Protein diet for weight loss

The protein in the diet in terms of diet, is a diet the most effective, and that really helps you lose weight. But in the discussions with the interested parties radically differ in two major areas: some of the worship is a very fast special effect of a diet rich in protein, as well as the ease of compliance with it, and others are crowded with normal, due to the problems that can arise from many health problems that are caused by a steady increase in the consumption of protein in the food. On the right you may want to consider both of these options, however, the protein diet weight loss it can also be a powerful tool to dramatically reduce the weight of the body, but under the condition of correct and rational use.

The protein in the diet

Protein diet for weight loss: what is the most important

Protein is one of the most basic and important nutrients that are required in order to complete the quality of life for any person. A number of polypeptides is considered to be proteins, such as the molecular composition of alpha-amino acids, connected to each other, are very much sustainable in the peptide of the media.

In the cells of any living beings, normal functions of the proteins, quite varied. All of the enzyme, the protein could respond to the metabolism and biochemistry; and other types of protein are used for the maintenance and strengthening of the integrity of the cytoskeleton (this is called a "frame" of the cytoplasm and into the multi-celled). The proteins that are actively involved in a wide variety of immune responses, with the exchange of data between the cells in the body. The majority of the proteins, and at the same time very useful in many aspects of the human body.

The body of a human to their full potential in health and growth, is constantly in need of a lot of a variety of amino-acids, and not all of them are able to be synthesized independently of each other. During digestion, proteins are transformed into a variety of amino acids, which enter into the composition of their own proteins in the human body, or to break it even more, what stands out is the energy that is essential to drop weight.

The essence of a high-protein diet

The essence of a balanced, healthy diet rich in proteins, that is, the constant saturation of the body with a high-protein product, and the restriction of the carbohydrates of the food.

During the diet, the body is a combination of energy conservation. When the supply of power when it's not coming from carbs, the body begins to extract the hidden in the glycogen stores. It is stored in the adipose tissue, and muscle. First of all, the weight loss is due to a severe loss of fluid, then the energy, the material begins to adipose (fat) tissue. The sensation of being hungry during a diet is high in protein, it almost felt, as well as the foods that are rich in protein and satisfaction and more time for you to digest.

As a result, a high-protein diet, you will be able to replace, on average, up to 5 kilos per week.

Please note: the total length of a high-protein diet should not exceed 2 weeks.

In excess of the time limit for complying with a diet rich in protein is not approved by the diet could not be considered to be well-balanced. Repeat the process, it is recommended to not less than one year after the date of the end of the previous one.

The main benefit of a diet rich in protein

  • The protein in the diet can be quite varied. It allows you to eat and drink according to your taste.
  • Pounds on the high protein diet to fall off fast enough, but there is no feeling of hunger (protein is digested a very long time, giving it time).
  • After the end of the diet, people rarely, it has been gaining ever dropped pounds, reverse
  • The digestion of the proteins they need to take in more calories than the digestion of carbohydrates. To end up with the number of calories that are expended, in and of itself, to digest, to improve the results.
Chicken breast

