Top fat burners for women at home

Fat burners for women, are classified into the composition and mechanism of impact on the body, but all of them aim to achieve the ideal body weight, with a minimum of danger to the body. The treatment of the scheme, you normally connect the low-calorie diet and appropriate physical activity. Too many drugs, on account of his expressed side-effects-of-choice, you should only use under the supervision of a medical doctor.


The effects of "fat burners" in the body of a woman

The basic functions of a fund for the liberation of women from an excess of body fat can be used.

The main influences include the following:

  • the stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • the decrease of the suction from the carbs and fatty substances, the acceleration of the cleavage of the molecules from the lipid complex and the
  • the elimination of the need for it to be sustained;
  • with the release of the energy resources, the increase of the workability, and resistance;
  • the burning of the excess calories with the active load;
  • the excretion of toxins, poisons, and excess fluid.

For women who want to lose weight, you need to be aware of the fact that the burning of the fat, you are not working out, more often than not provide result you expect.

If, however, the low-carbohydrate diet or, at the very least, a little exercise, and most of them quite successfully, to cope with the task.

Types of burn fat

With this concept, such as fat burning, to use it with the intention of speaking, because of these medications in a large part, vary in accordance with the scheme contained in the composition of substances and their features.

Thus, in terms of both the composition and principle of action are to be separated in the following ways:

  1. Thermogenic (thermogenic). Accelerating the metabolism, increasing the body's temperature by 0.5 — 2 degrees, which will reduce the feeling of hunger, activates the brain, the thyroid gland and the central nervous system.
  2. Medication, burning fat. Hydroxycitrate consider it to be one of the best-smooth, body fat-burning. He is active in the oxidation of lipids and reduces the appetite. Also, in an intense fat-burning, according to the endocrinologist, the thyroid hormone triiodthyronine. But it is very dangerous due to the uncontrollable disturbance of the function of the thyroid gland and the myocardium, the severe side effects. And, in fact, the effectiveness of a drug to down — quickly fell by the mass of the body is restored after its cancellation.
  3. Lipotropic drugs (lipotropiki). This is the category for the most part, it includes the sports and bio-supplements vitamins-the like substances. They will increase the intensity of the processes, which occur in the breaking down of fats and chromium, levocarnitine, lecithin, inosine). Its action is gentle, so it lipotropiki is often given in combination in the compositions or applied in the patients of the female sex, with a little bit of excess weight.
  4. Called in to fats. Thus, the function of the enzymes that break down lipids, can inhibit the absorption of fats.
  5. It
  6. Anorectic. To make it expresses the act on the nerve centers of the brain, dulling the sensation of hunger. They are not directly involved in the processing of fats. It really help you lose weight and reduce the volume of the stomach, leading to a quick a feeling of saturation, a small amount of food. Most often used drug for this group, the sibutramine. The long-term effect that persists after termination.
  7. Anticatabolic. To reduce the aggressiveness of the hormone cortisol – a hormone that causes the formation of fat deposit to inhibit the process of absorption of fats and carbohydrates.
  8. Laxatives and water pills (diuretics). Water pills (diuretics) do not affect the splitting of the lipids. Most of the mass of a body is due to the relatively short period of excretion of the fluids of the body.

Fat burners are not working out, is a new class of anti-malarial drug anorectic, and anorexigenos, and a lot of it is a serious pharmaceutical product has serious side-effects, and a large number of indications and contra-indications. Your allowed to apply only after a consultation with a neurologist, with a doctor's prescription. Anorectic it does not affect the metabolism of fat and suppress the appetite through its action on the central nervous system and, in particular, in the nerve center from the field.

Sports nutrition

In the group of sports-fat burners for women (and men) that includes the medicinal products, the basis of which many times, are substances from plants. With such a complex tool that is very effective for weight loss, but many of them, especially the Thermogenic, it's not so benign, that it must be taken into account. But, the active additive, on the contrary of the sport, it should not contain chemicals with medicinal components.

The biologically active substances that are used as a means to reduce weight:

  • has a smooth impact.
  • intensify the services of the blood lipids;
  • to reduce the need for food.
  • to help keep track of your weight loss process;
  • it is as well that affect the whole of a woman's body.

The Natural burning of fat for weight loss

Natural fat burning this is the greatest part of the substances from plant extracts and herbs from the entry in the add weight to the correctness of the weight and of the dietary supplement.

