The motivation for the diet of each and every day. How to motivate yourself properly

Any tips on how to lose weight in an effective way, it ends in two components: healthy eating and physical activity. This is the basic form of the methods of adjusting the shapes and the promotion of good health.

Weight loss

However, the transition to a healthy way of life, in fact, it turns out to be quite difficult. It is very hard to give up the habits and the mode of the day. It is for this reason that you need motivation for the diet of each and every day. To begin with, it is necessary to determine the true reasons for the desire to lose weight. One of the reasons sum up the purpose: what was the final result, I want to go to?

A "feminine" desire to prepare your body for the beach season, it is often not enough stimulation for the day. You need to look for a very important to diet and exercise. You may have to recognize all the evil circumstances and the facts. But this is only going to benefit you and enhance your desire to to to work.

With the right motivation, weight loss, usually in one of the following reasons.

Change yourself and your life

It is a very powerful incentive, and how much of it is not just what it looks like.

Dissatisfaction with one's own life, and the frequent stress and depression can be treated not only to a psychological conversation, but it is in sports. To change the world and the world of the living begins with the man himself, so it's well worth to take a look at your diet and physical health, and begin to change for the better.

The promotion of health

Dieting and sports are necessary not only for the beach season, but it's also to alert you to a variety of diseases related to the cardiovascular system, and muscle is the engine of the machine.

Apparent digestive problems, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, frequent irritability, it is worthwhile to reflect on change of a way of life.

The rejection of the holy

Self-confidence in your appearance

All of the women are of different weights, but the standards of beauty dictate their own rules, and make them feel like zombies.

The uncertainty on the way they look, and the feel of the grip, you can use it for good and make your body attractive and beautiful. Of course, all the perfection, there is no limit, but a change in the failure to get rid of the tummy, tighten the pope, to strengthen the muscles in your legs), it's entirely possible.

To develop the will-power

At times, ambitious women, this is enough for a single phone call, "can you?", to begin with, the act. The job of a good season on the strength of their own will, and as a result you will receive is the pride in one's self: I have got it, I got it, I got it.

The fear and disappointment in their abilities, stirs emotion, and that is a big incentive.

It is important to keep in mind. Losing weight is a long-term process that requires dedication and a lot of work. It's not worth the wait that is an emotional decision ("I should lose weight, that is made to transform for the shape she is in, a month or even 2 weeks.

Whatever the reason, you can't lose confidence in your abilities, you have to believe in yourself until the very end.

If a woman sits on a diet, doing, but don't really understand why she needs it, and I'm not sure that's going to last, and for a week, so it's not hard to guess what is the outcome that he expects. It is for this reason that the goals must be devastating. Not only just a goal, "needs to be redefined to a couple of pounds" or "I want to over a month to get an outfit for two sizes smaller, but the desire to become a better, more beautiful, more attractive, and finally happier.

Set realistic goals

The motivation for the diet of each and every day is not going to "work" without any realistic goals. You need to be realistic and put forward realistic goals.

It should be kept in mind that a sudden change in the way the new one is a stress to the body, and therefore, it is necessary to make adjustments in a gradual way, and to listen to your body.

The installation of the "lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks" – it's a fad, and that it is very difficult to meet, especially if you lose weight, the woman does not experience the love of the sport and not yet ready to make a change. After 2 weeks, the results will be nearly to pick up, if at all, as well as the remains of a motivation, and it won't go to waste. Not in a hurry, you need to set goals for their souls. If you cut your consumption by 500 calories per day, for a week, and it's easy to get rid of a pound, so to get started, to test her will-power sufficient to put in a goal of 1 lb per week.

The diet

To design a system for the punishment and for the promotion

The system of punishment, and of promoting to the lazy and under the control of the whole process of weight-loss becomes a kind of game. Important — to install, effective in themselves, rewards and punishments.

