20 most effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

The muscles of the belly and of the sides refer to the muscles, which form a corset. Therefore, your job involves many interconnected muscles that are above the back and stretch through your buttocks to the front and the inner part of the thighs.

A special diet and a complex estimation exercise to give a good result. It all depends on a number of initial fat reserves, his determination and perseverance.

Before choosing special home exercises to lose weight the belly, legs, sides, must understand – if all competent diet and active physical activities may not be sent exclusively in the area of the belly, the sides or the hips.

  • Animals of the exercises should be performed regularly;
  • Necessarily involve all parts of the body;
  • Uses the appropriate mode of feeding. The best structure for weight loss - diet Dukan.

The rules of diet for effective weight loss:

  1. The daily consumption of about two liters of liquid is not boiled the water, helping to improve the metabolism. This is an important factor for slimming;
  2. Small meals, small portions (up to two hundred grams, five to six times per day);
  3. Replacing all the fatty foods in the maximum amount of food fat-free. Cook lean varieties of fish, poultry, beef, veal. Give preference to the flesh of the rabbit;
  4. Cook without salt (or less to your quantity) due to the ability of sodium chloride to retain fluid, which leads to swelling;
  5. The consumption reduction or the complete elimination over a long period of time from the daily diet eating carbs (sugar products and bakery products);
  6. The correct way of cooking – cooking, grilling, the use of pots and pans, electric oven.

You will have a greater effect of exercise for slimming the sides, if you follow these tips:

  • Breathe deeply – that strengthens the abdominal muscles and protects the lower part of the back;
  • Make movements of the waist, the hip should be fixed;
  • The exercise should involve a large number of muscles and spends a lot of energy, to provide an intense calorie burn. Here in assistance of high-intensity training and exercise burning fats;
  • Keep your abdominal muscles tense throughout the exercise.

The success in 80% depends on the intake of healthy foods. Comply with a balanced diet with adequate amount of macro and micronutrients. Eating food prepared at home, and pass by a fast food and convenience foods.

If you follow a healthy diet together with regular exercises for 30 to 45 minutes 4 to 5 days per week, the weight will gradually decrease, and the fat in the belly and on the sides to melt.

A "lifeline" in the waist - a problem that many women. You also? Then try these proven exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides.


  1. Take the initial position: lie on your back, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, the hand behind the head;
  2. On the exhalation, twist to the office, get of the shoulders to the pelvis;
  3. The inhalation of so gently, return to starting position;
  4. Run the required number of repetitions, rest for half a minute until one minute before starting the next series.

Backlinks twist

  1. Lay on the floor mat and lie on your back for it;
  2. Place the feet to the hips were perpendicular to the floor and the shin is parallel to it (bend the knees at an angle of 90 degrees);
  3. Hands go to the side of the body with the palms down. This is your starting position;
  4. Inhale and as you exhale, pulling your hips from the floor, put the feet to the chest;
  5. Lightly tap the knees to the chest and hold this short position 1-2 account. Return to the initial position;
  6. Repeat as many times as necessary.
Exercises for the belly and on the sides

Twist to the press

  1. Let's go to the back and on the vertical face with both feet, stretching to tiptoe up. The arms along the trunk and the head stretched to use it;
  2. At expiration, separates the trunk from the ground and drawn hands up, trying to touch your toes. Redirect the force in the abdomen, not to force the neck.
  3. With the inspiration of back in the original position. Such elevations making the required number of times.

Torsion bars

  1. To occupy a position lying on his back on the floor;
  2. Bend the knees and place the feet on the ground at a distance of 20 to 40 cm.;
  3. Bring the beauty of a concatenated on the castle, his hands behind his head, to "straighten out" your elbows to the sides and "push" the lower part of the back on a rolling surface;
  4. Inhale and, holding their breath, the effort oblique tear the handle of the belt support, at the same time, twist in the direction diagonal. Looking for maximum closer to the knee and the elbow bent the other hand;
  5. At the highest point to meet short static delay;
  6. At expiration, back to the original position;
  7. Run the expected number of repetitions, alternately, alternating the work at hand and the "sense" twist.