And the most safe for women, fat burners for natural weight loss, you might be entering in the dietary supplement, and prevents the deposition of fat;

  1. L-carnitine — vitamin-B11 (natural amino acids).
  2. Green tea and coffee.
  3. The omega-3 linoleic acid (CLA).
  4. The berries of the Goji, and the leaves of the raspberry. They are used more as an accessory, is a diuretic.
  5. Green tea
  6. Hydroxycitrate (hydroxycitric acid). Additives typically contain an extract from the rind of the fruit cambodia Garcinia (indian wood).
  7. Naringin – plant flavonoids and citrus fruits.
  8. In the chitosan.
  9. Pyruvate (a salt pyruvate acid).
  10. Microcrystalline cellulose, composed of natural fibers of cotton, prevents the emergence of feelings of hunger.
  11. The extract of orange peel (a natural synephrine).
  12. Glucomannan. The food, the fiber, which does not lend itself to the processing of the enzyme, and if it comes into contact with the stomach, the belly, detract from the need for food intake. It enters into the composition of the famous Bada Neo Slim.
  13. Choline – vitamin-like substance, it speeds up the metabolism and breakdown of fats.
  14. Caffeine (matein) – the natural phosphorylase to an alkali, that increases the body's metabolism.
  15. It – wild-a shrub whose berries contain a caffeine.
  16. Ephedrine – an alkaloid found in the plant ephedra, which is formed, is used in medicine.
  17. Bitter orange contains synephrine-a natural (as opposed to the chemical synephrine, and by the action of a resemblance to the buzz, which is included in many thermogenic).

How to make this drink at home

The burning of the fat, and drink the delicious and helpful for women, it's easy to cook at home.

At the root of fresh ginger (3-4 cm), to cut, to blend in with the leaves of the raspberry, and blueberries (with a spoon), and pour a quart of boiling water. So sweet, you can add a tablespoon of the flour from the leaves of the stevia. To rest for 20 minutes. Once you stretch out and cool down the drink, add the finely chopped piece of a grapefruit, an orange, a lemon (to taste) and cinnamon, on the tip of a knife. Drink the ginger-citrus tea, it must be a little bit of everything for the whole day.

The list of giraud-burning products of

Natural Giraudgravação products that will not only help you lose weight and suppress your appetite, but also give off toxins, pollutants, excess fluids, which prevent the deposition of fat in the body.

These are the most useful.

  • the spinach, radishes, tomatoes, and any kind of salad, cucumbers, cabbage, especially color, broccoli, parsley, asparagus;
  • the egg yolk (choline);
  • cinnamon, pepper and cayenne;
  • coffee, cola, guarana, cola, and natural (caffeine), cocoa, coffee, tea (any), red tea, yerba mate tea (polyphenols);
  • citrus fruits with naringin (specially grapefruit), kiwi, raspberry, apple, avocado, pineapple contains bromelain, a division of the complex to lipid);
  • ginger, yam, artichoke (includes Giraudgravação complex (made in china)
  • oats, barley, wheat, and
  • sea kale, collard greens;
  • a natural wine (no more than 150 ml per day).
  • lean cultivated drinks.
Cake, drink, and

The side effects of taking

It is not to forget the numerous contra-indications and adverse drug reactions that occur during the application of the fat burning.

  • The application of the permanent thermogenic it increases the load on the central nervous system and the myocardium, thus reducing its life span.
  • A majority of anorectic and anorexigenos, are expressed on the undesired side-effects in the form of the dependence of the excitation, the voltage on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, the application of strictly limited to.
  • Many of the fat burners (anorectic) are anti-depressants, and it can be complicated to a violation of the psyche, sleep disorders, sexual assaults, depression, and even suicidal urges.
  • Anorectic are prohibited for pregnant women and nursing mothers, diabetics, and patients with pathologies of the heart, increased blood pressure, kidney disease, and liver disorders. Side effects: the defeat of the nervous system by the natural phenomena of the psychosis, heart pain, vomiting, thirst, lethargy, trembling of the limbs.
  • The long-term reception of antibiotics leads to the washout of the valuable substance, disturbances in the electrolyte balance of the problems with the working of the kidneys and of the liver, osteoporosis, bone fragility.

There are supplements, hormone, it is not recommended for women, as well as lead to infertility, for the development of male sexual characteristics, endocrine disorders. Very undesirable for the receipt of drugs in violation of the natural level of estrogen. Grapefruit, pineapple, and many other products against ulcer, gastritis, stones-education agencies, and strong tea and coffee, high blood pressure, people with a neurosis they suffer from insomnia. In addition to this, it should always be remembered that any substance of natural, fruits, nuts, and spices, and is capable of causing an allergic reaction, acute. For example, it is very useful for natural, chitosan may cause anaphylactic shock in people with allergies to fish. Certainly, to deal with the excess weight need to and fat burners on the war, to come to the aid. But it's important for your parking, you have agreed with your doctor, and he gave himself up with a well-balanced diet and physical activity mild to moderate.