How can you support (with some examples):

  • buy nice things for yourself, such as, for example, than others.
  • a visit to a beauty salon (massages, manicure, correction of eyebrows);
  • going to the movies (no popcorn!) or, on the other, that is good for yourself, place, the bowling alley, the aquarium's dolphins, a museum,);
  • value adding – at the "right" to invest it in a piggy bank and a little bit of money, and it is collected on a weekly basis, with the amount of pleased to spend;
  • an interesting realization at the end of the week, check out the out-of-town guests, in the nature of, or in any other country.

Examples of the self "to punish":

  • exemption to to to shopping and entertainment in a month (or more);
  • daily maid service;
  • the daily amount of time;
  • the training of extra time to spend on leisure activities;
  • donate part of your earnings (or work colleagues, husband, friends).

Please, pay attention! The motivation for the diet, it can also become an incentive in the form of favorite treats. However, this is not the best incentive for each and every day, and actually use it, you can only 1 time in a 1-2 week. Important to keep an eye on the possibility of failure.

An old photo belonging to the clothing – at the top

For many women, it would be a good motivation in the old pictures, with your image at its best, and a nice outfit, and 1-2 more in a smaller size.

The old pictures are going to show you that anything is possible, because the woman was thin and tense, and the clothes of the favorite once again to remind you that you can still try for her to get in. Well to get serious about each other. If it is not there, nor the pictures, nor the clothes, you can buy yourself a new favourite thing-for example, new pants, or a dress, but make sure that are several sizes smaller. Clothes, and it becomes an incentive and a reward for working, while at the same time.

The sport

Tell us all about your plans

To lose weight, it's really, really hard and physical and at an emotional level, and therefore, the support of family and friends is essential.

It is worth to share with your friends and family about your decision to change. To be sure. they are going to support you in this commitment, and it is going to make me take an interest in current affairs. In addition to this,they will be able to follow the diet, and once again a hint at the inadmissibility of the donuts and the gas stations in your diet.

It would be great if your friends and family, and the people will be able to participate in it. To lose weight, put together by a whole lot more fun than by yourself.

Think and act positively

The motivation for the diet of each and every day, it must be accompanied by an "entitlement", thinking positive thoughts, your actions, and in its new form.

Before you start a weight loss program, you should calm down and prepare yourself for a positive outcome. Thinking into the mainstream, "I'm fat, and I don't lose weight," you will never be able to help to make. To start, the switch must be on for a share of the action.

Stress is not the best to help in which you want it to be. It is for this reason that, to begin with, you need to calm your nerves, and to look at himself in the mirror, no panic, no tears, a proper assessment of the "field of action" and prepare for a good harmony.

A positive attitude will help you believe in your own strengths and get the job done, in spite of the time that is necessary to do so. If it is hard to imagine that all is well and everything is going to work, it is worthwhile to meditate for at least a few minutes each day, finding himself in a positive and attractive side of it.

When it disappears, derogatory to them, it is necessary to proceed with the implementation of the plan.

The reasons for the diet and the training mode

Diet and exercise, it is necessary to press on each day, otherwise there is a risk of not surviving in a new way, and the following week. It is recommended that you draw up on the basis of a system of sanctions and rewards in a dynamic table, from which it will be visible in the "payment" for a day in in the points.

Each action has a "value". The compliance of all the points of the plan for the day (a reduction of daily calories, and the increase in the number of approaches to overcome more than 2 km away, t. d.) have their greatest "reward" is, for example, 10 points.

Respectively, in order to get the promotional, for a week's worth of data, you must score at least 70 points, you you otherwise, take the the the fine.

As an example, see the inspirational to the table for the week (compared to diet/training and shareware):

  1. Monday through Friday — 500-calorie-per-1-km, 2-by-100 calories – 1 points-1 km – 1, a 1, approach – 2 points;
  2. Tuesday-Wednesday — 500-calorie-per-1-km, 2-by-100 calories – 1 points-1 km – 1, a 1, approach – 2 points;
  3. Wednesday's 500-calorie-per-1-km, 2-by-100 calories – 1 points-1 km – 1, a 1, approach – 2 points;
  4. Thursday — the 500-calorie-per-1-km, 2-by-100 calories – 1 points-1 km – 1, a 1, approach – 2 points;
  5. Friday is the 500-calories-by-2-km, 3-by-100 calories – 1 points-1 km – 1, a 1, approach – 2 points;
  6. On Saturday, the 500-calories-by-2-km, 3-by-100 calories – 1 points-1 km – 1, a 1, approach – 2 points;
  7. Sunday — 500 calories-for 2 km, and 3-by-100 calories – 1 points-1 km – 1, a 1, approach 2 of the points.