Abdominal with legs raised

  1. Take a deep breath and with the exhalation, you need to twist the trunk to the maximum to up through the abdominals, back, when this is rounded. Happens short range;
  2. Take care that you do not bend at the hip;
  3. For more effective exercise in the upper position put more pressure on press in a short space of time, and then lower, along with breathing;
  4. Fall may not totally stay as close as possible to the ground, but, in weight, so that you load faster press.

Side twist

  1. To complete you need to sit down and lean back at 45. The loin should be smooth;
  2. The hands, bend the elbows in and intensely turn left and right;
  3. Here you need of resistance. And you can have the ball in their hands.

Twist bicycle

  1. Let's go on its back. The hands have on the body. Legs free extended;
  2. The hands put the head and raise the shoulders. The loin firmly pressed against the ground;
  3. Raise the feet, start all over again in the knees, hips when you are about forty-five degrees to the floor;
  4. Making moves with your feet as if riding a bicycle. Alternately, trying to touch the right elbow to the left knee, and then to the left, the elbow and the right knee;
  5. Movement of the legs as, without bumps. Breathing free.

Tilts to the side

  1. Starting position – standing, back straight, feet placed at shoulder width;
  2. In the inspiration you must bend your trunk to the right, lean should be, until you do not feel the tension in the muscles of the feet;
  3. At the lowest point must stay in a couple of seconds, and then you can return to your original position (the breath).

Strap with curved

  1. Occupying a classic position of the plank;
  2. Turn to the right hand side, on the side of the bar, hold the position for a few seconds. Then, turn to the left and follow the left side of the bar, hold the position for a few seconds. Is 1 repetition;
  3. Return to starting position and repeat.

Side belt

  1. Lie on your side on the mat, straighten the legs, so that was convenient.
  2. For added comfort, replace under the shoulder, the elbow and place the palm of the hand perpendicular to the body;
  3. Lift at the elbow, make sure that you are comfortable, and shoulder, with the elbow is in a direct vertical line. Set aside in the direction of the elbow is not appropriate. It is necessary, for you felt the resistance;
  4. Legs extended in a straight line and intersect with each other. Now, lift the foot to the front;
  5. Second-hand, from the top, you can put aside, reach to the limits of the waist, to put behind the head, or climb to the top;
  6. Tear the opinion of the feet and look in front of you. Lower the head, it is not possible, it will be difficult to breathe and do the exercise.

Strap with twist side

  1. The hands should be shoulder width apart, bent in the elbows. Elbows are also shoulder-width apart, do not go to the front, the chin and does not attract to the breast;
  2. The palm of the hand firmly stuck to the ground, the legs are combined or placed at shoulder width, the optimum speed direct, the buttocks are not omitted, and not raised;
  3. The load is the same as that in the brace in the extend your hands, but on the shoulders, the neck, the chest and the abdominal load will be greater.

The lifts of the torso

  1. Let's go in the back, the press to press the lower back to the floor, her legs almost start all over again in her lap;
  2. Hands to the fastening behind the head or in the chest;
  3. Elbows produced in a part;
  4. We started the flexion of the trunk with the head. The chin drawn to his chest. Someone enough for this performance. For someone who needs to get more distance, following head and neck of the floor went out of rotation;
  5. Go up as much as possible for you to a point and go back. Do 10-15 repetitions, depending on your physical conditioning.

The double elevation of the legs

  1. Lie down on a flat surface, the mat or carpet. The legs join to the lower part of the back firmly. The head of the complication of a variant do not suddenly lift up;
  2. No problems, raise the legs at an acute angle, delay a couple of times, without problems omit;
  3. Repeat the number of times.

A rock climber

  1. Occupying their original position on the support lying by type of push-ups on the arms and socks to stop. When you do this, make sure that the palm of both hands parallel to each other and lie in the vertical projection of the shoulders and the feet separated about the width of the pelvis;
  2. Pull the body in a rope "right", rotate the pelvis is slightly down and tighten the muscle shell;
  3. On the exhalation, bend the right leg, in the knee joint and pull it out of the chest is as close as allows the physical preparation;
  4. Socks of the foot can be placed on the floor or proceed without touch;
  5. Breathing in, straighten up the pace of work, returning it in the initial position of the backrest to the toe. Make a similar movement of the other of the knee;
  6. Do the number of repetitions foreseen in the training plan.


