Salt-free diet. Facts and myths

A long time ago wanted to talk with you about the salt no diet, share your observations and knowledge that allow you a long time to keep the body in a healthy way, happy state. I'm only going to say that I am not a proponent of perfectionism, I will never advise totally eliminating salt from the body, but and abuse, not worth it.

Salt-free diet

The facts:

  • the excess salt retains fluids in the body, favors the appearance of edema, obesity, to the formation of cellulite;
  • the excessive consumption of salt slows down the metabolism;
  • for those who wish to lose weight, it is necessary to significantly reduce the amount of salt consumption;
  • the daily requirement of salt for an adult is less than 5g;
  • salt or sodium chloride NaCl contains 40% sodium and 60% chlorine, and is the connection manages the normal operation of the cells of the nervous system, muscle tissue. Therefore, any violation of a disorder of the salt balance leading to changes in metabolism.

The abundance of products with large content of salt on the supermarket shelves makes us hostage to the excessive consumption of salt. Unconsciously, we are getting used to eating all the salt, for example, cheese, canned goods, sausages, French fries,and even the power of the baby contains an excess of salt.

Salt or not to salt?

How, you ask, - excess salt leads to obesity and edema, and vice - slows down the metabolism, and the decline in vitality. I would advise the rod of gold in the middle, to know, to understand and remember that:

  • all industrialized dishes is already salty enough;
  • canned foods, breads, cold meats, stew, sauces, dairy products, cheese, butter, spreads, confectionery and pastry – a huge list of products that contains much more the daily norm of salt. It is not recommended to eat and fries.

And another important tip: even though in the beginning it is difficult to imagine how you can have no salt for salads, eggs, vegetables, so, literally, through two to three weeks you are so accustomed, that'll be asking, " how is it you never occurred to me to try not to ruin the salt and the delicious food.

The diet no salt weight loss

The diet

Means that salt-free diet for weight loss implies of total failure of the salt? Despite the name, the diet does not encourage you to completely abandon the salt.

You will have to do this only if you have kidney problems, if your doctor has prescribed you to a complete elimination of the salt. In all other cases, the refusal of the salt will be conditional, because, salt, and so is contained in many products that will be present in the diet. I recommend only:

  • limit the consumption free of salt;
  • give up a lightly solting of ready meals;
  • do not salt the vegetables, the eggs, the minimum add a little salt soups and all the dishes that you prepare for yourself.

Salt-free diet was created to normalize the areas salt and water balance, resolve hidden swelling, dry body.

A few weeks with the salt no diet you can lose weight 5-6 kg.

Diet Menu without salt

The selection of products for the salt without dieting is not difficult. You can eat natural products, no salt when cooking. Diet Menu without salt is made up of fresh vegetables, fruit, baked beans, stews, cooked protein dishes. For example, here is a sample menu of the diet of each day:

First day:

  • Breakfast: omelet of one egg and lean milk, tea with milk;
  • The second breakfast: an apple grated;
  • Lunch: soup of chicken (instead of salt, add light fragrant spices); salad of tomato and cucumber;
  • Afternoon snack: a glass of carrot juice;
  • Dinner: steak and grilled salmon, salad leaves.

The second day:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese low-fat with natural yoghurt and a handful of any berries;
  • The second breakfast: carrot on a grater;
  • Lunch: cooked vegetables and veal with herbs and seasonings; salad of cucumber and fresh cabbage;
  • Afternoon snack: yogurt 200ml;
  • Dinner: baked fish, two tomatoes, salad leaves.

The third day:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal flakes, which tired in the hot milk;
  • The second breakfast: economic.this apple;
  • Lunch: kale sautéed with chicken breast minced and vegetation; salad of tomato and peas;
  • Afternoon snack: tomato juice (without salt);
  • Dinner: cheese casserole, lean ricotta cheese, eggs and fresh fruit.

Tip: the portion sizes limit, about the possibility of not eating more than 250-300g at once, in order to reduce the volume of the stomach. During the salt no diet, you should drink more, therefore, boldly, drink herbal tea for the broth, the water, morsy and the juice from the fruit without sugar.

