How to lose weight for the month

If you are prone to fullness, you have more pounds, it is time to start the fight with the body fat. Get rid of body fat, it can be easy and relatively quick, if you take all the force of will in hand and follow our recommendations. Lose weight quickly a month goes from each one.

How to lose weight for the month

Sometimes, a life-style does not allow you to eat properly during the day, we are on the move snack, take advantage of stress, sweet, drink, 5 for a mug of coffee and we don't control calories. Weight quickly marked, and if you add the fact that we eat wrong, the relatively slow life style, enough sleep and stress, so, as a result, the body begins to accumulate actively stocks. This is nature and there is no way to escape. But there comes a day that you feel the need to return to the old way, squeeze into your favorite dress and please your reflection. To do this there are several ways, ranging from intense training and fast. "The hunger" diet is not always have a positive result, yes, and its effect is short, it's worth it just to relax and take care of yourself, delicious, as it is here, instead of lost 2 kg returned by 3, and all 4 pounds. The body acts intelligently, which receive the stress of the fast, when the smallest possibility of (input of nutrients), it immediately puts the stocks. Here they are, hungry diet. To lose weight per month, without prejudice to the health, must adhere to a proper diet. How to do this, we will find out more.

How to lose 10 kg per month

You have an important business trip, gave him a place at the prestigious resort, or the need to participate in a photo session. No matter what reason you have for each one of us, in order to get rid of the extra pounds. What is important – how to do this correctly and without damage to health. For these purposes, the nutritionists in the shop more simple, but very effective, and even beneficial of the diets: is download days, or mono, when throughout the day you need is just a product (which can be a yogurt, an apple or cottage cheese), as well as buckwheat diet, or diet in the grapefruit. The result of a diet minutes 10 kg per month. Only to fix the result it will have to do the maximum effort. Extreme discharge day, without prior preparation, may do much harm. But if you start the preparation in advance, for example, with the beginning of the month, during the week to exclude from the daily diet of flour products, sweets, sugar, as well as extremely, salty and fatty foods, and, gradually, go to the proper nutrition, you can get in a diet free from stress to the body.

The diet

But then you can start the main step is 10 days of diet, every day, there is a chance of loosing the extra pounds. After the diet needs to become accustomed gradually to power, only that it is as it should be for the adequate food, without food rich in starch, sweet and greasy. Otherwise, the weight is easy to go back.

Lose weight properly or how to return quickly to the form:

  1. These recommendations you need to perform not only, within 10 days, but over months and even years. So the result is good to be satisfied. The first thing that you need to learn is to give up completely flour foods. If it is difficult to do so and the hand, and stretches to eat a slice of white bread, it is recommended to replace by integrals, without yeast, or at least the principle – in the bread black.
  2. The taboo of all that is sweet and sweets: pastries, cakes, croissants – all of this is forgotten. If you wanted sweet, you can please yourself tablespoon of honey or a cube of black bitter chocolate.
  3. Exemption of white sugar. No matter how I wanted to drink sweet tea, have to get used to another taste. Well, if this is difficult, you can put in a hot tea half teaspoons of honey.
  4. Do not eat anything fried, gently, click on the food cooked or steamed. Only slow cooker will be your companion and trusted.
  5. Bold and fat, also, is to limit, and then the entire delete. Meat and fish can be boil, bake or cook in a bain-marie. Is this will facilitate the task, it will save time.
  6. Buffet- tight, light dinner. In the morning you can eat food with carbohydrates: for example, oats, nuts, chunks. This is the rule, should be taken based. In addition, the last meal should be 2 -, and 3 hours before you go to bed. In the evening you can eat a little cooked meat, chicken, egg, fish and cottage cheese. It's not worth mixing the two categories of products. That is: it is necessary to eat meat, separately, foods with carbohydrates.
  7. Juices in packages to limit and minimize, as well as contain a lot of sugar. Drinks with gas and dear coca-cola – is one of your enemies, these drinks a lot of sugar.

Therefore, it can be gradual and painless to get rid of the extra pounds in addition to improve the condition of hair, skin and general well-being. Then and your new weight will not have much time to get used to, as well as the process of loss of weight will occur without problems, without damage and stress to the body.

