A balanced diet for weight loss

Hardly a man that wouldn't want to have a perfect figure. And more often than not it takes to achieve it, you must get rid of the excess of fat deposits on the fibers. You can tease in the gym for a half-fainting state, or even to constantly sit in on all sorts of diets, give you the discharge day, or the practice of smaller meals.

A balanced diet for weight loss

But those who have experienced the problem of excess weight, you know how difficult it is to lose weight, and how fast they come back. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to lose weight once and for all — it's just called a balanced diet. And it's easy to modify it as the weight loss and full of weight, or even as a whole, if you need to.

The essence of the principles of nutrition

So, what is a balanced diet? It's almost the whole view of the world, which is based on an approach that is appropriate to the food. Here it is not any album of a taboo or a restriction, but there are a number of principles that will help you to better understand the system from the power supply:

  1. The principle of thermo-dynamics. Apparently, and here's to the end of the physics curriculum? Interestingly, however, the human body, it also complies with these laws. Thus, a balanced diet leads to a clear keep to the rule, the person shall only receive the amount of energy that could be spent on.
  2. The principle of compatibility and chemistry. Yes, yes, yes, and chemistry classes have not been in vain. In this case, you must consider the individual characteristics of the organism. Because many have faced a physical intolerance to certain diets, or the "useful" products such as exotic fruits or even ordinary citrus fruits, and eggs. Proper nutrition is a must to have only the "likes" of your body. So, if you all of a sudden you have a cause nausea, collards, and broccoli, but it is the trivial to the bean it will return it without any consequences, which is something out of your diet, you must eliminate exactly those of the (radical) products, dietary supplements, and to leave such a saturated polysaccharides such as legumes.
  3. The principle of fractional power. With this principle in the context of each and every one, who was already sitting on a diet, or think too much about eating healthy. But many people do not know, on which it is based. The fact is, that the body is not able to absorb the more than five hundred calories at a time. All the more, it will be extended in the most problematic area of the body. That is why this is a 5-or 6 minutes on a single food intake throughout the day is healthier for you. In addition to this, if your body is not going to be a very long time without food, it's not going to be willing to "defer a little bit on the reserve, in the case of the "starving time."

The rules and the mode of the power supply

So, discover the basic principles of a healthy diet. The next question that usually care about those who want to lose weight to begin with. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to go to the doctor and get a test to prove, it is not experience their body, the failure of any such substances, and to find out more about all of the possible health-related problems. It will choose the one most suitable for you to eat.

Proper nutrition

The mode of intake of food

  1. The mode of the power supply. As has already been mentioned above, during the day, you you you you you you must be for five meals. This will speed up the process of metabolism and decrease your chance of fatty deposits on the fibers.Try to distribute your calories, so your number is the maximum amount for the first meal, and the minimum value of the last one.
  2. A wide variety of menu items. Proper nutrition is the record of all the essential micronutrients in the food. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly change the products you use and the dishes with them. Don't be afraid to try. Further, for example, that a "change" make it a lot faster for you to get used to the new food.
  3. Methods for the preparation of the dishes. The proper nutrition like the fact that it allows for a wide variety of methods for the preparation of the product. The most important thing is to try to reduce the number of time it is used. To give the preference to the pan-fried on the stove, or cook in the steam. Further, there is a wide variety of delicious recipes. And to make the food more palatable, allow the spices and a choice of sauces (see below).
  4. "Download" the techniques of the food. Of course, it is hard to give up old eating habits. Yes, and it's just, sometimes, want, bad, and the caloric "treats". Usually, the more hard it is to break through that psychological barrier. So, if you don't, then you can't just leave it a couple of times a week to get something to eat "such things" in place of a meal. But this technique has not been in the evening.
  5. For the rest. In the mode, it is necessary not only for eating but also for sleeping. Because, in the case of a regular night of sleep, the body begins to produce stress hormones, which cause a whole healthy weight.
  6. Of the sport. With the proper nutrition it is simply not possible without physical activity. Even if you don't have the time or the opportunity to go to the gym, and then set aside at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, for a trivial exercise, as in physical education classes in high school. It is one more time, it will help you to disperse the body's metabolism, in addition to allowing the skin and muscles to keep them toned, in spite of the loss of weight.
  7. The speed-of-relief-of-burden. A balanced diet for weight loss is not to express a balanced, healthy diet. This will allow you to use it even for mothers who breast-feed. However, you should take into account that it is considered to be a healthy loss of two pounds per week. So, please be patient. But, with the speed to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, in the presence of a strong start.

