The best diet

The best diet before you you you you you. This is a diet that has the best reviews and results. It is a diet three times in four days. The result is simply excellent - you don't have to starve to death painfully, but the excess weight is gone, to be sure.At the last supper, with such a diet, not later than 4 hours before you go to bed. It is very important to us!

The best diet

If you would prefer to to a sedentary lifestyle, then you are going to find that not only is it one of the best clinic in proctology, but the greater the excess of weight. To deal with this nuisance, you have to use it all the stronger and more reliable. Receive the best diet that can be of great use to you. First of all, some of the rules of a healthy life-style.

  • The stomach should have a rest. Sleeping requires calories. For this reason, I never download the the stomach during the night.
  • Drink as much water - a condition for "the best diet".
  • The meal should be 3 hours. The effectiveness of a strong diet, it is difficult to over-estimate. Due precisely to the terms and conditions of this steady diet.

The essence of ray-diet -

The essence of the proposal is the best "diet" is that it is made up of several mono-diet, with a duration of 3 days. It is well known that a mono-diet is a very effective tool in the fight against excess weight. However, some of the food is still harmful to the body for a long period of time. When the same amount of time on the diet, not in excess of 3 working days, and a diet of speed, it is replaced by another one, the body experiences a serious lack of vitamins, and no damage to health is not to be applied to it. Excess weight, on the contrary, it will be very strong. Literally on the 3rd day and it will surprise you with the ease of the entire body, that they will receive.

It should also be noted that this is a diet that has a very good feedback from the women who rejected the excess weight after the age of 40. And, as we all know, at that age, lose the weight, it's a lot more difficult for you to communicate with the lapse of time to work on the body's metabolism.

Fast diet

In the first of a 3-day-diet - is-used-of-kefir 1% yogurt, it can be a green tea, and water. But it's nothing fresh and all the food must be sugar free. We have decided to say goodbye to excess weight. Dairy products to the diet no later than 3 business days to retrieve the gut microbiota to establish in the digestion and prepare your body, the more severe the loss of excess weight.

The second of the 3-day-diet- day-diet-of-apples-any one and in any quantity. This is an excellent mono-diet of fruit, to nourish you and vitamins and help you to say good-bye to the scum.

The third of the 3-day-diet- is-used-only boiled chicken with no salt, and hides.So, your body will enter necessary details. This protein mono-diet, lose 3 days to 3 kg.

The room is a 3-day - cheese, dry white wine, not too many, 2 or 3 pieces of the 3-to 4-fold. Along with the tea, it can be a lemon, but no sugar. Drive case you don't eat cheese very much, it is no more than 3-4 slices. Try to buy cheese in the lower level of body fat. If you are not sure that you will be able to eat such a dish, at the best, replace the cheese and yogurt, yogurt and milk.If you still love to eat in-between meals you can drink a glass of 1% kefir or mineral water.The chicken can be replaced with cooked beef or cooked fish. In general, any product that can substitute the like, the main thing is that the meal has less fat and sugar.This is actually the number of points in each, and best of all , the most powerful of the diet.