You can think of your points system, for example, for every additional approach for +2 points. This will encourage not only to continue with the training, but it will also add to the load. Also, in comparison to the total number of points for each week of the show to the real work.

The rate of correct – a-promise-of-weight-loss

The success of the to stimulate weight loss, you will have to pick up the pace. It is worth it to listen to your body and give you quite a work load, and saving, but it does not load. This applies to both diet and exercise.

The sudden change to a new way of life can affect your health, as well as a new diet, it is unexpectedly heavy loads in the physical is a stress to your body.

To make the jogging trail, the second is 10 km away, it is not a good option for you. Even if you have been possible without the readiness to overcome this gap, then, early the next morning, more than likely, you simply don't want to get up. It is worth to spend a few days trying out of your body, and you will find the one you want to pace yourself, gradually increasing the load by 10% each week). The body is a stranger to the sport, and the need to extend the time between charges. For example, 2 weeks to carry out the same exercise for the same number of times. When the body senses that it is not enough, you can increase the amount of work.

The physical form

The exercise is meant to be fun

In fact, most of the people play sports for the fun of it. To exercise contribute to good mood, because of the adrenaline, and dopamine. But to get on the train, you have to love the sport and want to do it.

To do this, you only have to do a couple of exercises in a day. Even the simple, loaded with various weights, exercises that will give you joy and good mood for the day-to-day.

Important to remember is that your motivation for weight loss is a positive reminder for each and every day to change your life for the better. Therefore, you should not be in a sports sense, as a form of punishment. A healthy lifestyle needs to become a good friend, then the result will not take long.

A good inventory of the uniforms for workouts

Nice inventory, nice sports are a way to help you to work out, after all, and the nice things you want to, you necessarily need to experience it.

The new shoes that are comfortable, beautiful, and a headphone jack, a pedometer, and polysometR, fashion shorts, sports light, the amount of training time, and become participants in change in yourself and in your life.

A positive attitude towards dieting

In the diet, it may open up more options and flavors. In the world, it is very helpful, and truly delicious food. Enough to find it interesting and a proper income and start to cook it and try it (bearing in mind the calories). The diet is meant to be fun, and to meet all the needs of the body, including the sense of taste.

It is worth to change the course of action with regard to your diet. You need to stop talking about the phrase "I do" and "I am on a diet". These phrases are limiting and cause us to feel inadequate, man. Suffice it to say, "I don't eat, I'm going to eat the other food." This simple statement opens up a host of opportunities to try something new, and it does not limit the choice of foods.

The motivation for the diet for the day: we are the result

The motivation has not been solved, it is necessary to determine, and document the results.

There are a variety of ways, as you remember, approved by a difficult path.

Weekly photoreports of the results obtained,

The pictures help a lot on the visual, to compare with the "before" and "after".

Taking pictures at the same position in each of the week's training and a healthy diet. The signature photos of the parameters of the weight and the volume of the waist and the hip can be an additional incentive.

In the photo, it is recommended that you put on your blog or on a social network, in order to obtain the approval and support of their friends. This will also help with the motivation to keep going forward and don't stop at the results.

Proper nutrition

The establishment of a new healthy lifestyle

For a healthy life-style and began to "work", you need to make your habit to dive into the topic of health care, with the head in the discovery of new knowledge. This will help him to experiment with diets, for example, it is well worth it to try the series, or a new product to your diet.

Also, your workout routine will help to dilute the all-new exercises, or new passion in sports. For example, in addition to a visit to the hall to sign up in sports and dance. Over time, it will be the sport and a healthy diet have become a part and parcel of life, and, again, you go back to over-eating and laziness of not wanting to do it.