Yoga for weight loss: exercise

The practice of yoga in its broadest sense is not meant to reduce weight, however some of the exercises that are ideal for a diet for weight-loss. The popularity of this trend is gaining momentum, especially among the inhabitants of the cities, the indian, the technique helps to restore the inner harmony and spiritual balance, this massage releases the stress of the job, both physically and keeps you in good shape to the body.

Yoga classes

Think of the major asanas and their impact on the problem areas, as well as to explore all of the benefits of these exercises at home, and the indications and contra-indications.

What is the use of such practices

The classes on a regular basis for a beneficial effect on human health. The execution of the asanas, as well as other types of physical exercise all contribute to the expense of a large number of calories. Score you need depends on the length and number of points.

In the result, it is very important not only in reducing body fat and volume. The complex of exercises in yoga for weight loss will also affect the following conditions:

  • the acceleration of the metabolism in the body.
  • the prevention and elimination of cellulite and stretch marks on problem areas;
  • the strength and elasticity of the skin;
  • the normalization of the work of the gastro-intestinal tract;
  • to increase the flexibility and strength of the body;and
  • the recovery of the hormonal emphasis on the work of the thyroid gland;
  • effective in fighting stress and depression, for different reasons, and Dr.
Yoga for weight loss

The positive effects of the practice, there can be no doubt, however, that prior to the start of the training, it is recommended to consider the individual characteristics of the body and its possible reactions to physical load. Before you change the way you talk to a specialist and eliminate any contra-indications.The program of "the Messiah" does not, of itself, constitute a physical one. the loads on your frame, we recommend a maximum of walking.

The main recommendations for the training of

In spite of the fact that yoga at home for weight loss do not have the level of fitness and physical inventory, in order to achieve a visible results you should follow a few rules:

  • with the correct program. The asanas do not involve the active exercise, but to do your best on the day of the dress for freedom of movement. The proper garments, knitted or crocheted, or synthetic;
  • the materials, and the output of the humidity. Shoes in this sense, it is not mandatory, if it is convenient for you, it can be used with bare feet or socks;
  • the auxiliary gear. For the comfort of your workouts, buy a gym mat or a specialized mat. For some positions, it can be useful for support, to the support;
  • the warm-up prior to a session. So to avoid sprains and other injuries to the password of the preparation, the stretching, to warm up all the muscle groups.

The exercise can be at any time of the day – in the morning, at the time of the levy, or in the evening, after the day's work – it doesn't matter. The important thing in this matter – on a regular basis. Waking up in the sessions-of-the-art, efficient allows you to set up your body to burn fat for weight loss.

The length of the lesson varies according to your level of fitness – from several minutes before 1-1,5 hours. It is best to start with small loads, gradually increasing the number of approaches, and the duration of the exercise.

You should not perform the asana on a full stomach, it can negatively affect your digestion. Leave it up to the coffee shop in the morning, or after 2 to 3 hours after ingestion of the food.

The exercise of the power to reduce the weight

Working on the muscles involves, and the revival of the processes in the body, so that it is more effective to fight with the other children. The forces from the load implies working with your own body weight without the need for additional hardware. To begin, you only need a gym mat is the perfect choice for those that want to work from home.


Let's look at some of the most simple yoga for fast weight loss at home to the beginning of the game.


The posture that is perfect for your workout of the leg, including the problem of the inner area of the thigh. The core of the implementation is a comprehensive formulation of a member in place of the lotus, and the retention of the position of the squat. The hands on the chest high, back straight, with your knees at a 90-degree angle.


The posture of a warrior, to strengthen the foot muscles and the back. To do a lunge, bending your front foot is at 90 degrees, the back straight and feet fully placed on the floor. The position of the palms of the hands, chest high, elbows in and relaxed. The position implies, parallel to the retention of the stump in the ground. Then you shall exchange it.


They are located in the feet, legs apart, back is straight, the right, the stop is deployed at a right angle to the left. Follow the tracks to the right, aiming to touch the floor with the left hand, when you do so, you face the opposite direction on the same line. Then expand the head toward you, and hold the position for a few seconds. Then, you can repeat the manipulation on the image in the mirror.


The position of the child, and stretches the muscles of the back. Lean on your four points, with the palm of your hands with your feet. Raise your pelvis and pull your brush toward the front. Why not sit back and allow the spine to stretch out under the load of her body.

When the trouble areas in the belly area

To cope with the extra water in at the waist to help with the following position:

  • forward and down to uttanasana. Starting position – standing, feet together, brushing up. During exhalation, the trunk is bent in half, hands and stretch it gently to the ground state is determined, and then the breath is returned to the supply position;
  • navasana (the boat). Sitting on the floor, straighten the leg and at the back. In such a state, turn to the back and up the union- and the perfect positioning of the back and lower part of the body up to 30 degrees from the ground and at right angles to each other. To maintain the balance, to the lack of strength.
  • dandasana. It's the equivalent of a family for all of the boards. Lie down on your stomach and place your membership based on your elbows and toes. Hold the bracket in place, in this case the monitor, and the straight line of the body.

In the daily execution of these postures, at least two possible approaches to the implementation of it within a minute of the change of volume in the belly area it may be noted that over a 10 to 15 days.

Exercises for legs yoga for weight loss

The Asanas work on the highly effective in developing the inner of your hand, squeeze your butt, and treat the appearance of cellulite. The most effective of these are described in the following.

