As for the week in order to lose weight, 5 lb, and remove the fat from the belly

To hide the pain in the joints and spine, reducing the pressure of the blood, restoring the faith in their own strength, and to refresh your relationship with the family can in line with the recommendations of the system of the right diet to lose weight up to 5 kilos per week.


Indications and Contra-indications for fast weight loss

A group of people for whom the loss of weight is harmful:

  1. Children and adolescents with the necessary quality of the food. The paucity of nutrients may lead to the development of slower., a division of the hype and the stress.
  2. The lack of nutrients in women who are pregnant atrasaria the development of a fetus.
  3. Breast-feeding women, infants at the breast.
  4. Time to make a female the next day. You must be patient and wait the six months, which is the weight of a normal woman.
  5. The elderly should pay special attention to health, so that any restriction on taking of the body is in stress, they are counter-indicated.

People with chronic diseases and limited nutrient can be only under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Long-term daily use products, with the total number of calories to less than 1000 calories is a threat to human health.

The basic rules of the diet for quick weight loss

How to lose weight 5 kg in a week, in order to ask the advice of our specialists.

The rules are basic, to more quickly obtain the desired result:

  1. To consume as many calories as it is necessary for you to lose weight, but you are not torturing yourself with hunger pangs.
  2. Choose a diet with a gradual reduction of the quantity of the food. The Normal human stomach has a volume of, together, for a meal, you need to have it most of this volume.
  3. There are in a day, you need a 5-or 6 – fold three of the required intake of food, and 3 for lunch.
  4. Dinner-not later than 2 to 3 hours of a waste to have a child.
  5. The diet should contain dishes and recipes, some product, you can prepare them the best for a couple or a cook. Remove from the diet throughout the roasting of the food.
  6. Sugar, sweets, cakes, pastries, sweet, food for a clean out completely. To replace fruits and vegetables with a high vitamin and dietary fiber.
  7. Running is a complex of physical exercises, with the development of a cardio-load.
  8. During the meal, and the food is need to eat slowly, carefully chewing. The brain has to make sure that they have received a sufficient supply of calories, and the hunger won't be a very heart-felt.
  9. You need to drink 30ml of water per hour per 1 kg of body weight of a person.
  10. The diet
  11. Gradually reduce the consumption of at least 5 g of salt per day, and it keeps the water in the human body, and prevents the reduction of the mass of the body.
  12. Do not dwell on the achieved results, the need to consolidate the results of the application of the principles of sustainable management of energy and an active life-style.

It is important for you to know! Burning fat through the human body and does not occur in a uniform manner. Important to resist of the general administration, the body weight might not change for some time, or until you grow up a little bit, and then drop off dramatically. Well shaped people to lose weight more slowly than full-frame images. The patient in the light of the implementation of rules that will guarantee your success.

A week to lose weight-5 kg): the basic rules

How to lose weight 5 kg in a week, and does not harm your health, you know the gym trainers. When losing weight, the main task is to lose the excess fat and keeping lean muscle mass. For this reason, you must consume enough protein, and perform weight training. The reduction of the burdens of the work shall result in loss of lean muscle mass.

The Normal index of weight reduction with no harm to the health of 0.5 to 1% of your body weight per week. The rate of weight reduction, it guarantees the reduction of the adipose tissue, not muscle. Respectively, with a total weight of 80 kg, some loss of the week, it will be 400-800 g.

Even under a low-calorie diet – ongуречнonй, kefir fat consumed from the body in the same amount as and when it is balanced in the way of food. The body with a lot of stress on the shoulders and the order, first of all, get rid of the "no-fat" burden of it, and then to the reduction of the mass of the body is also going to go down to a standard-offer-of-week indicator, 0.5–1%.

The reduction rate in weight, and does not cause the damage to your health, it's only 1 lb per week.

The use of psychological techniques to more quickly adapt to the new way of life:

  1. Show visually that you want. You have in the evening or early in the morning, as agreed, just to present yourself without a lot of weight, and with slim figure.
  2. The card notes. On the card, write down your goals be reached in the process of losing weight (health and beauty), and that's all you need to do (diet, exercise, etc.). The packaging, hang it in a prominent place and from time to time, in order to celebrate on their actual actions in order to achieve the goal.
  3. In difficult moments. To analyze the process of losing weight, what are your bad habits keeping you from reaching your goal. Expand the list of activities and stick to it.
  4. You have to connect with the people who is already successful than ever before.
  5. Change your attitude about food – it's just energy.
  6. Don't be afraid of the commitment. If you tolerate it you want a piece of the pie, you can eat it, but then don't forget to take 10 minutes. during the financial year.
Popular diets

How it works the mono -

For the purpose of purification and for the well-being of the body, has developed a technique for losing weight with your fig. Within the next few days will be consumed and the products of a single type. The digestive system is the time the body is restored and cleaned of toxins and waste materials.