Finally, we come to the products that you have, when the right diet for weight loss. And you will be happy with this list. Because of the prohibitions as such, it is very small. Even the sun can be, the truth is it is still desirable to reduce the amount of, or the use of the powder of algae.

Rejection of hazardous food

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Many of the diets that are against consuming fruit, for in it fruits. Proper nutrition, there is no upper limit. But you have to understand that this does not mean permission to "uncontrolled" eating the same banana, or the grape. Just try to make it individual, and food intake. One of the best is up to of sixteen hrs. Then the obtained glucose is fully consumed by the body.

A lot of calories to products that are nuts, but at the same time, they are pretty much useful to you. Nuts contain selenium, and they are packed full of vitamins and minerals. So don't try and giving up on them. Just in the habit of eating more property.

And here are the vegetables you can eat throughout the day. Contained in them are in the fiber, improve the digestion and in cheese-or baked, they retain the maximum nutrient content. You can retire, and sometimes even to fry, but preferably at least once a day, to eat some of them in their raw form.

The greens, you can eat it with courage, and without any restrictions. Choose from their is something to your liking, and add it to your salads, soups, or just mix it in with yogurt for a delicious sauce. And here is the bean that is very specific to the product, due to its high content of polysaccharides. That is, they cause a swelling. They are the only source of protein, vegetables, useful, and trace elements. Therefore, it focuses on the response of the body.

The flesh of the fish, and

A balanced diet allows the consumption of all types of meat. The only exception to this are the fatty acids of the strains. Although, it all depends on the way you cook it. For example, when baking on the grill, the excess fat will drain off, thus reducing the amount of calories in them. But, first, the excess weight is too large, it is best to limit light, and and dietary variety. An Ideal breast, lamb, chicken, rabbit, quail or veal.

With respect to the consumption of fish for food, then, in some sources, you can find the information that in order to lose weight it is necessary to surrender and fatty varieties of fish. But that is a totally incorrect statement. Because these fats are essential for the synthesis of phospholipids, which are essential for the normal functioning of the brain. As soon as the fish you can, and should, eat it. Simply, it is advisable to boil or bake, instead of frying them in oil.

Cereals, and pastas

Porridge is another need of the body for a product that can be saturated with the so-called long carbohydrates. As opposed to your "fast companions", they are long enough to be digested and absorbed, and it does not allow you to experience the sensation of being hungry. It is for this reason that it is the oat flour in the coffee shop in the morning, so beloved by the proponents of a healthy lifestyle.

The noodles can also eat it. And don't be surprised. There is only a small improvement. They are, necessarily, must be made from durum wheat. For this reason, please read carefully the composition of the packaging before making a purchase. To such masses, and on par with most breakfast cereals, are a source of a lot of carbohydrates and they contain fiber. The same can be said for an Italian get-away. If your talking about the same content, and they are, among other things, it contains vitamins and minerals that are useful.

The salad

The products of pastry shop and bakery

Surely, the baked goods are not the most useful or necessary for the body to products. Please try to reduce your intake as much as possible. Ideally, no more than once or twice a week. And, once again, keeping in mind that the content of the product preferably is, until at 16: 00 in the evening.

Sweet, the story is the same as the other flour products.


Those of you who, for the first time begin to engage with counting calories, and often refuse entirely from plant fats, due to the very high-calorie. But it must be remembered that the digestion of such vitamins as a, E or D, would not be possible without them. However, and here we have several aspects. If you've been trying your best to help your body in the process of disposing of the surplus to "save" it, then use the polyunsaturated fatty acids of the oil. These include olive oil, olive oil, cold-pressed oil from the linseed, sesame seeds, and BRAZIL.