  1. This exercise involves the triceps, the body and the buttocks, and also develops co-ordination;
  2. If you get tired of the wrist, try to fold their hands lightly to the sides or take breaks to stretch the pulse;
  3. Take care that his hip did not touch the floor when doing this exercise.

Lunges side

  1. Thrusts hand hold from a standing position, with feet shoulder-width apart. Socks slightly extended side;
  2. Check yourself before you start paying. Spin rectified, arms slightly bent with the elbows in front of chest. The hands can be extended over the body or placed on a belt. Press tension. Cart - knees a little bent;
  3. A big step with the right foot on the side we run on the expiration. At this moment the right knee a little to start everything again, carefully, put the foot on the ground, shifting the center of gravity on the right leg. Sitting if necessary prior to the formation of a right angle at the knee. Verify, as much as exactly maintain the back;
  4. The casing can be slightly tilted to the front, but it is not possible to avoid the curvature of the spinal column and twist the shoulders. At this time the left leg should stay straight and be extended to the opposite side (left) for steering;
  5. In the expiration, through elevation of the knee back to the starting position;
  6. In the same way the exercise is run and with the other hand;
  7. The number of repetitions and approaches depends on the purpose of the exercise. The necessary condition for the completion of the exercise is easy to do stretching for the muscles of the legs.

To twist from a position of "strap"

  1. Lie down on your side and lift the body on the floor, leaning with the elbow and the elbow of one of the hands on the floor, and the second hand by placing the back of your head;
  2. Reducing the abdominal muscles, obliques, start to move both the knee and the elbow in front of the direction.

Exercise vacuum

  1. Stand and right, placing the smooth, strong with the feet shoulder-width apart. The hands folded on the hips. This is the initial position, which is convenient to correctly do the exercise;
  2. Very slowly breathe in deeply through the nose, filling the lungs with such a large amount of air, as far as possible;
  3. Very exhale through the mouth, by pressing the abdominal muscles to the back, as if the need to drill the navel to the spine;
  4. Stay in this position. Isometric reduction should last 15 to 20 seconds;
  5. Calm breathing the air and return to original position. Repeat 2-3 sets of 10-15 of the grips.

An exercise with chairs

  1. Place to the side of two chairs (a distance of rectified ft). On the edge of a chair need to sit down, leaning the hands on the sides of the body;
  2. In another chair, place the heel and the ankle;
  3. Slowly, by flexing the hands, kneel down comfortable to you depth;
  4. Do not touch the buttocks the floor, return to starting position. Repeat as many times as necessary.

The lifts from the hip lying

  1. Lie on your back, arms extended alongside the body, palms of the hands facing the floor. Bend your knees and convenient to place the feet on the ground. The legs should be lightly placed side by side;
  2. Slowly raise the hip and the waist upwards, however, the head, the shoulders, the hands and feet must stay on the ground;
  3. Lightly lignite back and contract the buttocks. Hold in this position for a few seconds;
  4. Slowly return to the starting position.

Switch exercises to lose weight the belly and on the sides with cardio loads, this combination is able to rid you of the excess fat in the abdominal region is much more rapid.

Exercise program for weight loss the belly and on the sides

For you was the notorious "mouth", while the belly has become more plan, you will have to reduce the weight, in general, to re-create the diet and doing physical exercise. Start a simple training to articulate the gym, or 10 minutes of cardio-exercise. This will help to prepare the muscles and joints of the load. Perform the exercises consistently. Hold breath: the effort must be made on expiration.

Tips from coaches and nutritionists for effective weight loss belly:

  • Physical light load, and the lesson that love to create wonders with your choice of shape;
  • If you feel a strong desire for something to eat – drink a glass of clean water, helps quench the hunger for a few hours;
  • Getting up from the table with the semi-famine, with the feeling not to send, control the amount and quality of food;
  • Before eating, give thanks to life for each plate of food, enjoy yourself and your life;
  • Eat 5 to 6 times per day;
  • Before bedtime, drink a glass of yogurt low-fat.

Animals exercise to lose weight the belly and on the sides are now interested in many women. First of all you need to know that this type of correction weight must include not only effective exercises for the belly, but the correct diet.