The mediterranean diet

The mediterranean diet is not a statement of what you need to get the food. This is the traditional set of habits and principles, which adhere to the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region.


What is the mediterranean diet for weight loss?

For the benefit of the mediterranean diet is an equilibrium of the menu. And, on a larger scale, this balance is necessary due to the rejection of the semi-finished products, fast-food, the sauces, and the sweet, low alcohol.

So, if you plan your diet, you will gradually get the pain-free, it is useful to lose weight. Certainly, in this process, in this case, it won't be right away. The time will pass before you notice a change healthy of their body. to decrease the volume, you have to decrepitude, swelling, cellulite, and improves the condition of your skin.

The main recommendation is to lose weight on the mediterranean diet is to control the size of the portions. You must agree to the food that you eat with a pyramid scheme, and don't eat too much.

A day on the mediterranean diet consists of 5 meals: breakfast, lunch breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. We recommend that you eat always at the same time.

And, of course, the diet should be varied. Look out for new recipes, since a number of different countries in the mediterranean region. It is also an extension of her physical activity: go hiking, go swimming, ride your bike, roller blades, skateboard, dance, hike, and run. Thus, the mediterranean diet is not only changing your body but your life!!!

The allowed products

This is the kind of food system is like a pyramid, where the larger the group, the base of the pyramid, there is a complex carbohydrates (60 %), which is as follows: protein (30%), and at the top – the simple carbohydrates and fats (10%).

In the middle of the pyramid are the products that should be consumed on a regular basis but in smaller amounts:

  • dairy products (cheese, milk and dairy, several of the lean, cheese, yoghurt, etc) that provides the body with calcium (1-2 servings per day).
  • walnuts, which are rich in useful fats, while providing the beauty of your skin, hair, and nails, ( 1 serving per-day).
  • dried fruits, rich in pectin, which helps for the mild cleansing of the bowel (1-2 servings per day, once per day).
  • salt-water fish (5 to 6 servings per week);
  • fasting from meat and poultry (up to 4 servings per week);
  • the sweet potatoes can be eaten, but not more than 3 times a week.
  • the eggs may be no more than 4 items per week.
  • sugar confectionery and chocolate, it is possible, but not later than 3 servings per week.

On the top of the pyramid is a red meat (lamb, beef, and pork, beef, veal), which you want, there are more than 4 times per month, and the portions should be small (no more than 100 grams of cooked product).

The oil, when on the mediterranean diet, plays a significant role to play. Due to its content of nutrients, and the oil gives a feeling of being full. In addition, it contains an amazing amount of nutrients that are necessary for life fatty acids that help reduce blood cholesterol levels, vitamin E and polyphenols, which are antioxidants.

All or part of the limited of the product

If you do choose to adhere to this food plan, you must stay away from your diet, any bread that has been cooked with added sugar, colours, yeast, and baking powder.

Also, if you forget to take canned goods, vegetables, cereals, canned meats, this food can be kept in the course of the year. The mediterranean diet is to insist on eating fresh produce, after which, the minimum of the processing time.

the mediterranean diet

The same is true of the pieces from the sauce. Mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce, and cheese and other things out of the store with the amount of sugar, preservatives, And additives.

Avoid candy, sweet, dessert wines and strong alcohol. A diet that provides you the quality and exclusively of dry red wine that helps to lower the level of cholesterol in blood, normalizes the metabolism, it supports the acidity in the stomach and produce substances that are toxic to the body, takes part in hematopoiesis and serves as an excellent remedy against stress.

The very last thing that it is worth it to give up it's parts, purchased some candy. Different from the milk chocolate candies contain a lot of sugar, palm oil, shortening, preservatives or dyes. With the exception of a quality dark chocolate and home-made cakes. The baking of sweets or a cake on your own, you can always adjust the amount of sugar, and avoid artificial components, and the care taken with ingredients of high quality. The bulk of the cooking, production, and unfortunately, they do not have.

The Menu for the mediterranean diet

Before you you you you you the example of the mediterranean diet on the weekend. It is worthwhile to understand what is the 7 days of the use of this type of power supply to your weight hardly changes, and the first few results, you will notice it only after a month or two. The diet involves 5 mandatory meals a day, and if you feel the slightest feeling of hunger, and nourish your body with all the necessary features.

