No-carb-diet — rules, types, and the list of products in the

No-carb diet, it is considered to be the most "soft", or easy-to-transport-of-all-the diets, the modern, in spite of the complete exclusion of carbohydrates from the diet. It has been designed in order to reduce the weight, and, in fact, effectively eliminate the fat under the skin. What to eat and what's not worth it, there's no-carb diet? How to get out of the diet, so that you dropped the pounds haven't come back? You can read about it in our article.

The diet

This program is especially for bodybuilders that are involved in the Leagues and cups, but, as with many other renewable energy systems, has emerged from a team of professionals in the sport. Foods that are rich in protein and a small amount of vegetable fats – the emphasis of this diet. To limit the amount of carbohydrates, although high, but not complete. Preferably, all the same, you consume 30 to 40 grams of carbs per day for normal functioning of the intestines and stomach. The complete exclusion from the diet increases the risk of constipation and other digestive disorders.

The gist of the diet

On the basis of this form of energy is the beginning of the burning of fat in the body in terms of the lack of a constant to the energy of the carbohydrate is used in foods.

Without the intake of carbs, you have to lose the weight is to be celebrated ketosis – a condition in which the body gets energy from the fission of cells, in the fat. Ketosis is regarded as a physiological state, to the contrary, in the ketoacidosis of diabetes – disease in which the blood to a critical increase in the number of ketone bodies. The long-term ketoacidosis, of diabetic, it is dangerous for your health and your life. For this reason, the ketosis go up gradually. We recommend that the safer aspect ratio: 50% protein, 35-40% from fat, and 10% to 15% of a carbohydrate.

The reaction of the body to the exclusion of carbohydrates

In the first week of the new arrangements for the supply of the body does not occur, the changes are visible. Most of the weight, or very little, or none at all. In the initial stage, the body becomes accustomed to the get your energy from foods that are rich in carbohydrate, and, on the basis of their own reserves to fat. The decrease in carbohydrate may cause drowsiness easy-to-hope. Also, the response of the body and can become a chronic constipation. To increase the amount of protein in the food that generates a load on the liver, and the kidneys. The other common fault is the reaction of the body, this diet is easy to stress and even depression due to the fact that the brain gets less glucose.

The burning of the fat on this diet, it does not require day-to-day training.

The carb

The phases of the diet

The smooth transition from the body to the consumption of energy from the fat cells occurs in 4 stages.

  1. In the first phase. The use of carbohydrates in the morning. After a couple of hours in the afternoon, the supply of glucose, which is obtained from the in the morning kitchen, time out, and your body will be a waste of their own glycogen stores.
  2. In the second phase. The complete elimination of the glucose that enters with the food. For the production of energy that is used to glycogen stores from the muscle cells and the liver. After 2 to 3 days for the body to feel the constant lack of carbohydrates and start to look for an alternative for the production of energy.
  3. The third stage is reached in about 3-4 days start with diet. Of glycogen in the cells of the body, that is, almost none at all. It is activated by the burning from the fat, but keep the body the energy the body uses for making proteins. In the first week, you are going to need to eat more protein foods, of which the following, in order to compensate for the portion of the protein.
  4. In the fourth round. Start the ketosis. It begins with the disintegration of the fat cells for energy.

Using the different varieties of food, permanent, circular, and power. Each and every one of them has its own unique characteristics.


Only suitable for professional athletes. Its essence is in the intake of carbs before your workout to have the strength to complete the work, with its high level of physical fitness. This approach is valid only when it is an intensive training program. If not, you don't waste of carbohydrates, obtained in full and is not going to lighten the load.

The constant

Do you consume no more than 20g of carbs per day for fiber. The emphasis on diet, protein, and fats from plant sources. To totally give up carbs, you run the risk of encountering with the performance, psychomotor delay, and alternative, with a reduction in the speed of thought and perception.

