Menu protein diet Dukan every day (as a percentage of the diet in a week

In spite of the complexity of the first phase of the diet Dukan this is a rather harmless technique of weight loss is effective, because it does not completely eliminate all carbohydrates, and even salt. The result of the diet comes with no major damage to your health and appearance. But there is a reservation, be sure to check it, and in the identification of the disease, consult with your doctor.

The Diet Of Dukan

Unlike many other diets, the power supply circuit is insufficient, long-lasting and can last for up to one year based on the number of pounds lost. It can be said that it is not just a diet, but it's also the beginning of a diet for a long time, and in all of life, as well as the last stage involves the proper diet, and not restrictive.

The gist of the diet

The diet was developed by dr. Pierre Dukan, is in its very essence, implies that protein-nutrition-despite the fact that carbs and fat are settled in a particular stage. The doctor has developed a methodology that is divided into four major phases-energy. Each and every one of them contains the specific product, and in the menu.

The first step is the hardest, and threaten to cancel, but it only last for about a week, during this time, you lose a significant amount of excess weight, but mostly it's in the water.

It is maintained at a rate that the zones of salt and water balance, and excretion of the fluids does not occur due to the exclusion of the salt, and then, through the elimination of carbohydrates in the first week, you are able to retain the excess fluid.

In the second phase it will go a lot more easily, because it is the one that comes up the most power, the source of make hydrocarbon.

In the beginning of the third stage, the weight is in the form required, you will need to keep more than one life, the whole of the diet.

After the fourth stage, the burden remains on the seat, and the pounds are not coming back, it is, of course, since the power supply is correct.

The basic rules

The allowed products

For the 1 phase of the "Attack", are permitted provided that the following product:

  • lean cuts of meat (chicken, beef, rabbit, quail, veal, turkey), but in small amounts it can be the flesh of the pig, and the ram.
  • grown foods that are free of fat yogurt, the ricotta cheese, milk, yoghurt;
  • seafood: fish, squid, mussels, octopus, prawns, oysters and caviar;
  • for the eggs, but no more than 2 egg yolks, the proteins are not limited in number;
  • chicken and beef liver;
  • the salt, the spices, the mustard, the juice of a lemon;
  • The 1.5-St. l.) bran of wheat;
  • in rare cases, there may be a 1. h. l., cocoa-14%.

The "Deconstruction", in addition, are permitted provided that the following product:

  • any of the collard greens;
  • sugar-beet;
  • squash;
  • carrots;
  • a cucumber;
  • tomatoes;
  • salad leaves and vegetables.

Goods that may be prohibited, for 1-and 2-steps:

  • any fat, including oil;
  • any of the cereal grains and of vegetables containing starch;
  • pasta, bakery products;
  • potatoes;
  • fresh fruit, pastries, and sugar;
  • beans;
  • for the avocado.

Allow product to a segment of the "Fix":

  • 1 piece of fruit plus, of bananas, grapes, figs, sweet cherries, tart cherries;
  • once a week is allowed for a portion of rice, pasta, corn and potatoes.

It is forbidden to consume:

  • of the oil;
  • sweets and sugar;
  • the leguminous plants.

Attention! The final stage – "Stabilization" allows for all of your favorite products, and of the platter, but in moderate amounts. It is important not to eat too much, the diet should be rich in fibres and proteins. You can't abuse the use of fruit and candy!

The allowed products

The advantages of the diet:

  • diet the diet is very diverse, it does not entirely eliminate the necessary substances, vitamins, and minerals. In the first stage, allowed wheat bran – source of fiber;
  • given the benefit of foods with a high protein content and a low percentage of body fat. Therefore, foods which are high in protein, easy to digest and in excess of, heavy in calories from carbohydrates and fats, do not interrupt the process of fat burning. The main feature of this is that lean muscle mass that is maintained. The proteins contain amino acids, preserving the teeth, hair, and nails in a good state of repair. BAAlthe new year power is given not so long ago, so no damage, the stage is not to bring them. Many of the athletes are to adhere to this diet for months, and liver function tests and renal function have shown good results;
  • in the final phase of the diet does not prohibit the use of popular products, and it helps the body to not experience the stress and the lack of nutrients that affect the body's metabolism. Once you get out of your diet, your body got used to the diversity in the menu, you do not store fat in the "warehouse";
  • they are allowed in for the simple carbs, and a fruit-the cocoa bean. The presence of such substances, as sugar, it does not reach the low, with the decline of the power may be the total rejection of the sugar;
  • they are allowed all the vegetables, and, in some ways, even to the starch, and therefore a continuum of dietary fiber to support the normal function of the bowel.