Here are some of the changes to the plan of the diet:

  • the diary of a snack (in between breakfast, lunch and dinner is always fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, pastries cheesecakes, or casseroles, cereals, yogurts, natural, with no fillers or additives;
  • a snack in the evening (after the meal is 1.5 hours before bed), it is the kefir, plain yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, you can add it to the cream, or the cherry plum, apricot, dried,
  • the alcohol on this diet (on request) – this is a good, dry red wine, which you drink no more than 150ml a day
  • loaf of bread – just whole grain, and tough;
  • the sweetness is in the honey, dried fruit, pastries, homemade;
  • extra virgin olive oil is introduced through each of the salad vegetables: even if you do have the option of eating just the tomatoes, then place it a bowl with the olive oil and add the sliced vegetables;
  • eat at the same time, in the early months to put alarms that will remind you of your intake of food.

the food

Breakfast and lunch Lunch Dinner
On Monday
  • oatmeal, in water or milk and fresh fruit;
  • bread-and-cheese, firm;
  • in the green tea.
  • baked fish (200 g)
  • vegetables, cooked;
  • To 100 ml of wine.
  • the cooked fruits of the sea.
  • salad out of the vegetables.
On Tuesday
  • granola with natural yogurt;
  • a slice of bread with feta cheese.
  • grilled fish with herbs (100 g)
  • the pasta of durum wheat.
  • dumplings, fish,
  • of wheat, and
  • cherry tomatoes;
  • To 100 ml of wine.
On Wednesday
  • grated cheese, cottage;
  • freshly-brewed coffee.
  • the cheese soup, the shrimp;
  • 2 slices of bread.
  • To 100 ml of wine.
  • roasted turkey breast (200 g)
  • vegetable stew;
  • 2 slices of cheese.
On Thursday
  • I for one egg yolk, and the two proteins;
  • loaf of bread with a slice of cheese;
  • for a period of time.
  • the broth of the chicken;
  • salad out of the vegetables.
  • salad with avocado and shrimps;
  • To 100 ml of wine.
On Friday
  • porridge made with wheat, milk, fruits;
  • in the green tea.
  • pasta with seafood and tomatoes;
  • To 100 ml of wine.
  • the fish is steamed (200 g)
  • bulgur;
  • salad out of the vegetables.
On Saturday
  • granola with natural yoghurt and prunes;
  • the sandwich, with the firm cheese, and avocado.
  • zucchini with cheese recipe;
  • To 100 ml of wine.
  • - boiled chicken breast (100 g)
  • lens;
  • salad out of the vegetables.
On Sunday
  • baked with ricotta and raisins;
  • a piece of fruit;
  • freshly-brewed coffee.
  • shrimp risotto;
  • salad out of the vegetables.
  • the fish is steamed (200 g)
  • salad from vegetables;
  • a glass of wine.

The mediterranean diet: recipes

Income inherited, in the countries of the mediterranean sea, the amazingly varied and all the dishes are obtained from the nutrient and useful to you. The choice is huge, after all, is in the Greek, Croatian, Italian, Macedonian, jewish, and many of the other dishes. Right here absolutely are a all over the world, you can find your favorite recipes and to become a true follower of the mediterranean-style of eating.

Pasta with seafood and tomatoes

To prepare this dish you will need:

the mediterranean diet recipes

  • 100 g spaghetti durum wheat pasta (spaghetti or fettuccine);
  • 150 g of a cocktail of sea food;
  • 8 pieces of cherry tomatoes;
  • 1 tablespoon of the olive oil;
  • dry red wine,;
  • grated parmesan cheese;
  • minutes;
  • garlic;
  • nutmeg;
  • black pepper (ground);
  • salt to taste.

Put the water for the pasta. Until it warms up, it is cut into 2 pieces and the clove of garlic. We encourage you to also have a cut out in 2 pieces. In a frying pan with butter, throw in the garlic and wait for the oil to absorb the taste and then add the tomatoes. They should be gently-to be lethargic.

At this time, throw in the pasta into the boiling water. Cook until the state of al dente.

For the tomatoes, add the seafood. Remove the pasta from the pan, and then add the seafood and tomatoes. Pour in the red wine, salt, and pepper and allow the mixture to boil. Before you serve the pasta, add the basil leaves and sprinkle in the cheese is firm.

A salad of avocado and prawns

So easy to make, but it's a healthy salad, rich in the values of securities, fats, and proteins. This side dish can easily replace it with a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You will need:

  • 1 very nice;
  • 300 g tiger prawns;
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil;
  • 5 pieces of cherry tomatoes;
  • the leaves of the lettuce;
  • coriander;
  • minutes;
  • lemon juice;
  • of the salt;
  • pepper.

