How to lose weight quickly at home

Few of the women do not asked myself — how to lose weight quickly at home and was not looking for a simple way of responding. But this is only to lose weight at home quickly and effectively, and for this it is necessary?

How to lose weight quickly

How to lose weight at home?

As is well known, weight reduction is achieved through a combination of proper diet, reasonable physical exercise. The secret of how to lose weight at home is that it is necessary to reduce the rate of calories consumed in relation to that, that was the excess weight. Then, they will be burned during the day and shall be deposited in the form of fat folds. Your food should contain all substances and elements in order to maintain the normal functioning of the body.

The rules of food to lose weight

Stick to the main rules of healthy habits, they show you how to eat to lose weight at home:

What to eat to lose weight? In fact, this question has its answer choices:

  1. ginger accelerates the metabolism, increases blood circulation, reduces appetite, their well-there's 1 tablespoon two times a day;
  2. lemon is rich in fiber, vitamins and other elements beneficial, does not contain calories, speeds up the metabolism;
  3. chia seeds are the same Spanish sage, solves the problem with the skin and the blood vessels, thus positively affects the metabolic processes;
  4. green coffee — it dulls the feeling of hunger, is stepping up the activities of the brain, contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid;
  5. berries goji — tibetan barberry actually helps every organ in the body, which normalizes their work;
  6. dark chocolate — flavonoids inhibit the occurrence of blood clots, phenols, strengthen the circulatory system, and a couple of slices perfect product to ensure the snack;
  7. green tea is a natural antioxidant, acts similarly to green coffee in the body;
  8. pepper or pepper increases body temperature, which leads to the combustion of fat and of metabolic activation.

And here, definitely not worth it, if you want to save a slender figure and thin waist for a long time:

  • the sweetness of sugar, desserts, chocolate, candy, fruit candies;
  • pastries and cakes of the flour of a higher grade;
  • fried and smoked dishes — all, without exception;
  • strongly fatty foods — cheeses above 40% of fat, meat and fat.

The methods weight loss at home

There are three main ways of how you can lose weight at home:

  • to make drastic changes in your regular diet;
  • regularly practicing sports and physical activities;
  • psychologically working.

Consider each of the methods of dealing with the excess weight details.


There are many systems of law and of directional lose weight power. All of them contribute how to really lose weight in the home, in particular a strict diet:

  1. hollywood — a quick result in less than 10-15 kg in 2 weeks, but very limited list of products;
  2. juice — vitamins, and organic water to saturate the body, but cleanse your impurities and toxins;
  3. fruit — melon, apples, or watermelons, contain a large amount of glucose, fiber and vitamins, that work in a similar way to the previous method;
  4. kefir — to impressive effect, at least 6-8kg for the week, the cleaning of the intestine and the saturation of protein;
  5. favorite seven — a-day mono-diet with loss 5-8kg during this period, taking into account that in a day, of animals, there is exactly one type of products.

Preservation and balanced diet:

  • Liepaja — founded in addictions food of the inhabitants of the CIS, can you eat mayonnaise on low fat and drink beer slight;
  • maggie — structured system, with the result that in less than 5-10kg per month;
  • keto-diet — athletic technique with the reduction of carbohydrates and increase of protein food;
  • the method of Pierre Dukan is a protein multi-stage scheme of 100 products;
  • Kim Ants — with the duration of 5 weeks, the menu includes vegetables, water and tea without sugar.


Discharge therapy, dietary fasting often is used in modern medicine. If you want to use this simple method to lose weight at home, observe the rules more strict, with all its simplicity, it can be dangerous to your health:

  1. control the balance of water and drink 2.5-3l of fluid per day;
  2. do not focus on it more than 40 days, it is constantly under the supervision of a physician;
  3. two weeks before the fast, click in the dietary of foods with a large amount of food of plant origin;
  4. gradually, out of the system, starting with the juice every two hours, after dairy products, soups, yogurt, fruits and vegetable salads;
  5. the best course is 10 days, in the first three will loss of adipose tissue for on — the toxins and the toxins, then click restore regular functions of the body;
  6. do not use this method if you are tuberculosis, diabetes and hepatitis b, patients disease.

Animal training

The diet maggie

A regular exercise routine is an efficient way to lose weight at home, if you adhere to a clear plan for the practice, combining cardio exercises and strength load:

  • to begin always it is necessary, with the warm-up for all the muscle groups;
  • then, the distributor of a range of three minutes, in 3 exercises for legs, arms, back and abdominals;
  • stage cardio — 1 minute of intense racing at the local jumps or mill;
  • the second and the third item 2 times to the thorough study of the design of the muscle groups;
  • repeat for all of the phases of one to two times to set the effect;
  • the final phase — stretching and relaxation.

To quickly achieve the desired effect it is necessary to perform 3-4 combined classes per week, complementing her jogging, roller-skating or cycling.

Protein shakes

They replace one or more meals, introduce in the menu the days of fasting. They help you get the body you want-you energy, nourish it on a cellular level, does not cause allergies, except in individual cases.