High protein foods: list of products

From the calculation of 100 g of product / gram of protein

Baby corn, cooked30,7
Chicken and corn stew20
Turkey-wheat, cooked25,3
Rabbit stew24,6
SalmonAt 22.9
Cod in poland17.6 in
At its core19,9
Fish18.5 mi
Calamari (steak)18
The crabs18,7
The protein of hard-boiled egg 1pcs. - 25 gr.3
Low-fat milk3
Yogurt, fat-freeThe 4.3
Yoghurt 1.5%,5
Cheese, cottage, low-fat18
Cheese: low oilFrom 25 to 30
Dumplings of potatoes-2 PCs.The 5.3
The potatoes are cookedThe 2.4
Cooked rice, brownA 2.2
Rice that has been cooked wellThe 2.4
Rye breadThe 6.5
Polka dot-green5
Kale, collard greens, and whiteThe 1.8
Sweet pepperThe 1.3
Herbs (parsley, fennel, lettuce, chestnut)A 1.5-to 3.7
The radish1,2
GreensThe 1.5
BananaThe 1.5
CherryThe 1.1
Black currant1
Cool whiteThe 3.7
Mushrooms, fresh,The 4.3
SauerkrautThe 1.8
Dried apricotsThe 5.2
The beerThe 1.8
ChangesThe 2.3
AppleA 2.2
DateThe 2.5
Natural honey0,8
Soup, soup vegan1
PotatoThe 1.4
Peas3.4 a
For the chicken broth0,5
The juice of the meatA 0.6
Cooked meat24
Carne guisadaA 14.3
Lamb and wheat, cooked22
Stew the liver11
Liver, meat22,8
Grilled chicken26,3
Roast turkey26,2
Salmon roe31,6
The black granular caviar28,6
Some pollock28,4
The milk that is 3.2%The 2.8
Kefir boldThe 2.8
Cottage cheese bold font16,7
Dutch cheese26
The port and cheeseAt 25.2
Feta cheese17,9
Sausage, cheese, or smoked23
Processed cheese22
The onion2
Cabbage, white, stewed2
Red cabbage colorThe 3.1
Zucchini friesThe 1.1
It was stuffed with vegetables2
Polka dot-greenThe 3.1
TomatoesThe 1.1
Green beans1,2
Caviar of eggplantIn 1.7
Some of the zucchini2
The whole wheat bread, rye-wheat,7
Bread, wheat flour (top gradeThe 8.1
The juice from the tomatoes1
Pork and corn stew22,6
Pork roast20
Schnitzel, minced meat of porkThe 13.5
A pair of finely chopped beef14,6
Kebab of lambAt 22.9
Short ribs, rack of lamb,20
Duck-wheat, cookedWith an average of 19.7
Roast duck22,6
Foie gras18
Shortbread 4-Pc.At 14.5
Canned in variousFrom 15 to 20
Shaggy and doctoral degrees12,8
Sausage, dairy products11.7 in.)
The sausage krakowWith a 16.2
Dogs, Air Conditioning17,1
Pork sausage meat11,4
Pork sausageThe 10.1
Sausages, milk,11
The hamA 14.3
Salmon, sturgeon,20,4
The liver of a cod naturalMore than 4.2
Sardines in oil17,9
Fillet of salmon

Where do you start? Here is a list of 5 products that are most suitable for a high-protein diet. The high protein content, these products contain less fat and carbohydrates.

Chicken breast

The most popular food at the time of a high-protein diet. In a breast-200 grams, and 40 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat and 200 calories. It is just essential for weight loss.

Fillet of salmon

Food products: the high contents of protein and helpful omega-3 fatty acids. To 100 g of the product contains 20 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat and 153 calories.

The meat

As useful as a chicken breast, but the fat content is a little higher than the last one.

In 100 grams of the meat of it is 24 grams of protein, 15 grams fat 228 calories.


The yolk of the egg is a lot of calories. If you eat, say, a 5-egg size, we suggest you to play off of the 2nd-3rd egg. If you are not a pony, and then the protein from the eggs, the worst-metabolized - the yolk of the egg, it helps in the digestion of proteins. 1 egg 12.5 g protein, 11 g fat, 157 calories.

Protein Shakes

1 cup of a protein cocktail containing about 40 grams of protein. In addition, various post-it contains a high amount of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, A, C, PP). In certain types of cocktails are also added to salt in the city of cali, and of sodium, fructose, sucrose.

Attention! Not all of the foods that are rich in protein, with no limits there are. A lot of foods that are rich in proteins, they are also very heavy!


In it, 19 grams of protein and 17 grams of fat.

The liver of the cod

4 grams of protein and 65 grams of fat.