The disadvantages of the diet Dukan:

  • a diet that excludes all fat, such as butter and the fats that are found in fermented products. In the normal digestion, in other words, the reduction of the bladder sphincter and the exit of the bile, which is needed to fats. For this reason, in the early stages, it's for the best sometimes not to eat fatty meats (pork, beef, and mutton), and 1.5% of milk fat;
  • according to the american experts in the field of endocrinology, gastroenterology, psychology, cardiology, a diet is harmful, particularly to the kidneys, due to its high content of protein on the menu. The diet leads to a 34 spot on the list, the useful dieting by 39 below.
  • is the possible damage to the diet, that is, a derogation from the rules on the power to do so, take the restrictions in your favorites, and carbohydrates as well as fatty, fried foods;
  • when a major excess weight, for the second phase of the diet to pass the time until the arrival of the desired shape. The next stage for the "Fix" lasts ten times as long, here's your chance to surrender, and not getting results, go back to your normal weight;
  • the diet to Dukan, along with many others, is a contra-indication for any kind of chronic illness, starting a diet, it is necessary only with the consent of the treating physician.

The phases of the diet Dukan

Next, we'll write to you are the characteristics of supply at each stage, we will give you a menu for the week, and to share examples of recipes for protein dishes. The only stage that is in the 4th: "Strike", "Spin", "Attachment", and "Stabilization". How long will it take to get the first 3 stage will depend on the weight that you plan to reset your diet. In the table below, you can see how many days it should take for each one, based on the weight you want to lose weight.

The count of the pounds you want to lose it 1. The attack 2. Striping 3. The fixing of the
5 kg. 2 days For 15 days The 50-day
10 kg. 3 days The 50-day 100 days to go
15 kg - 4 days 85 days The 150-day
20 kg 5 days The 120-day The 200-day
25 7 days 155 days 250 days
30 kg 7 days 160 days The 300-day
35 kg 9 days from now The 190-day 400 days
40 kg The 10-day The 330 day 500 days of
The advantages of the diet

In the first phase of the Attack —

In this phase, it is fairly complex, although a shorter period of time. The problem is that, in a dramatic way, you don't need all of the products, as well as protein. The saturation of these products is weak, and therefore, there is a constant feeling of hunger. In the permissions list of the products in all the types of lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products, even cheese and Tofu.

The food that you need to boil it, or bake it in the oven, and also cook, steam, grill, and a firepit. The phase doesn't last for more than a week, it may be a bit less, and if there is a strong, weak, or dizzy. You need to drink a lot of water during the intervals between the meals. The drinks are permitted only in the cafe (this can be in addition to the lean muscle of milk, a black and a green tea with no sugar in it.

The menu for the week on the table

The days of the week Breakfast and lunch Lunch A snack in the afternoon Dinner
On Monday Eggs-2 eggs with green tea Pie roast chicken A cup of yogurt Wheat, boiled fish with lemon juice
On Tuesday The ricotta cheese with the yogurt Fish cakes, steamed A cup of milk, 2 eggs Goulash-meat
On Wednesday Cottage cheese with wheat bran, coffee Beef liver Yogurt-0% The cocktail of the fruits of the sea
On Thursday GlAsuna, cooked without oil The liver dumplings that are cooked in the steam A baked cheese-and-eggs is in the oven Roast pork
On Friday Short ribs of beef Soup with beef and egg Green tea with milk The squid with the egg
On Saturday Scrambled eggs with the addition of prawns or mussels, coffee, tea The rabbit in the form of a Zaphenom Preparation of the chicken Cook quail
On Sunday Beef au gratin Steak of turkey with the spices GlAsuna The thigh of the chicken. fry without adding any oil
The steak

In the second stage, Spanning

In the second stage, in the beginning, with the alternation of protein and carbohydrate. At this point, you can choose from the following power schemes:

  • 1 day protein 1 day protein + vegetables are allowed;
  • For 2 days only I to 2 days and protein + vegetables;
  • 3 days of protein – a 3-day combine of protein and vegetables;
  • The 4-days-of-protein – 4 to day-to-protein and vegetables;
  • a maximum of 5-days-of-protein – in 5 days of protein and vegetables.

The phase lasts until the scale or in the mirror, you will see the results you want. The more you weight, the more the day will be protein, and protein-and carbohydrate-interleave (4 to 5 days). If you are not suffering too much above your ideal body weight switch in the menu, by from 1 to 3 days.

An example of the menu when switching from 1 to 1

The days of the week Breakfast and lunch Lunch A snack in the afternoon Dinner
On Monday GlAsuna oil, coffee Poached eggs Milk, 1% Breaded fillet of fish
On Tuesday Salad of cabbage with the lime juice, oil, coffee, tea Steam-croquettes of chicken Fresh vegetables Wheat, cooked turkey, spices, and sugar beet
On Wednesday Cake of the egg whites, bran, cottage cheese The fruits of the sea, and 2 eggs Green tea Gratin of hake,
On Thursday Slice of cabbage, cauliflower, and zucchini A vegetable stir-fry A vegetable soup puree Enjoy all of the vegetables
On Friday The fruits of the sea, with no oil, and coffee The fish catletki in a couple of A cocktail of milk and cottage cheese Tuna and roasted
On Saturday Vegetable stew Turkey, a salad of green leaves A glass of milk, a 1.5% Salad, tuna, cabbage
On Sunday Liver dumplings for tea Beef stew A cheese au gratin The liver of the cod

Step 3 — Determining The

At this stage, the projects are more accepting of the conditions that allowed the fruit to once a day, but not with a high level of sugar (it's not possible to, for example, bananas, grapes, figs, cherries, and berries). It is permitted to smooth the introduction, once a week, rice, pasta and potatoes. As well as the segment that includes all simple carbohydrates, so it should be controlled, don't eat to excess of fruits and cereals.