Clean the shrimp, add a little salt, and fry on both sides in olive oil. The avocado, clean up, dispose of the core, and cut them into slices, just like you like it.

On a platter place the lettuce leaves, slices of avocado, and sprinkle with the lemon juice. Then, add an egg, and pan-fried tiger prawns, cut into 4 pieces cherry tomatoes, basil, and chopped cilantro. Add salt and pepper to taste, and olive oil.

Cheese and shrimp soup

The cheese soup is perfect for this time of the meal, it is easy to make, and incredibly rich and delicious.

You will need:

  • 300 g of shrimps;
  • 400 grams of melted cheese in the bath
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 onion;
  • a handful of along with them.
  • 4 medium potatoes;
  • the head of the garlic;
  • of the salt;
  • pepper.

Cut up the onion, the garlic, the carrots, and stir-fry. In a pot with two liters of boiling water, send it with a cream cheese and stir until it has dissolved into the water. Add the spices to your personal taste.

In the steaming cheese in the broth, put the sliced potatoes. As soon as it is cooked, add the roast garlic, then the onions, then the carrots, and the chopped greens.

A shrimp, a pre-clean in a container, pour a small amount of the hot soup. Add them to a dish just before serving.

IMPORTANT! Don't throw the shrimp into the pan with the broth, as well as after 3 minutes in boiling water, they become rubbery. Better to pour a couple of spoonfuls of soup on to a plate.

zucchini with feta cheese

Zucchini with feta cheese

The vegetables in the oven is a great option for a delicious and useful dishes. Zucchini and cheese recipe best serve with brown rice that has been cooked.

You will need:

  • The 4 pieces of the zucchini;
  • 200 g of feta cheese;
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • mint;
  • of the salt;
  • black pepper;
  • spices;
  • olive oil, olive oil;
  • the nuts from the cedar tree.

Cut squash top and remove the pulp. To the pulp, stir and sauté over medium heat with the olive oil and the extruded garlic.

Stir-fried pumpkin with feta cheese, chopped mint, and pine nuts. Add the spices to a tablespoon of olive oil and mix together.

Fill with the stuffing of the squash and place in a hot oven at 220 in an oven for 30 minutes.

When you frustrate the plan of

Indeed, each and every one of the weight loss, there are times when you may want to stop to go on a diet. Usually this is the case with the shuttle, the diet, which is a type of "less than 7 lbs in 7 days". The mediterranean diet is not only a way to urgently to lose weight, but it's a way to change and improve your body. It is clear that, increasingly, excess weight will go away, but it will be a nice bonus for all the other benefits of this eating plan.

I agree that in order to adhere to this menu, it was very difficult to find: you're not going to die of hunger, constantly thinking about food. In addition to this, this is not an absolute prohibition on, for example, sugar, alcohol and salt. You can bake them at home a pie once a week with a couple of tablespoons of sugar and a whole grain flour, sunflower seeds, salad and drink a nice glass of wine at a dinner party. One of the basic tenets of this diet is moderation in all things.

Even if you are on any of the days overeaten, experts in the field advise that the following day, to make the discharge tube (as in the yogurt, vegetables and fruit), and then get back to the mediterranean menu.

But you have to make sure that, a month later, the plan is to feed that ripped, you no longer want it!

Indications and Contra-indications

As well as the mediterranean diet, a diet, of which the short-term constraint, and grab a bite to eat, and other serious counter-indications do not exist.

The only thing is that it is important to emphasize that adherence to such a diet, it is not worth it to anyone who has chronic illness and is in need of a special menu.

Also, if you have an idiosyncrasy any of the permissions of the product, you simply get rid of them from your menu.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

In the diet, it is permissible for the pregnant and breast-feeding, it is a useful and well-balanced eating plan, and for the mother and the child. The exception to this is the red wine, give to use may be the just the with your doctor.

The pros and cons of the mediterranean diet

the mediterranean diet: pros

Pros Cons
  • Full and rich, a good source of vitamins and minerals in the menu, in which there is little or no restriction.
  • The diet is easy to maintain, even far from the shores of the mediterranean, it can be easily adapted to the Russian cuisine.
  • This is a diet that is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are struggling with the formation of a blood clot, liquefy the blood, maintain the tone of blood vessels, protects against heart disease, improves condition of the skin, the hair, and have a positive impact on to get out of the depression.
  • The mediterranean diet has no contraindications, it is useful for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers, persons under the age of.
  • This diet is not appropriate for the emergency of weight-loss in 7 days. Your excess weight will go away slowly and gradually.
  • Many of the required products to your daily menu, and at great cost.