Among the proteins cocktails, that help you to lose weight at home quickly and efficiently, one can highlight:

  1. of drink for weight reduction with a small amount of protein, around 10g per serving — they will with additives in the form of pectin and carbohydrate, they use instead of 1-2 techniques of food;
  2. sports of the mixture with the additive of milk protein and l-carnitine — deficiency of proteins, systematically used for slimming and suitable for people with high activity, to give the effect of a quick saturation because of the lack of pectin;
  3. simple smoothies to lose weight at home with yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit, the other components, vegetable based products wheatgrass — they replace the lunch or breakfast;
  4. are mixtures of natural herbs and smoothies — the first relatively harmless, the latter may contain a larger amount of sugar, if you buy them in stores or order on the delivery service.

Drinks that will excess weight — one of the most comfortable and simple options to lose weight

Here are some simple recipes that you can prepare in the kitchen of the offender, ingredients:

  • banana cocktail — puree in a blender or mixer 1\2 ripe banana, 150ml lean milk, a pinch of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla essence;
  • milk-egg — in the same way mix 150ml of low-fat yogurt, 50 grams of a piece of cottage cheese, 5-6 quail eggs whites or a chicken, add a banana or a tablespoon of berry syrup;
  • protein with sleeve — band of 200 grams of fat, soft cottage cheese, 150ml of yoghurt without sugar and a refined mango;
  • a drink to strengthen the muscles — beat 200ml skinny milk and 100ml of Greek yoghurt, 2 tablespoons of protein powder, 1 banana and 6 berries, strawberries, a teaspoon of pshenychnykh of embryos, pour the drink 50ml of any fresh juice.
Drinks that will excess weight

Pharmacy medicines

The application of drug of drugs should be handled with great care

Many women thinking about it, how easy it is to lose weight at home, see output in greece means:

  1. the pills have the effect of diuretic and laxative action, are constituted by the natural components, but also of narcotics and substances fenfluramine, which is addictive and neutralizes the feeling of hunger;
  2. food supplement from the shells of crustaceans, acts as a natural sorvente, only one capsule of this medicine is able to bring a multitude of toxins and waste that prevent you form slender;
  3. natural remedy for choleretic and laxative actions via cassia tora and the rhubarb, the combination of which reduces appetite and displays stagnant process;
  4. the classic representative of dietary supplements with a basis of vitamin E and linoleic acid, accelerates muscle growth and reduces the level of sugar in the blood, increases the tone of the whole body);

Weight loss through tablets, almost independent of its composition, leads to addiction, and a strong stress to the body, is considered dangerous.

Popular methods of weight loss home

There are a number of simple to the people ways of how to lose weight fast at home, these include:

  1. experience showers – that it promotes the rejuvenation of the skin, such temperature massage gets rid of toxins, reduces and enlarges the pores and tone the muscular tissues, the 10 minute this procedure are equivalent to 20 minutes of intensive training in the gym;
  2. break – crops a few inches of fat and cellulite, pre-need to clean the skin with sea salt or dust, to coffee grounds, and then spread the butter with the honey, mustard, or chocolate and wrap in cling film, the heat, wrap up and rest for about half an hour;
  3. recipes pumpkin — fresh salad of vegetables with carrot or pumpkin porridge to normalize the metabolism, healing, and weight is reduced, cook the pumpkin, chopped about 30-40 minutes, and then add to it a tablespoon of rice or oatmeal and delete more than half an hour, the dish does not use and does not refuel, eat as a lunch or dinner;
  4. cabbage juice — prevents the formation of fats, from carbohydrates, it is recommended to drink 2 to 3 cups in the morning, on an empty stomach one hour before a meal, you can mix with carrot and beet juice;
  5. salad mix — fresh beet, carrot and cabbage, dressed with linseed oil effectively cleans the gut of debris, eliminates toxins from the body;
  6. choleretic fees — of immortelle, volodushki and dandelion, quickly digested lipids, help to lose weight, do not give the form to the deposition of the natural waist and the hips.

The fastest way to lose weight at home

A psychology component of the problem of excess weight requires at least careful study that the proper nutrition and regular exercise.

The most effective way to lose weight at home — find the motivation and mental attitude, to get the moral support, for that, you need the proper installation:

  1. let all resentments, doubts, insecurities, and fears in the past;
  2. living in the present moment with the perspective of how you will look in the future;
  3. define a real purpose, to divide them into small steps — to lose 2 kg per week and not per day;
  4. to fill life with something new and shiny — sign up in the same dance or drawing;
  5. praise yourself for each one, even for a little accomplishment, to recover the love of yourself and your body.
A psychology component of the problem of excess weight

Psychology helps get rid of excess physical and morally. But, to lose weight very fast, you need to follow three simple steps:

  • nutrition appropriate;
  • regular sport;
  • timely leisure.

How to lose weight at home without dieting?

The eternal question, you can lose weight at home without dieting, has the positive response option, which consists of:

  1. stick to the discipline of food, consuming the food is a little less than the necessary;
  2. do not give up recipes of favorite dishes and tasty food, ideal adjusting the diet, the auto-when you choose gradual or intense correction;
  3. to count and control calories at home and at work, roughly defining your energy costs throughout the day;
  4. daily, weighed every morning and keep a diary of readings;
  5. spend order of 7,500 kcal for each kilogram of excess mass — hiking, cardio, furniture, leisure activities, physical activity;
  6. keeping the portion size to carry out more work to the body has the time to spend all the resources, fats, and carbohydrates.