A Mono - can't go on for a long time, since it can cause damage to your health. A mono-diet, you should drink a lot of water.

To maintain the functions will be limited in the foods, the body will use the nutrients from the backup storage to the muscles and organs. Adipose (fat) tissue, which provides a balance of energy is expended by the body at last.

Thus, it will be a decrease in the metabolism of the body. Because of this, the weight loss is going on, and then your body system will begin to slow down their metabolism and conserve energy.

The basic rule of thumb for the application, mono: it should not become the main form of food for a very long time.

With the proper application of the mono-to the benefit of its dignity:

  • easy-to-use, and
  • lower financing costs;
  • very high efficiency;
  • the purification of the body of a man, the toxins and poisonous substances.

There is the danger of the use of mono-diet

  • The man has his weak points.
  • It is drastically reduced in workability.
  • The body is full of weaknesses.
  • A total pain in the stomach.
  • The man chases after the bad-tempered, and irritable.
  • The recovery of the excess weight, if you do not get out of the diet.

The result – the body has a fever, and the whole system is irritable, the brain-with a lot of stress on the shoulders, so looking for the stock concerned. But if you apply this diet for 3 to 5 days, the problem is smoothed and the use of the face – the loss of a few pounds in weight, the cleansing of the body, and the lack of a total disaster.

Hint:it 's the product, and the basis upon which it is built up in your diet, like you can.

They should keep track of your well-being, and in the case of complaints, stop the diet, of course, and go back to the doctor.

The consolidation of the positive results and to correct the deficiencies in the system of supply should be made out of mono:

Kefir diet
  1. Within a week of following the diet, there is a bond of the same frequency, then the quantity of drinking water reduction.
  2. To expand the diet, it should be gradual. When the carbohydrate a mono-diet in the first few days of your order to eat the same foods as in the diet, it is a little to add protein, and fat. When the protein in the diet, do the opposite.
  3. To eat for the first week of a low-calorie, lean product.
  4. There are products, deep-fried in butter, and it is only possible through the week.
  5. Do not drink alcohol, soda, and fast food.

If you begin to consume fatty foods in unlimited quantities, immediately after the diet, all of that is gone, the extra kilos to get back on.


Kefir diet

How to lose weight 5 kg in a week, by using the kefir for a diet along.

The norm of consumption of kefir with 1.5 % fat, 1 to 1.5 litres per day. The product should not contain any sugar or additives that can be harmful. You only need to drink natural kefir. 3-day yogurt that you could lose 3 kg of weight. When the starvation for 5-7 days you must include in your diet citrus fruits, or apples with a little bit of meat.

My diet:

  • affect areas, the salt balance.
  • it can lead to diarrhea;
  • it is not recommended for people prone to allergies;
  • difficult to apply because of the scarcity and monotony of the food products.

The results of 5 days to really reset to 5 kg.

Kefir diet for the week:

Buckwheat diet

How to lose weight 5 kg in a week, by applying the wheat from your diet:

  • in a thermos bottle to fall asleep, and 200 g of wheat kernels;
  • pour 300 ml of boiling water;
  • insist on it for 10 hours.

In small portions, so eat a cooked serving per day. When the starvation for 5-7 days in to the diet, add 1 quart of kefir, and divided it evenly into all of the additional days. Each and every day, from 4 nights to eat an apple.

You need to be careful, as the corn:

  • it is able to harm people's health on the obesity.
  • don't fill up your store of nutrients;
  • this type of croup with no taste, so it takes a lot of will power to hold out for the whole week.

Results: loss of 1 lb per day.

The diet in cucumbers,

The cucumber diet

Lose up to 5 kilos per week, using a single dietay on the cucumbers. When it is not, necessarily, to drink large amount of water, the cucumber contains 95% liquid and 5% of the fiber. Fiber will help satisfy hunger, to re-activate the work of the intestine. Cucumbers act as a diuretic natural, it helps to ease the swelling, clear stagnant fluid.

In 5-7 days you should be eating 1.5–2 kg of cucumbers a day, and drink 1 gallon of water.

The characteristics of the diet:

  1. For people with chronic diseases of the urinary system is allowed to be on such a diet.
  2. It is not possible to carry out physical exercises and sports because of lack of protein and carbohydrates on the menu.
  3. The results of this diet are very short — lived- the weight, after a while, it goes back to the old values.