In fats of animal origin contain no cholesterol. But don't be afraid." This is a must-have, from which they are constructed, the cells of our blood vessels. And here is for the education, not the ignorant "plates" is due to its abundance and low mobility. So, totally, from animal fats to give up the foolish, just need to control your intake and don't lose sight of the need for physical activity.

Dairy products and milk products

Here, you you you you you should not have too much trouble. It is, of course, that's the cream, it is best to give up on it, and the milk, choose skim. The same applies to yogurt, yogurt, and cottage cheese. The lower the fat the better. And make sure you watch the expiration dates. Anything that helps you to save in more than two weeks for the purchase to be undesirable. Yes, in any case, don't take anything, since its release, and it's been more than 2 or 3 days. As for the cheese, so it is a lot of calories in the product. Therefore, the same as the soft strains of the best to take. Try to choose low-salt cheese, from sheep's milk and the varieties of fat-not more than 45%. Giving up cheese is undesirable, because they are a potent source of calcium in the body.

Most people are familiar with the spice of the food in various sauces. And it's good, if it's just for the ketchup and not mayonnaise. Of course, this is not the best choice for your diet. Try to consume sauces, tomato or mustard, no preservatives. Their boyfriends at the base of mayonnaise-it must be love. If it's too difficult, you can replace the sheaves at the base of the yoghurt at the bottom of this article, you will find many recipes, some recipes).



The more a product is popular, it is the use to which it is not desirable, and if you want to lose weight. In this case, it is not worth it to fight for the skinny on the French, and do not represent themselves to eat it without a glass of wine. Because, in the post-soviet space almost no one is limited, therefore, the significant a-cup. In addition to all the "sweet", it is not only a breach of the peristaltic action of the bowel and wash down your vitamins and minerals, but it is accompanied by an intense, festivals and the consumption of snacks and fried potatoes.

The menu for the week

As has already been stated above, the right diet for weight loss, there is not a strict diet or menu. You may, at your discretion, replace the product for the most of the available bookmarks, or your body needs. But, in any case, you can try to eat more calorie-rich carbohydrates of the food for the first three meals and leaving the protein, and "soft", and in the evening.

Breakfast and lunchFor the second breakfastLunchA snack in the afternoonDinner
Day 1one part of rolled oats with nuts and dried fruit, and folded the yogurteggplants stuffed with meat is under a cap of cheeseGreek soup with tomatoes and chickpeas (see recipe below)a cheese au gratincocktail of seafood (see recipe below)
On day 2 of therice, with a salad of raw vegetables, fluid, lemon juice, olive oil, and mustard seedbaked apples with walnuts, honey and cinnamona seafood soup with a couple pieces of whole wheat breadcorn, cooked chicken with sauce (see recipe below) + a tomato or a cucumbercottage cheese, filled with greenery, with yogurt
The 3rd dayomelet, eggs, chicken with herbs, mushrooms, and tomato + a cup of fresh juice ofgoulash with a garnish is not polished riceUkrainian borscha salad of raw vegetablesa piece of roast on a piece of breaded chicken with a marinara sauce (see recipe below)
The 4-daythe hot green tea, a sandwich of whole wheat bread with ham and cheesechicken and pastrami, with a side salad of raw vegetablespickled in a broth of meat, a piece of lean meatratatouillethe bathroom of the short ribs + a small tomato + a cup of yogurt
The 5-th dayoatmeal with fruit, cinnamon and honey + egg, cookedsquid stewed with sweet pepper, tomatoes, and onionssoup-puree of spinach with the mushrooms and the broth from the chicken + one slice of bread, whole-wheatsalad with fresh cabbage, tomatoes and cucumberfillet of salmon with salad leaves
Day 6vinaigrette, dressed with olive oil with a slice of whole wheat breadbeef beef + vegetable + and two tomatoesthe earsteam cutlets, with any of the vegetables to garnishGreek salad
Day 7cheese au gratin with raisins, a glass of fresh juice ofbaked in foil salt-water fish, with a side dish of mass of the solid varieties ofa mushroom soup + toasted rye breadgrilled vegetables with a spicy sauce (see recipe below)an omelette of egg whites with the greenery