What to do if the weight of a feather in a point and do not want to fall? This question is raised by many girls, who, as you all do it correctly, but the weight after a few weeks, stubbornly not moves. Then comes a useful product is the pulp and special download days.

What is the "discharge days"? This is of specially selected products that can be consumed throughout the day. For example, the well organise a day of rest and eat during the day, only the fresh apples. If it is difficult, it is worth to diversify the "menu" and bake in the oven some apples. It is not only tasty, but also useful.

It is still possible to organize a kefir day, during the day, you need to drink only non-fat kefir. – Ideal oiliness of the product does not exceed 1,5%. Do not forget that in such discharge days can only drink green tea or broth of herbs (in the coffee – taboo), and also, necessarily, to observe the regime of drinking. On the day, depending on your weight, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of purified water, and all the 2-2.5 l. This proper diet will help you lose weight per month for a few pounds more.

According to assist in weight loss – the pulp. This product you can buy in the supermarket or at the pharmacy. Sell it in the form of powder and granules. I like this product, so you will need to add liquid dishes of kefir or yogurt. You can eat a spoon of fiber and drink a glass of water. Calories per this product does not, it is not absorbed by our body. The main action is to pull the body of everything unnecessary (toxins). This product is very helpful in combating excess weight, the fabric is thoroughly clean the wall of the intestine and stomach, gently, take delight satisfies the body. There is a "but", you have to do religiously is to drink lots of water. If you eat fibers, it is necessary to help the body purify itself of toxins naturally. Drinking plenty of fluids is the norm, if we do not, the body begins to suffer from dehydration.

And one more little secret that will help you get back into shape is to eat celery. Just this single product causes the body to work in full, to lose calories, but at the same time receive less than the spent.

And, if you follow all of these recommendations, the quicker you can move the weight, giving up completely dinner. Then, you have to eat lunch later than usual and a little more dense. For dinner, you can enjoy one yogurt (1 cup), and also eat a little salad, cooked with fresh vegetables. In the evening the body must rest and the excess calories.


Tips how to lose weight for the month

These tips can help you achieve good results:

  1. We have mastered the exercise activates the breath." Therefore, we are increasing the concentration of oxygen in the blood, it works for us – actively burning fats. What does this mean? This means that you need to breathe often and deeply exclusively the belly. We do it like this: inhale – belly fooled, slowly, releasing the air. Repeat the exercise 5 times, gradually increasing the number of retries up to 10 times.
  2. Another interesting breathing exercise is short-solitude-expiring. We breathe the air of the nose, political way, to maximize the boring muscles of the belly. Repeat 4 times, do this exercise every morning before breakfast and at night before sleeping.
  3. Have you ever thought about how you walk? Slow or fast? In general, many times, if you walk the walk? If not, it's time to get used to a new style of life. The pace of the walk should be slow, gradual, we spent the average rate and is accelerating. How do you know if we are fulfilling this exercise: if, during the idling talked with calm, all is well. The average rate of speaking is possible, but it appears the lack of air. And if the quick pace, so you can still maintain a conversation, only do this becomes increasingly more difficult.
  4. Counting calories: the ideal, every day, if not, at least a day. After a day you can "sit" in the days of fasting, the amount of calories on days like these – and not more than 800. The priority of protein-rich foods and foods with low glycemic index), it is a tomato, avocado, berries, fruits, and whole grains. Here is a sample day: breakfast omelette of 2 eggs, 70 gr. salmon or salmon. Dinner of tomatoes with cheese "Mozzarella" (50 gr.). Or a delicious option: yogurt with fresh strawberries for breakfast, and dinner of baked beans chicken breast, broccoli and meat.

Really to lose weight per month, if you have the motivation. ^ That, if you have a business, you can get more benefits. Need to find a soul mate and, together, adhere to a good nutrition and diet. If you are married, you can call a husband, or for example, to offer to a friend, becoming a path of harmony and beauty. Then, you can even improve the results, because the confidence and the shoulder is strong, is not only a stimulus, but and support in moments of weakness.