Salt-free diet for 14 days follows the same pattern, you can do this yourself, once you understand the basic principle. To this, add the vegetables, protein, meals of milk, without salt.

How to get used to eating without salt

The meat and chicken without salt has a little bit strange. But this is only in the beginning. I can give you some simple tips on how to get used to eating without salt.

  • to control the flow of salt in the body, during the salt no diet to delete all parts of the dishes, shop products, bread, biscuits, cheeses, sausages, semi-finished products, canned products, because they add salt to the recipe;
  • you will need to prepare your own meals, to know clearly the amount of salt that you consume. Of the day, you can eat anything more than 5g of salt (about a teaspoon without top) But that amount is distributed to all the food from your body;
  • replace the salt scented, spices, aromatics: coriander, marjoram, curry, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, anise, dill, and PR.;
  • if you have the dish, use its not a large amount of salt. For this, do not use a little sun, the best is to take the larger, and better yet - marine. So you may be able to limit not too much;
  • try to feel the taste of themselves dishes, each ingredient, so it becomes easier to not think about the salt.
Week on a strict diet

Salt contained in many natural products in a natural way. For example, the salt is already present in the meat, vegetables, cereals. Therefore, in certain diseases shows the complete elimination of the salt. If you basically healthy, it is recommended if the diet contains a little bit of salt. It helps to remove the swelling and get rid of the extra pounds, which are kept in the body due to excess of sodium compounds.

Here are some techniques that help without the pain of abandoning the excess of salt:

  • replace the garlic salt, onion;
  • PRandPRavsite ready meals soy sauce without salt;
  • add shredded and dry spicy grass, creating the illusion that you use the food.

Pros and cons of salt without diet

Salt-free diet for weight loss is useful not only for those who suffer from excess weight. Can be used for those who have:

  • increase the pressure;
  • the excess of calcium in the body;
  • kidney disease and blood vessels;
  • the tendency to edema;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Pros salt no diet are:

  • the loss of the excess fluid that remains in the body and causes to work, many systems with large load;
  • the reduction of the volume of the body, due to the fact that the fat cells stop retaining water;
  • it is best to start working organs such as the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, urinary system.

Cons salt without dieting:

Scientific studies have proven that deficiency of salt or sodium in the body is also harmful, as the excess of it. The fact is that:

  • people that have completely abandoned the salt, also can not boast of perfect health.
  • they are more prone to other suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • complain of malaise, irritability, thinning of the blood;
  • many women, it's broken the cycle, they appear unplanned spotting spotting.

Which can lead to lack of sodium

The lack of sodium can compromise health. The main functions performed sodium and chlorine in the body, are shown in the table:

Governing the adrenal glands, which are responsible for the production of hormones The transport of nutrients in the cells of the body, and from them. To normalize the acid-base balance, balance of Are at the basis of all body fluids: plasma, lymph, amniotic and extracellular fluid
In the absence of sodium and chlorine, the work of the neurons and other cells in the body it is not possible to Contribute to increase the number of acetylation of brain cells, responsible for the ability to think creatively and develop long-term plans Provide a joint work of the brain and of the muscles. Help the muscles to move, the lower the heart muscle, to carry out the process of respiration

That is why the presence of salt in the body is still necessary. But this applies only if you do not overdo it and do not exceed daily energy consumption. Unfortunately, many people , instead of 5 to 6g of salt use up to 30-40g. This will inevitably lead to a violation of health.

Remember! Excess salt in 100 times will be fatal to any person.

Japanese salt-free diet for 14 days

A well-known and popular types of diet japanese is considered salt-free diet for 14 days. Here, the recommended not to change the composition of the products, do not replace your breakfast, lunch, dinner, drink more. Diet quite healthy, change can be used for the first few days. Normally, during the diet, you can discard up to 4-6 kg.