Protein diet menu for 7 and 14 days

The protein in the diet for 7 days

An example of a menu

The size of the portions, individually adjustable

Monday -Breakfast: low-salt, porridge oats in the water (to the 4-Ot. l.) and tomatoes Monday breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (100 grams) Lunch: 200 g of fish steamed, salad, leafy vegetables, freshly squeezed vegetable juice afternoon Snack: yogurt Dinner: a stew with mushrooms, and cooked chicken

Tuesday's breakfast: French toast, cheese and pasta Monday-breakfast: yoghurt or sour milk Lunch: beef steak, veggies Snack: handful of nuts Dinner: grapefruit juice, and the fruit of the sea

Wednesday breakfast: a yogurt (150 to 200 g of cottage cheese Second cup of coffee in the morning: protein shake Lunch: 200 g of boiled chicken without skin, vegetables afternoon Snack: grapefruit (a number of golek) - Dinner: fish stew (200 g)

On Thursday , coffee in the Morning, steam protein omelet Monday-breakfast: sour milk-Lunch: 200 g of beef, 1 fresh cucumber) Snack: apple Dinner: hall-of-fish-and-cucumber

Friday -Breakfast: cheese vats (up to 200 g curd, 1 St. l. bran, cinnamon, and 2 for the protein) and the Second breakfast: yogurt Lunch: soup, chicken (with no crackers, or 1 egg) Snack: handful of nuts Dinner: steaming omelette, with spinach

Saturday Morning breakfast: - wheat, cooked, without salt corn (100 g) lunch: 100 g of yogurt, and ricotta cheese Lunch: grilled fish, steamed vegetables Snack: 100 g of grapes and 200 ml of yogurt Dinner: 200 g of beef tenderloin, lamb, chicken, and vegetables

Sunday Morning breakfast: French toast and an omelette-protein Second breakfast: sour milk Lunch: beef steak with vegetables Snack: almonds (30 g) Dinner: a serving of baked beans, and fresh vegetables

Protein diet menu for 14 days

* * * The size of the portions, individually adjustable

On Monday

Coffee break: coffee / tea making facilities. Breakfast: an egg and coleslaw. Lunch: 100 grams of cooked brown rice, 100g of chicken breast. Afternoon snack: 200 g of ricotta cheese lean. Dinner: fish in just a couple of a 100 g fish in poland, halibut, cod, tuna) or steamed with lemon and a salad (at 100 f.). 2. h. prior to bedtime: a glass of tomato juice.

On Tuesday

Coffee break: coffee / tea making facilities. Lunch: a salad of green cabbage 150g snow peas, and a cookie. Lunch: 100 g rice, 150 g of the fish is cooked through. Afternoon snack: vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper) in the olive oil. Dinner: 200 grams of boiled or in a pair of the low fat content of the meat. Before bed: a cup of yogurt.

On Wednesday

Coffee break: coffee / tea making facilities. Breakfast: an egg, an apple, or an orange or two kiwis. Lunch: 1 hard-boiled egg, salad of carrot and red cabbage with olive oil. Afternoon snack: vegetable salad and 200 g. (kale, collard greens, carrots, the Bulgarian pepper). Dinner: 200 grams of boiled or a couple of low-fat beef or chicken stock for a couple. Before bed: cup of tea or a cup of yogurt.

On Thursday

Breakfast: cup of tea or coffee. Breakfast: one egg, 50 g. cheese, etc. Lunch: stewed zucchini, 300 g.-afternoon Snack: a grapefruit. Dinner: vegetable salad and 200 g. a Before bedtime: the juice of the apple, the 200-g.

On Friday

Breakfast: cup of tea or coffee. Lunch: vegetable salad for 150 g.-Lunch: 50 g of brown rice, 150 g of beef stew afternoon Snack: 150 g. a., and carrot salad. Dinner: an apple. Before bed: a glass of tomato juice.

On Saturday

Breakfast: cup of tea or coffee. Lunch: egg and vegetable salad for 150 g. in the Lunch: - cooked rice powder, 50 grams, 150 grams of chicken breast. Afternoon snack: 150 g. a salad out of the vegetables. Dinner: egg 150 g. of salad, and carrot in the olive oil. Before bed: cup of tea or a cup of yogurt.