The smooth, addictive products it will provide for the stabilization of the weight or the wait. The length of the period is calculated as follows: the loss of a one pound increase in 10 days. It is the opinion of dr. Dukan, for each pound lost, you should commit to a 10-day. And if you missed it, the longer you have to stay in a particular stage.

The Menu

The days of the week Breakfast and lunch Lunch Lunch Dinner
On Monday The milk, coffee, tea 1 apple Meat, chicken and vegetables Steaks, hamburgers, salad from cabbage
On Tuesday GlAsuna with tomato sauce A small orange Puree the vegetables Fish and grilled vegetables
On Wednesday Garden salad with cheese, peppers, tomatoes Apricots Congee The steak and lamb
On Thursday Svekolvelikoletna. obayatelnaya, charming some Any citrus fruit Fillet of fish cooked in steam Wheat, boiled meat with spices
On Friday KabahCowie cookies Pineapple upside-down The soup, fish, vegetables and potatoes Meat croquettes
On Saturday The roll of the lIver and eggs 1 pear The duck, cooked in the oven, corn, cooked beetroot, Eggplant, red pepper, cooked on a fire
On Sunday 2 boiled eggs There Ramen noodles with vegetables For the filling-meat language
Potatoes with meat

The fourth phase is the Stabilization

In the beginning of the long-awaited phase in which they are allowed to with all the products and dishes. The main pre-requisite of the internship is the food in small portions, not overeating. At this time, the weight should be closely monitored, and held it in place. To help protect against the onset of excessive weight, the turn of the year. In this case, leave the protein for one day a week as a breath of fresh air.

The menu for the week:

The days of the week Breakfast and lunch Lunch A snack in the afternoon Dinner
On Monday Porridge with honey, cup of tea or coffee Rice with vegetables Grapefruit, kefir, or ryazhenka The beef with lemon juice salad dressing from the fluid to the oil
On Tuesday French toast, cheese and coffee Boiled potatoes, vegetables The ricotta cheese with raisins and yogurt Baked salmon fresh seasonal vegetables
On Wednesday Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fried podsolarskolnothMr. oil Wheat with chicken and pork Banana In the flesh, and the broth of chicken with vegetables
On Thursday Cheese, pasta, dried fruits, Beef soup with potatoes, green peas Orange juice The liver of the cod
On Friday Oatmeal with raisins and butter The pasta with grated parmesan cheese Kefir, as a result of the choice Baked potato with chicken
On Saturday Cottage cheese with cream, milk, and coffee The flesh of the pig, roasted on a brazier Kefir, 2 eggs, Preparation of fish cooked in steam
On Sunday Top with a strong cheese, coffee, tea The broth of potatoes, and zazharkoy The berries and the yogurt Fried steak, and lamb

How correctly to leave a diet

Each diet will be in vain if you leave it on attacking all of the products, such as muhNoah and sweet. The negative effects of such a behavior is a set of disposal of case, instantly, and even more so, than it was in the first place. The ideal way to maintain a healthy weight is a constant in the implementation of the method of feeding the stage of "Stabilization".

The important thing is that you need to pay attention to:

Before-and-after-diet -
  • the portions must be small, which continues to be round the sensation of hunger
  • if you are really hungry, it is recommended to drink a glass of water, in order to delay the next meal;
  • it is not possible to experience a feeling of constant hunger, it is best to take a short lunch break, so as not to aggravate your metabolism;
  • when the desire to eat the cake, or the cake, it is better to do it before breakfast, in the evening;
  • exercise, then the calories will get burned, and don't let your weight;
  • go to bed, too, with a slight feeling of hunger, it is not treason. You can drown in the glass filled with hunger, lean, yogurt;
  • less add a sharp, spicy, they will make you an appetite, will eat, will walk sooner than they should.
  • this should preferably be done with the beef and vegetables with a higher content of fiber, and no starch;
  • the fruits should contain less sugar;
  • sleep, lack of rest and recovery, it will be exhausting, it can slow down your metabolism, and your weight, you can grow the same with this.

The results after the diet Dukan

Each and every phase in the diet, it gives a result that is different from the one before it. For example, in the second phase of the "Attack," the weight goes on quickly, you can lose weight 5-7 kg, but it mostly leaves you in the water. In the second phase, when the body began to burn from the fat, and the volumes are starting to come out over the burning of the fat under the skin. Here, one must consider the individual characteristics of the body, and how much you have to lose weight, it is up to you. The phase of the "Deconstruction" to last as long as you need.