The Circular

This approach is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates before of from 30 to 40 g of the composition of vegetables and cereals. The limit of the period of 6 days. On the seventh day is a carb-download. The animals eat porridge, vegetables, pasta, fruit, as a couple. The Download gives you a start on the production of enzymes, which stimulates the metabolic processes and enhances the cells of the muscle with the glycogen. By practicing this approach, you are going to work in such a way, it's great to feel, and to avoid all of the negative manifestations of exclusion of the carbohydrates.

In the permissions list of the products

All the products in the diet include corn, cooked or grilled fish, cooked red meat, rabbit, meat, grilled poultry, baked, steam and hamburgers, as well as milk products with a protein of more than 5 per cent.


Are you allowed vegetables on the greens: lettuce, dill, cilantro, parsley, kale, collard greens, white, fennel, and some fresh fruit: green apples, acid, coconut, citrus fruits, and peaches.


It is recommended on the nut. It is a source of fat. Several times during the week, try to eat a handful of peanuts, hazelnuts and other tree nuts.


Complement your diet-buckwheat, millet. Animals that eat dishes, from stews on very low heat, or cooked zucchini, asparagus, eggplant.

In the permissions table for the products

The list of products is displayed to the consumer, it is very long. Use it as the basis for the low metabolism of carbohydrates in the diet. Calories burned for each type of product is based on double occupancy (per 100 grams).

In the permissions table for the products for a no-carb diet:

ProductsProtein gramsThe fat gramsThe carbohydrates in gramsCalories Kcal
repeat the procedure1,2A 0.1Is 4.524
green peas6960
zucchiniA 0.60.3 to4,624
kale, collard greens,The 1.8A 0.14,727
kale, collard greens, broccoli30,4The 5.228
kale, collard greens, beijing1,20.2 to216
cilantroWith 2.10,5The 1.923
leek2The 8.233
the onionThe 1.4For 10.441
cucumber0,8A 0.1The 2.815
olive0,8An increase of 10.7The 6.3115
squashA 0.6A 0.1The 4.319
peppers, sweet, greenThe 1.3The 7.226
salsaThe 3.70,4A 7.647
the radish1,2A 0.13.4 a19
the rocket2.6 a0,7With 2.125
the salad1,20.3 toThe 1.312
nowadaysThe 1.9A 0.1The 3.120
tomatoA 0.60.2 toMore than 4.220
dillThe 2.50,5The 6.338
garlicThe 6.50,5About 29.9143
lensTo 24.0The 1.542,7284
The fruit
orange0,90.2 toThe 8.136
what0,70.2 toThe 6.529
lemon0,9A 0.1316
lemon0,9A 0.1316
tangerines0,80.2 toThe 7.533
peaches0,9A 0.111.3 the46
the grapefruitA 0.60.2 to6,732
The Citrus Honey0,70.2 to958
apple0,40,49.8 billion.47
Nuts and dried fruit
cashew nuts25,754,1The 13.2643
best3.4 aThe 33.5 -A 6.2354
almonds18.6 mm57,7With a 16.2645
nuts16,1By 66.9A 9.9704
Cereals and cereal products
buckwheat porridgeIs 4.5The 2.325132
quinoaA 14.1A 6.157,2368
Dairy products
low-fat milk2A 0.1The 4.831
kefir is 1%The 2.81440
the sour cream and 10% (non-greasy)310It was 2.9115
ryazhenka 1%31More than 4.240
plain yogurt 2%The 4.32A 6.260
Cheese and cottage cheese
cheese24,129,50.3 to363
cottage cheese with 0% (fat-free)16,5The 1.371
Meat products
the meat of the pig1621,6259
the liver of a pig18,83.6 a108
the meat18,9The 19.4187
beef liver17,4The 3.198
meat is a kidneyThe 12.5The 1.866
the heart of an ox15387
- meat languageA 13.612.1 in.163
beef brains9.5 in9.5 in124
babyWith an average of 19.71,290
the lambThe 15.6The 16.3 -209
the rabbit218156
the flesh of the deer,The 19.5 -8.5 in154
the flesh of the horse20,27187
ham22,6At least 20.9279
a pair16,62011,8282
a steak27,829,6In 1.7384
croquettes of pork71012172
The bird
turkey19.2 in0,784
the duck16,561,2346
I9.6 inThe 15.4The 1.9184
the eggs of the hen,The 12.7At 10.90,7157
the eggs of the quail11,9In 13.1A 0.6168
The fish and seafood.
fluke16,5The 1.883
salmon19,8The 6.3142
mackerel20,73.4 a113
herringThe 16.3 -An increase of 10.7161
trout19.2 inWith 2.197
The oils and fats.
vegetable oil99899
Non-alcoholic beverages
mors airelaA 0.1An increase of 10.741
green tea
The fruit