On Sunday

Breakfast: cup of tea or coffee. The second breakfast: an apple or an orange. Lunch: 200 g of beef (not lamb) afternoon Snack: 150 g. of cottage cheese. Dinner: vegetable salad and 200 g.-Before bed: a cup of tea, a cup of yogurt.

On Monday

Breakfast, lunch, high tea. The second breakfast: an apple. Breakfast: 100 g buckwheat, cooked, without salt, 150 g of chicken afternoon Snack: 50 g of cheese. Dinner: vegetable salad and 200 g.-Before bed: a cup of tea, a cup of yogurt.

On Tuesday

Coffee morning: the coffee shop. Lunch: salad of cabbage, and 200 g. for Lunch: 50g brown rice, 150g of chicken. Afternoon snack:a 150-g., and carrot salad. Dinner: 2 eggs and a loaf of bread. Before bed: cup of tea or a cup of yogurt.

On Wednesday

Breakfast, lunch, high tea. Lunch: vegetable salad and 200 g. for Lunch: 50g brown rice, 150g of chicken afternoon Snack: tomato juice and 200 g. for Dinner: a grapefruit. Before sleep: tea, black or green.

On Thursday

Coffee morning: the coffee shop. Breakfast: an egg white. Lunch: 200 g salad of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and pepper. Afternoon snack: 50 g. cheese, etc. Dinner: an apple or an orange or 2 kiwis. Before bed: a cup of yogurt, or tea.

On Friday

Breakfast, lunch, high tea. The second breakfast: an apple. Lunch: 50 g of brown rice, 150 grams of chicken. Afternoon snack: 150 g. KapuStbutgon the salad with the olive oil. Dinner: 2 eggs in it. Before bed: a cup of yogurt, or tea.

On Saturday

Coffee morning: the coffee shop. Lunch: vegetable salad and 200 g. for Lunch: 50 grams of oatmeal, 150 grams of chicken Snack: a glass of orange juice. Dinner: 100 g.-boiled fish, 50 g. rice. Before bed: a cup of yogurt, or tea.

On Sunday

Breakfast, lunch, high tea. The second breakfast: cottage cheese 150 g. Lunch: 50 g of brown rice, 150 g of the fish is cooked through. Afternoon snack: 150 g. in the salad. Dinner: 2 eggs and a loaf of bread. Before bed: a glass of tomato juice.

The mixture of the protein in the diet

There are of diets and techniques, in which the protein component is added to a sauce. For example:

  • Protein-vitamin diet. You have the option of a power-to-weight-loss. As a component of the vitamin, contains a certain kinds of vegetables and fruits.
  • - Protein-diet-of-vegetables. For this system, the protein-receiving switch with the purchase of a lemon. This system is designed for a period of more than 1 week. After the weight-loss will be about 5 to 7 pounds.
  • - Protein-diet-fruit. The system was constructed by alternating between a protein on the intake of the foods and flavors of fresh fruit intake of food items. It is based on the principles of food combining. The use of a high-haveglевonдных of the product is limited.
The meat

Contra-indications, and, in the opinion of the medical

The clinical indications for the compliance of the high-protein diet are:

  • high blood pressure
  • samelhbut-stone disease,
  • planning for pregnancy, being pregnant, or breast-feeding
  • the age of the child
  • atherosclerosis
  • the drop
  • dyskinesia of the intestine
  • ulcers in the stomach
  • duodenal ulcer
  • retrieved
  • kidney disease

Also, the protein in the diet is undesirable, diabetes, chronic constipation, atony of the bowel, gastritis, and allergies. Especially careful when the protein in your diet, you need to be a people who are prone to depression, and that those whose profession is related to the stress of the attention.

What do the doctors say? The lack of carbs is bad for the functioning of the central nervous system, because at the time, to comply with such a diet, you may feel weakness, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and fatigue. The lack of carbohydrates may cause the effect of the acetone. Pet food is hardly digested by the body, so that there might be a problem with the digestive system and the pancreas. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the time of the fulfillment of a protein-rich diet.