Efficiency — up to 5 kilos in a 7 days.

The shells of the eggs in the diet

The essence of eggs in the diet is a sharp reduction of carbohydrates and fats in human nutrition. This diet is low-calorie, apply to the chicken or the egg of a quail, and has an excellent food value. The egg is almost all of the major vitamins and minerals.

The Mono is built on the abuse of a hard boiled 5 eggs a day. You can either drink the tea without sugar and water. For the duration of the diet for a maximum of 5 days. It is very well balanced and it's hard to mature psychologically.

This diet is dangerous for patients who are allergic, it can be applied in a very short period of time. To improve the efficiency, also, it may be difficult to carry out physical exercises.

Efficiency — a loss of 2kg in 3 days.

Diets low in calories, types, basic principles, efficiency,

The basic principle for the formation of a low-calorie diet that is based on a diary of a simple reduction in the magnitude of consumption of calories. You must keep an accurate record of all those consumed by day, the products, and the total number of calories. Daily on the daily menu with a balanced and nutrient-rich.

The main types are:

  1. Basic – everyday-of-a-1400 – 1600 cals is a reference to the slow, safe, and to reduce the weight of a person, without any limitations. For the duration of the scheme the power is not confined to reconstruction, but is, typically, formed of a calendar month, with the loss of body weight of about 3-4 kg of weight. The intense physical load will improve the results both times.
  2. The shells of the eggs in the diet
  3. A moderately limited version suggested by the use of 1100 – 1300 calories per day. For the duration of the diet — no more than 30 days. Weight loss in a week is about 2 pounds.
  4. In extreme mode, the power supply can only "healthy" people. On the day of the act, a 650-950 Kcal. The duration of this mode, with a maximum of 10 days.

The basic principle of a low-calorie diet:

  • Take the food from the fraction – 5-6 times a day.
  • Dinner for 3 hours before it's a waste to have a child.
  • To cook food in steam, simmer, or the waves, or in the event of a filing cabinet.
  • Consume fats from plant sources is not more than 80 g per day. The fat that the animals is not there.
  • For a daily fee from the complex carbohydrates – no more than 100 g.
  • The basic diet of the diet should consist of protein.
  • Sugar and other simple carbohydrates, is to remove from the menu.
  • The salt to be applied in the products to a minimum.
  • Alcohol, and any of the cake do not eat it.
  • The diet should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Drink no more than 2 liters of water.

Estonian diet

The combination of different mono -, and low-calorie food system form the foundation of the estonia, and in the diet. For the duration of it is 6 to 7 days. Made a goal – losing 4 lbs in excess weight.

The reduction in weight occurs due to the cleaning of the body, and the loss of excess fluid, and your body fat decreases a little. If you don't get out of the diet increases, the probability of recovering the extra pounds in the back.

General recommendations for the use of the Estonian diet

  • Each and every day and to drink as much water, with the minimum volume of 2 l. the Animals to drink 150 ml of green tea without any sugar in it.
  • The frequency of feeding should be not less than 5 times. Evening meal and 2 hours before you sleep.
  • Cheese diet
  • Take the carbohydrates and the fats that to eat the forbidden (sugar, butter, margarine, vegetable oils).
  • The previous diet of the animal in the cup about once every 2 months.

An example of a menu for the 6-day event:

  1. Each and every 3 hours to eat the boiled chicken and the egg, the salt, and they are not. The total number for the day, 5 to 6 PCs in your home.
  2. In the 5 meals and eat 1/2 kg of fat cottage cheese.
  3. The one that you may spend it on food for the day and 0.7 kg of lean chicken meat.
  4. Cook it in water without salt, 250 g of brown rice. Eat it during the day by up to 5 times.
  5. Each day, you may spend it on food, 6 medium-sized boiled potatoes.
  6. Throughout the day, it is allowed to consume an unlimited amount of zeltary of the apples.

Cheese diet for a week

Nutritionally oriented doctors believe that cheese is a diet that is sufficiently safe for human health, which enables you to get rid of in excess of 4 kg) for 5 days during the discharge and cleaning of the digestive system. To achieve these results correctly, you need to get out of the way of the power supply.

In the diet, they use lard, fat from 4% to 5%. The more fatty the milk is the product of the excess of energy in the body, the less fat cottage cheese reduces strongly the amount of triglycerides in the components, which are needed for good health. Cottage cheese contains a large amount of protein. The calcium and phosphorus in the composition is useful for the bone, and the heart of the system.

The 4-day mono - the cheese takes on a float, (6) a time-to-eat foods. The days of standard product — a 0.5-kg) of liquid — to 2-l.