While this program is the dietary diversity and it is not considered to be very accurate, since some of the products you will have to give it up. The first under the ban on packaged fruit juices, morsy, water, gas). It should not be consumed as a fresh starchy products: potatoes, beets, carrots, and corn. Also, it is worth to give a product that is marked as "calories", "fat", "light", "diet". The most stringent prohibition as to alcoholic beverages, and meals from fast-food, as well as all kinds of pastries and sweets at the grocery store. It also prohibited the "sweets" are smoked: sausage, smoked chicken, smoked fish. A ban on partial-as well as frozen foods: green vegetables, frozen animal to use for the garnish. The forbidden-to-eat baked goods (bread), including home-made cakes. With the exception of the pasta, you will need to boil for another 5 minutes. The table of the goods that may be prohibited by a no-carb diet:

ProductsProtein gramsThe fat gramsThe carbohydrates in gramsCalories Kcal
corn3.5 aThe 2.8The 15.6101
carrotThe 1.3A 0.1The 6.932
The fruit
bananaThe 1.50.2 to21,895
khaki0,50.3 to15.2 in66
The berries
the grapesA 0.60.2 to16,665
Cereals and cereal products
semolina porridgeThe 3.0The 3.2A 15.398
white rice6,70,778,9344
Grains and pastas
whole wheat flourA 9.21,274,9342
the massesFor 10.4The 1.169,7337
pancakesA 6.1At 12.326233
cookiesA 7.6The 2.318,7155
cookies11,9In 12.429275
Baked goods
the baton slicedThe 7.5It was 2.951264
bread, wheat,The 8.11,0By 48.8242
The bar
sweetThe 4.319,867,4453
The raw materials and spices
Cheese and cottage cheese
the cheese mass with raisins6,821,630343
sausage boiled doctoral degreeA growth of 13.722,8260
Alcoholic beverages
the beer0.3 to4,642
Non-alcoholic beverages
the stakeFor 10.442
the energy drink11.3 the45

Menu the no-carb diet to lose weight in a week

  • You can use lamb, pork, chicken, veal, and rabbit – all of this is, of course, within the limits of the acceptable.
  • The second required the product of a healthy diet egg whites. With them, you can make up a salad for take-to-cook scrambled eggs, or just have it baked.
  • Another important ingredient to the menu of dairy products. Snacks are yogurt, kefir, sour milk will help you deal with hunger between meals.

We provide you with a menu of no-carb diet for seven days. At the base, you can easily make in your feeding program this month. Just change the days changed or supplemented by the products of the white-list.

Try to drink a lot of water in it, and how you can use less salt.

A set menu for each day of the no-carb diet for weight loss may be similar to the following:

The day of the weekA daily ration
On MondayBreakfast: a glass of 1% kefir, 200 g of brown rice and a cup of tea with no sugar in it.

Afternoon snack: one serving of a sugar-beet cooked with olive oil, a couple of nuts.

Day: either cooked with the meat of a chicken, with a salad of cucumber, cabbage, onion, and black pepper.

Lunch: three egg whites cooked with slice of cheese.

