Diet yogurt

You want to lose weight fast in a short space of time? So, the diet yogurt exactly what you need. There are several options of diets for yogurt, but not all are effective and if you decided to lose weight with this diet, you should choose the one that is ideal for you. Because we are all different people, someone has the strength of will of someone who is not there. Anyone have 5 extra pounds, and someone of 50 or more. Someone slow the metabolism of someone who is not there. For what would be the time spent on the kefir diet not spent in vain, and more pounds were gone, choice of diet, you should go completely. I would like to suggest the 5 most effective diets in yogurt, I will write about the characteristics of each diet, as well as testimonials from people who have tried this diet itself, well, you will have to choose an ideal kefir diet for you. Before you go on a diet to yogurt, do not forget to read the contraindications of this diet, which I describe at the end of the article.

Diet yogurt

Diet yogurt calculated in 3 days

This diet is also called the espresso diet. Generally, it is used before any a day, if you in urgent need of reset 3-4 pounds. More than 3-4 kg of excess weight on this express diet, you will not be able to reset. Well, and get into clothes of a smaller size success.

Daily animals to drink 1 liter and 1.5-kefir fresh, natural, without sugar. This is the number of preference, drink 5-6 receptions at regular intervals.

This diet is designed for people who have the strength of will, because the what to eat during 3 days only kefir is able to not all. But after the diet, the amount of your stomach will decrease and you will eat less.

Diet yogurt with fruit

This diet as well as the earlier calculated in 3 days. Many use it as a quick diet. With their help, you can reset 2-3 kg. 3 days. This was a little less than a diet, but she is not so strict and respect it a lot easier.

Daily animals drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of fresh yogurt low-fat, certainly, without sugar. This is the number of preference, drink 5-6 receptions at regular intervals. Thus, during this diet is allowed to eat fruits, except banana, as bananas are rich in calories.

Normally, this diet on the yogurt, combine with apples, because the apples better than other fruits. However, for variety you can eat and other fruits. Many use the menu of this diet yogurt-as a day of fasting. In a day you can lose up to 1 kg.

Diet yogurt – download

This diet is not only use for the relief of the weight, but also to clean the body after the holidays, or a great and a delicious dinner. The advantage of this diet after a copious meal in the fact that it allows you to relax the body after you enjoy the party, as well as does not allow to produce the habit to excess. But, as you already know that the main problem of obesity is the excess power. Just such a discharge of the day in yogurt, enough that it would be the food after a holiday, is not reflected in his figure.

Diet yogurt with fruit

Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt and 1 slice of black rye bread.

Afternoon snack: 2 apples and a yogurt cup.

Lunch: vegetable Salad or sauerkraut cauliflower.

Lunch: a Cup of yogurt and 1 apple.

Dinner: one Slice cheese and 2 apple.

For the night: a Cup of yogurt.

Resist this diet is not easy, especially after an abundant meal. However, if you want to have a beautiful figure and to lose excess weight, such as discharge valves kefir days, you must give it after all the holidays dinners and lunches. In general, it is the ideal, if you eat 1 time per week for this menu. You will not only lose those extra pounds, but and clean your body.

Diet yogurt and apples

This diet was calculated at 1 week, it is time for you to lose weight at 5-9 kg. It all depends on your body, and so the more you have excess weight, the longer it will though. More than 1 week sit on this kefir diet is not recommended, because that can affect the health. 1 week for you to clean your body and lose quite the number of kilograms.

The first 2 days of diet: day to drink 1.5 liters of fat kefir fresh.

The second 2 days: day eat 1.5 kg of apples.

In the last 3 days: the day to drink 1.5 liters of fat kefir fresh.

Resist and do not fall on this diet is very difficult, you will always want to eat, especially in the first 2 days. During this kefir diet is advisable to drink a multivitamin, because during the week that the meal will be monotonous.

Diet yogurt and cottage cheese

This diet, often, use as express diet, if you need to lose a few pounds in a couple of days. The diet was calculated in 2 days, after which you will lose 2-4 kg. The diet is quite complicated for people who do not have the force of will, and here the sick people got good results, even for a couple of days.

Diet yogurt with cottage cheese

1 day diet (kefir): this day is allowed to drink 1 liter and 1.5-kefir fresh 5-6 receptions.

2 day diet (kefir-curds&): on this day, you can eat 300gr lean cheese, and drink 750 ml. of yogurt. These products should be divided into 5-6 receptions.

This diet yogurt is very effective because yogurt and curd stimulate the metabolism. The body begins to actively burn energy and start to lose weight.

Contra-indications of diet in yogurt:

As in any diet, you kefir diet, there are contra-indications. Before you go on a diet, refer to the list of diseases where the diet yogurt is counter-indicated. After all, the most important thing is that the man is the health and put in risk because of the beauty not worth the trouble, it is best to choose the diet that is right for you.

Diet yogurt is not ideal for you if:

  • you have a high cholesterol level;
  • you have kidney stones;
  • you acidity of the stomach, or gastritis;
  • you have gastric or duodenal ulcers.