And one more very important information: did you know that start the fight against the excess weight it has on your stage? Woman) days, from 4 to 14. As a time, during this period, the feminine body works "like a clock", speed up the metabolism. You have the chance to see the first results and continue to work.

Roll – this company essential to the kitchen attribute can help improve the state of the skin. As is well known, with the loss of pounds, the skin becomes flabby and SAG. It is ugly. For this not to happen, you must work. If there is a possibility – sign up for the masseuse, as well, if there is excess time and money, so it is worth taking the matter into their own hands. To do this you and be useful roller (wooden), and plastic film. In addition, you need to buy a special cream cellulite or take advantage of the honey. Apply the tool to the problem areas (hips and stomach), wound cling film, and then massage using a roll these areas. Movement: up-down movement. In each piece of up to 80 movements. That is, to work in the area of the belly, you will need 80 leases, then both in a and in the other leg.


How to lose weight 5 kg per month

5 kg in a month – a number have not placed on the heights, but it is also necessary to work on yourself, for those pounds gone forever.

Adhere to the same rules and at the end of to lose weight 10 kg, exactly the same, you do not need to of harmful products, go to the proper nutrition, without fatty and spicy foods, fried and no fast-foods. In addition, it's also worth counting calories and give download days. This will help faster to reach the desired tone volume.

The goal in the result:

  1. Real women are not thrown from one extreme to the extreme, so it is best to slowly but surely to go to the goal. If you speed up and lose more than 1 kg in a week, the skin will suffer, will become flaccid. And this is already ugly and damage to health. Therefore, to die of hunger can not be!
  2. Snacks – yes! Therefore, you can get rid of the feeling of hunger and make it to the next meal. The products must be the most useful: dried apricots, raisins, apples, granola. All of this can be placed in the bag and keep yourself, not to fall.
  3. Buy a nice notepad and pen, write down each meal. You can't eat depending on the mood, especially in stress situation, when you want to repent, and allow to eat something forbidden. Plan in advance and make an estimate of the menu for the next few days. So it is easier to maintain a diet and adjusted for the next meal.
  4. Think in advance what you will be able to eat during the day, if you have an important meeting or a business trip. It's not worth saving in itself, and snacking on the move than came.
  5. Weighing

Here is an example of the diet in a few days:

  1. The first day. At lunch we ate oatmeal (30 g.), drink a glass of yogurt (1%). On the night of 2 St. l. oatmeal pour the yogurt, add the pieces of 1 banana, place the jar in the fridge. In the morning a healthy breakfast ready. Breakfast the second is composed by a applesauce. For lunch indulge in 2 slices of bread (whole grain), liver pate (2 St. l.), salad with low-fat sauce (1.5 cups) and lean 1 cup of milk. At lunch you can eat the apple. For dinner – a slice of flounder, broccoli, cooked (1 cup) and the same amount of rice. The evening drink a yogurt with red fruits. On the day it is almost 1600 calories, of which 83 gr. are protein, 40 fats and 243 gr. – the carbohydrates. Fibers bit – 38 g.
  2. Second day: corn flakes (45 g) with wheat bran (1 St. l.), drink my milk (1 cup). Can-juice of 1 grapefruit. After a few hours of eat fruits dried or fresh plum (3 PCs.). The lunch is composed of 2 pieces of bread, PAPCsETA (cod-liver – 2.5 St. l.), a cup of yogurt. For dinner, you need to cook the apple, add half a teaspoons of honey and a little cinnamon powder. Dinner: vegetable salad with low-fat dressing and chicken breast (85 gr.). Before bed, you can enjoy low-fat yogurt with peach. Calories: about 600, of these, 63 gr. are proteins, fats, 47 gr., carbohydrates more – 230 gr., fibers bit – 29 gr.

Do not forget to drink treated water – not less than 1.5 l per day.

And even some tricks of preparation of the organism to an intense weight-loss is cleaning. You can go 2 ways: do an enema with herbal decoction or take herbal laxatives medicines. In fact, if during the diet you have a strange smell from the mouth, rashes on the face, the tongue was BAAlesym touch, then says that you will have to repeat a series of filters of enemas.