Evening: corn, cooked fish, one hundred grams of the cream, and green sugar-free tea or coffee from home.

On TuesdayBreakfast: a cup of yogurt with no filler, a 4-walnut walnut veneer.

Snack: a green apple.

Day: soup, chicken, and vegetables, and a 200-gram piece of cooked veal.

Snack: one cup of 1% yogurt, 2 slices of cheese.

Evening: cooked protein from 3 eggs-with a salad of sea-food.

On WednesdayBreakfast: 150-200 grams of oats cooked

Lunch: grapefruit or grapefruit.

Day: soup, turkey, green beans, a glass of slim yogurt, 200 g of turkey breast that are cooked.

Lunch: salad of cabbage and cucumber with the olive oil.

At night: boiled pork meat, 200 grams, 2 cucumbers, and tomatoes.

On ThursdayBreakfast: omelet from three egg whites and 1 yolk, 2 slices of ham, sugar-free green or herbal tea a day.

Snack: a cup of yogurt without sugar and the apple cider.

Day: 200 grams of boiled fish and a side dish from stews to vegetables.

Snack: low-fat cottage cheese with 100 g.

Evening: 200 g of boiled meat, and the same of salad with fresh vegetables.

On FridayBreakfast: a cup of yogurt with wheat bran, a handful of any nuts.

Snack: 2 apples or peaches.

The day: a broth of lamb and wheat, cooked lamb, and the vinaigrette.

Snack: any vegetable salad, and a couple of egg-whites.

Evening: 200 g of fish-boiled, 100 g of cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt.

On SaturdayBreakfast: porridge made with wheat, a couple of prunes, a cup of coffee without any sweeteners.

Lunch: 100 g of ricotta cheese with wheat bran.

Day: soup, without any potato, 200 g of boiled meat.

Lunch: salad from fresh cabbage and cucumber with the olive oil.

Dinner: vegetable salad with seafood and 2 slices of cheese and a glass of 1% kefir.

On SundayBreakfast: an omelette of three proteins, a couple of chunks of boiled fish, a slice of tselnozernovymgon loaf of bread, and the bitter of the green tea.

Afternoon snack: 1-percent of the kefir.

The day: beef, 200 grams, and 100 grams of brown rice.

Snack: low-fat cottage cheese, or a salad of fresh vegetables.

Evening: - wheat, cooked chicken meat, 200 grams, and 100 grams of buckwheat.

The soup without the potatoes

Indications and Contra-indications

No-carb-diet-for-weight-loss-is strictly prohibited, if you have the following:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • kidney failure;
  • diseases of the heart and the cardiovascular system;
  • a stomach ulcer, enterocolitis, and disorders of the bowel;
  • the instability of the психonэмonциonнальнongon bottom of the depression, the stress of the condition.

Also, the absolute contra-indications are taken into account the carry-forward period of the fetus, and breast-feeding.


Some of the recommendations are useful.

  1. Don't worry, after the first week of the diet is that you do not have begun to ease the burden. During this time, your body will just get used to your new way of eating.
  2. In the first week, and add the the receipt of of carbs to 20 grams, and over the next few weeks, then increase that number by one-half. It is necessary to start the ketosis.
  3. Do not fast, to speed up the results. This is only going to worsen the overall well-being. All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks, are a must.
  4. Don't try a strict withdrawal of carbohydrates, if you're not a professional athlete.
  5. Print out a list of foods that are allowed for consumption, and take them with you when you go to the grocery store.


This is the kind of diet that does not require excessive charges: you are going to buy it at the grocery store, the real thing, with only a minimum of carbohydrates. On the basis of the diet in meat, milk products, green vegetables. The diet is versatile and suitable for most of the lost weight in the absence of any contra-indications to its use. For the moment, no-carbohydrate program diet you, it's easy to get used to it and hardly ever are going to want to go back to your old culinary habits. The decision of the eat, a new way to look at it, a healthy skin, hair, and the beautiful and slim body.