Then, the japanese menu with a diet of 14 days:

Day of the week Breakfast Lunch Afternoon snack Dinner
Monday Cup of black coffee 2 hard-boiled eggs; salad from fresh cabbage with olive oil and herbs A glass of tomato juice or tomato Grilled fish, salad of fresh cucumbers
Tuesday Black coffee Fish stew, salad of fresh cucumbers Cup of yogurt Cooked wheat 200g beef meat, sheet salad
Wednesday Black coffee Boiled egg, salad of raw carrot Two tomatoes The apples
Thursday Black coffee Vegetarian vegetable soup 100g of ricotta lean Fruit
Friday Black coffee Grilled fish, salad of cucumber and vegetation The tomato juice Grated carrot
Saturday Black coffee Boiled chicken, salad of cabbage and carrot Apple juice Two beans, boiled eggs, cucumber
Sunday Black coffee Wheat meat stew, tomato salad Cup of yogurt Fruit
Monday The tea 200g of cooked veal Two of cucumber The apples
Tuesday Coffee A quarter of a cooked chicken, lettuce leaves Apple Grated carrot
Wednesday The tea Two hard-boiled egg, raw carrot, grated Cup of yogurt Cooked fish, tomato
Thursday Coffee The ear without potato Economic.this apple Cottage cheese and yogurt low-fat
Friday The tea Salad of carrots cooked with the raises. oil chicken croquette A glass of tomato juice Fruit
Saturday Coffee Stew of grilled vegetables and mushrooms Grated carrot The apples
Sunday The tea Wheat boiled chicken and coleslaw Kefir Cooked wheat meat, lettuce leaves

As you noticed, the diet without salt and sugar, and in 14 days, it can be used for a limited time.

Proper nutrition

Tips from the dietitian:

  1. You can use the japanese variant diet, but I would recommend a more gentle mode, during which time you must respect these rules:
  2. Cook without salt, but slightly use the food on the plate. This way it is easier to gradually reduce the number of salty snacks.
  3. Eat 4 to 5 times a day in small portions.
  4. Try getting up from the table, while you are still slightly hungry. This will help to prevent excesses and reduces the volume of the stomach.

Products allowed

The salt no diet can be a sufficient amount of a diverse range of products:

  • cereal bites, dry grey or rye bread, but not more than 150g / day;
  • boiled or cooked meat, fish, mushrooms, eggs, seafood;
  • vegetables: cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, carrot, beet, pumpkin, radish;
  • legumes: beans, peas, soybeans;
  • dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, yogurt, ryazhenka;
  • fruits and berries in addition to bananas, grapes, figs;
  • drinks: tea, coffee, water, the juice of herbs.

Prohibited products

During the salt no diet , are prohibited all types of products prepared industrially and contain large amount of salt.

  • salting, fermentation, pickles;
  • sausage, sausages, ham, salmon, and PR.;
  • smoked, salted and cod;
  • fatty, salty;
  • fast-food, food, cooking, semi-finished products;
  • alcoholic beverages, sweet aeration;
  • pasta, sweets, cakes.

One of the arguments in favor of the intermittent use of salt no diet is the idea that without salt, the products seem to be tasteless, and, therefore, we much less. In addition, all products mentioned in this list, cause an increase in appetite, encourage her to eat more, not to give the time to stop.

How to control the salt content in the products

The most difficult thing in salt no diet is the control over the salt content in the products. In fact, how could we know how much salt is contained in the one or other dish.

To do this, I had chosen for you a series of simple rules that can help you to control the salt content, not only during the diet, but also during its life:

Weight loss without salt
  1. Avoid eating the food that he prepared someone, a stranger with you. Each chef prepares their own way, therefore, you will always depend on your cooking.
  2. When you're cooking yourself, do not use dishes during preparation, place the salt shaker on the table and lightly use ready meals.
  3. If you are out of the house and hungry, do not take the coffee. Buy some fresh fruits, wash them and make a picnic.
  4. Take on the job of ready-made meals, to always have on hand foods without excess salt.
  5. Always read the product composition on the package firmly to know that this product is not full of salt.
  6. Buy a large, grey or sea salt, which are rich in iodine, potassium, magnesium, bromine, phosphorus. This salt contains less sodium chloride.
  7. Salt modern food from the supermarkets or restoration there is no need.