diet 6 petals" imposes clear limits on our menu. Which the products are totally prohibited?

  • Any pastries (with the exception of a few pieces of bread and whole grain on the day of cereals).
  • All confectionery products and dishes of sweets, chocolate and all products with sugar.
  • The oil of any origin.
  • Smoked and canned products, strollers, semi-finished product.
  • Coffee, soft drinks with sugar and no jam, juice long-term storage (in fruity day can be a little fresh juice).
  • Any products that are not part of a menu of the week.

Example of menu for each day

Diet 6 petals" comes proven the logic of the majority of the most successful programs: "far from the quick view of the carbohydrates!". That is why his first day of fish. Fish and seafood is easy to digest protein and the richness of mineral salts and vitamins.

According to the feedback of those who need to lose weight is protein to start losing weight quickly reduces the feeling of hunger.

What we do at the 1.Th day?

Eat fish and seafood of high quality — cooked, roasted, steamed. Animals and fatty fish varieties.

For taste-we use salt, herbs, and natural spices and seasonings. For example, the set of herbs to rumors, but without the third-party additives like glutamate sodium (!)

Day no. 1. Fish of the day — the menu option:

  • In the breakfast — cooked fish fillets, a little salt.
  • 2-oh, breakfast — pieces of fish with bone, cooked in foil. Sun and green to taste.
  • Lunch — fish soup with salt and herbs (= blank ear without vegetables!). Tip recipe: place the water not only fish, but also seafood. The flesh of shrimp for 5 minutes before end of cooking, or pieces of cooked squid directly, as we take off the pan from the heat.
  • Afternoon snack — a fish in the steam.
  • Dinner — baked shrimp or squid.
  • In the intervals between one meal weak green tea without sugar.

What we do on the 2nd day?

Again only a single type of products, and various forms of preparation: steamed, boiled baked.

Pay attention! The oil vegetables do not add!

For the day 2. Vegetable day — sample menu:

  • In the morning of boiled potatoes and a salad of cabbage raw.
  • 2-oh, breakfast - cauliflower and/or steamed broccoli, a little salt, do not keep on treatment for more than 7 minutes.
  • For lunch — a boiled or baked vegetable stew, a little salt, add the fresh herbs. The most tasty of all prepare the mixture, until the state "al dente": it is no longer raw, but still elastic. With the vegetables easier to thoroughly chew food.
  • Afternoon snack — baked in foil or pumpkin puree cooked celery root and cut fresh vegetables (carrot, cucumber, Bulgarian pepper).
  • For dinner — a mixture of vegetables in with the cabbage and carrot, baked in foil or steamed. Or raw salad with various types of cabbage, carrot and celery.
  • In the intervals between one meal weak green tea without sugar, water with added juice and vegetable juice.
The chicken for the day

What do we do on day 3?

It is usually the point of a day diet "6 petals", when you can go down to apathy. Help again comes in easy to digest protein — chicken meat.

Our task — to follow the feeling of hunger and satiety. This means, without calorie counting, slowly chew (up to 20 times each bite!) and stop eating, as I just saciastes.

Day no. 3. Chicken of the day — sample menu:

  • The breakfast chicken fillet cooked.
  • 2-oh, breakfast and lunch - a chicken leg baked in foil, no rind, salt + seasonings and natural herbs.
  • For lunch, the chicken broth with pieces of chicken meat and vegetation.
  • Afternoon snack— chicken thighs cooked without the shell in the steam.
  • Dinner — wheat cooked chicken breast, water can be a bit of salt.
  • In the intervals between one meal bitter green tea.

What we do on the 4th day?

All types of cereals for cooking cereals in water — products allowed for a means of weight loss program. As in the previous days, you can add salt, herbs and spices, without artificial components.

Day no. 4. Cereal day — the menu option:

  • Breakfast — green wheat, baked the night before. Pour 1 part of cereal with boiling water (2 parts water), cover the lid and with a towel. Before you eat a little salt.
  • 2-oh, breakfast - cooked rice.
  • For lunch — corn porridge.
  • Afternoon snack— bulgur with the chopped herbs.
  • Dinner — buckwheat porridge in the water.
  • In the intervals between one meal bitter green tea.

What we do on the 5th day?

Strictly cottage cheese = only cottage cheese and 1 cup thin milk (up to 3%).