Utkatasana (chair)

And be ye lift up, just, from the feet together. The protection of the brush up to the top, with the palms of the hands are pressed together on the out-breath – slowly squat down to a 100-degree beam. Keep your back straight, and breathe.

Mission Report Bandhasana

Analog-to promote the bridge. Lie on your back, bend your knees and slowly pull your body up, which in the end is not to form an angle of about 90 degrees, to lock up. When you do this, butts being dragged, stretched out his hands and his neck. Get out of the position and must be gently, leaving your hips on the floor.

The impact on your hands

To reduce the size of the forearm, it is also possible, with the right training. The most common of her work.

  • kumbhakaran. The starting-point – lying on the ulnar: the position, but in the palm of your hand in the meeting. The fixation in such a state, the capacity of from 10 seconds to 1 minute, and more;
  • dandasana. In this asana, it has already been discussed. To achieve the maximum effect, position of the body is the most down-to the level of the floor.

What is the utility of a twist

This is the type of practice of yoga at home for weight loss is capable of speeding up the body's metabolism, enhance the work of the kidneys, liver and other internal organs, as well as to stimulate digestion. The twist is carried out from the point in lying, sitting and standing. Be sure to consider the primary methods:

    The bridge
  • lying on your back, arms extended out to the sides, her right leg raised and bent at the knee. They are carried out turns of the body to the right, trying to get up from the ground, but the shoulder, the brush, and the left leg remains stationary. On the upside, at the same time, towards the back. Then, the position of the operation switch in the opposite direction;
  • from a seated position: cross your legs in the same way as the Lotus, the place with the palm of the right hand on the floor behind the left, on the right knee. Turn your body to the limit for the right to stay in the position for a minute or so. Repeat for the other side.
  • in a short walking distance, and be ye lift up, just the hands, bend it at the height of the chest with the palms of your hands together. Sit down, apart from the pelvis to the back, twist the body to the right. The right elbow to begin by the middle of the left thigh, the eye looks up to the sky. Stay in the position for a minute, change the position of the previous orientation.

It is a stance that is most difficult for you at any time them to maximize your muscles will tense in addition to this it is necessary to make an effort to keep his balance.

The inverted poses

That is, the direction in which it develops, the flexibility, and the study of the many different groups of muscles of the back, abdomen, upper arms, and it is also beneficial to the health of the gastro-intestinal tract.


It is well-known in another form, such as the position of the plow, taken from the lying-down position, on the in-breath. Long, feet up the vertical, and with time, it has transformed the back of my head. When you do this, your pelvis, and your chest will follow in the lower part of the body. Stand still in such a position, while they allow their chances.


The point of departure from the horizontal position. The palm of your hand and slide it under your buttocks, and lift your chest to the floor, simultaneously throwing his head. You will stay in asan 30 seconds, and then carefully return to the starting position.

Breathing practice

Productive in the fight with the rest of the children are not only physical, but also of the breathing rhythm. It is also useful for beginners – how to yoga exercises for weight loss will help you easy to join in the training, and to improve the overall health of your body, saturate it with oxygen and to adjust their metabolic processes.

Take a comfortable sitting position (for example, " the flower of the lotus). Pick up the language in a standard, outside-out, and then breathe through it, the air slowly and deeply. The facial muscles should be relaxed and at ease.

One of the most straightforward techniques, it is the deep breathing of the nose. Note that each stream of air at inhalation and exhalation, the maximum filling and depleting the lungs. The movements are performed from the diaphragm, the stomach, move horizontally to the column, and out of it. The chest remains still.

Try to switch to a sharp breath in and a slow exhale, not to mention the work of the diaphragm, and a relaxed chest. Therefore, the execution of which is in the 3 approach to 10 breaths at intervals of 30 seconds. Gradually, the number of repetitions of the one-time increase.

In order to have results that are meaningful to the process of weight reduction should be approached in a comprehensive manner. Some of the exercises to the shape of the body, and it is not good enough. The formation of a useful habit, the observance of the diet, and in the psychological work with a specialist in the collection, and take the shape of their dreams, and to the long-term maintenance.

Potential contraindications to yoga for weight loss


In some cases, the execution of the asana can result in complications of the diseases that exist. This is especially true with injuries, back problems is a different type, and STATE. In addition to this, these drills are not recommended for people with the following conditions:

  • the hernia repair;
  • of the heart;
  • cerebral vascular accident;
  • high blood pressure, and other diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • as a result of an intervention, the open sores;
  • diseases, neoplastic;
  • flu, COLDS, and PR.

If you have a chronic condition, don't forget to consult with your doctor about the possibility of insurance for the health care of the exercises, and start with smaller loads and a session is a little long.

The experts will offer expert help in the selection of a power supply system, calculation of necessary physical activity, and the overcoming of psychological problems. Built-in software, based on the individual approach to each patient, but it's also a provider of the monitoring of the health status and the outcomes they guarantee to achieve the objective of fighting for the skinny.

The results

Listed on this review, yoga exercises for weight loss suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes alike, but it will be effective when, and only when, the correct technique of running. The experts recommend to keep track of the position of all the parts of the body on the asan, to touch on certain muscle groups.

Comply with our recommendations and is able to speed up the process of dealing with the lands a-half pounds and will make an excellent addition to the diet, and a healthy way of life.