Day no. 5. Curd & day — sample menu:

  • Breakfast — cottage cheese without the additions.
  • 2-oh, breakfast - savoury cream cheese.
  • For lunch — the ricotta and half a cup of milk.
  • Snack — cottage cheese without additives.
  • At dinner, the ricotta and half a cup of milk.
  • In the intervals between one meal, tea without sugar.

What we do in the 6th day?

Just eat a fruit, preferably in their raw form.

Day no. 6. Fruit of the day — the menu option:

  • The breakfast buffet — a large banana.
  • 2-oh, breakfast - an orange and an apple.
  • For lunch — a banana and 2 kiwis.
  • Afternoon snack— any fruit of the season (apricot, plum, nectarine).
  • Dinner of grapefruit.
  • In the intervals between one meal, tea without sugar, 1 glass of fruit juice, juice, water with added fresh juice.
Salads, stews stew, baked fish, shrimp, squid

What do we do after the diet?

  • In the first three days of the diet excludes alcohol and any kind of soda, as well as fried, smoked too much fatty food and many parts sophisticated dishes.
  • Do not rush in food! We do not seek diversity and not eating too much. Advantageous to calculate days of calories for the progress of weight and level of physical activity, to keep it on a simple diet with minimal food processing.

How many rounds can you do?

2 the circle with the interval of a week.

Salads, stews stew, baked fish, shrimp, squid, any meat, fruits, and the lack of flavor enhancers — so we spent free diet a week. And repeat diet cycle "6 petals" for the consolidation of the results.

Pros and cons of the diet "6 petals"

Petal diet is that the three main advantages in the path to harmony:

  1. High efficiency. The duration of the diet for only 6 days, however, the many comments, they can lead to a noticeable loss of weight: up to 4-5 kg.
  2. It is relatively easy portability. This characterizes the 6 minutes a day of rotation mono-diet of the normal in a line of products diet for a week. Psychologically and physically, to withstand up to 3 days in a buckwheat or a week's diet on cereals can be much more difficult than moving the same type of sets of products of the day-to-day.
  3. Does not express any feeling of hunger between meals. It is the dignity describes the majority of the opinions about the diet. Such a positive point that enables you to fulfill the program more lightweight and do not miss the appointment.

Is not devoid of program and disadvantages. And this is not surprising, if we remember that the "6 petals" — even the extreme view of weight loss without the design fit the lifestyle. This whole system of working will have to perform after the diet effort, if we are to fix months of results.

So, what is the weak side of the radar of the diet?

  1. Frequent small meals of the neck of a listing of products throughout the day. It is difficult to organize working people. Perfect follower of the diet — the man with the free programming.
  2. Big stressful load for all the organs and systems, which is characteristic of all the mono-diet. The nature of man provides for a varied diet. Mono — always inclined to the excess of some substances and the deficit of others. The lack of balance vital nutrients — stress to the body.
  3. The inability to follow your preferences in a few days of the diet. Don't like cottage cheese ad nauseam? And you should eat, and only his! This twist dozens of times increases the discomfort during the weight loss process.
  4. Not proven the use of separate power supply. Here, as with any placebo effect: do you believe that the rear seat on the global food has dignity for slimming? The placebo works for you. Do not believe — the complete legion of those who participated in the investigation and have not shown any advantages of the division of the products during the slimming.
  5. And the last, the most important! — less: petal diet does not change our attitude in relation to food, does not cure the main cause of the excess weight.

The excess of derived calories, the cravings for sweets and fat and lack of exercise are at the forefront of disharmony in the body and health problems of excessive breadth.

The six days described program of loss of weight for results in the balance and in the volume, but does not change the psychology and do not create new healthy habits. Well, it's a risk to return to mal-nutrition and a set of libra.

Proper nutrition

Be careful! The overvoltage of the body, but the results in the short term with relapse — it is not uncommon for the script after any mono-dietas.

There is a "6 petals" and strict contraindications!

  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Chronic disease in the kidneys.

Incidentally, on the principle of strict separation of the products, which is placed at the base of the diet. Interesting study randomized clinical trial on the diet hay weight loss carried out in the period of 6 weeks, in steady-state conditions, in Geneva.

Were compared two groups lose weight with equal calorie menu. A mixed group of proper nutrition. Second — the rear seat nutrition. Results in loss of weight and volume, as well as in the routine analyses of the blood were almost the same. Just one more doubt, in "the magical benefits of" the separation of the products for weight loss.

Today we talk about the diet "6 petals", described the example of the menu for each day, comments from nutritionists and the possible results. We hope this helps you make an informed decision about the path to healthy weight loss!