To make jogging for weight loss how much should you run to lose weight

If you want to start running to lose weight, you must follow a few rules.

During the race, the body expends a lot of energy. When you do this, it normalizes the body's metabolism, burning calories, speed up your metabolism, improves work of digestive system. In addition to this, if you strengthen all of the muscles in the body, saturated with oxygen from the circulatory system, it lowers the level of cholesterol in blood, improves the work of cardiovascular system.

It is not a secret for anybody that, to make jogging is one of the most simple and affordable methods of weight loss. At the same time, I've heard a lot of times, far from wanting to lose weight, so what do they run on a regular basis but if you are not losing weight. The fact is that the implementation of the weight-loss has a lot of nuances that need to be considered in order to achieve the desired effect.

So, let's see how and how much to run to lose weight.


7 the rules of operation for weight-loss

Taking more than 40 minutes

The first 40 minutes of the race, the body operates on carbohydrates (glycogen is a carbohydrate complex, which is stored in the cells of the liver and the muscles). And then, and only then proceeds to the stage of burning of the fat. That is, running for weight loss, you need to have at least 50 minutes at an average pace. This is probably the very first thing that you need to know about this subject. So, if you are a beginner, it is 40 minutes, it is unlikely that you'll be able to handle. The newbies all of the specialists recommend you to switch to slow running and fast walking.

A corridor is a method of weight loss will be a long cross for a period of less than one hour, with the monotonous speed, the pulse is not more than 150 UD./min. this corresponds to the run with a low intensity.

Eat properly

I have heard many times the phrase, "You are, the hallways, even though the cake whole and eat, then in the year of the burn. Unfortunately, that is not the case. For reducing the ill-fated mass of fat, you must burn more energy than you've consumed. This means that any amount of physical activity that works for the benefit of the fat burning, in conjunction with a proper diet.

Not necessarily to eat after a workout

Another mistake to starve yourself after a workout, you can burn more calories. If you want to use it in a race for the loss, you do not weaken yourself for the fast. The word "diet" does not mean the starvation, the diet is the right set of products, and in the combination and quantity, as well as the rejection of harmful food, fast food, soft drinks, potato chips, mayonnaise, foods that are rich in starch, sugar, baked food, snacks, and t. d. you should Include in your diet, it is a choice of cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Increase the amount of clean water at least 2 liters a day.

Exercising regularly

An easy run once a week, it will be pleasant, but it's part of a healthy diet useless. To get rid of those extra pounds, run at least three times a week. Ideally, go out for a run on a daily basis. Winter, rain, wind – it is not an excuse for canceling your workout. Right now, the market of the sport goods, there are a large number of devices, which allows you to train at any one time.

Mix different types of training

The proper technique of the race

The long cross-intervalar-of-a-training-high-intensity (for a runner), cross-country skiing, and the exercise of power on the basis of the sum of all the occurrences of fid, there are many ways to diversify your workout.

Have fun with your training

Just enjoy what you do, you'll be able to quickly achieve the result. If each one of us to run to you, to the psychological and physical distress in the body, and very soon you will begin to resist stress, it might be an injury, major depression, and unconquerable laziness. To deal with this, it usually helps with the music in his headphones, bright and elegant weapon. From personal observations, I can see that a lot of girls, sometimes they go out for a training session, it's because, in order to demonstrate the new, the beautiful game. What you don't is the motivation?

Please be patient

He decided to start running to lose weight, you need to understand very clearly that, with no harm to your health in the process of getting rid of excess weight, it takes at least three months. For each, this time it's different, and it depends on many factors: the amount of extra pounds, speed metabolism, and a number of training sessions per week, and the uptake of nutrients into the body, disrupting the body's metabolism, and the desire (or unwillingness) to keep his or her diet.

And here are a few recommendations how to properly run to lose weight, and to see the effect of your workout.

How to run to lose weight

  • The first 40 minutes, your body burns glycogen. Well, the first 40-45 minutes, the race is going to turn into an "exercise" for those who want to lose weight, the fat will start to burn off within the next 10 to 20 minutes. A run must be 1 hour, comfortable for you to a rhythm, not too fast and not to slow down.
  • Don't forget to restore it. It is not possible to make progress without rest, your muscles need to recover. For the week, you must be at least one day of rest. Do not take more than two vasocontinsignia of training per week. At least 50% of your workout should be time-consuming (not less than 60 minutes).
  • Run a ground from the 50's to the 90 minutes. Such a race requires the proper physical preparation. It combines the uniform and crossing the lower the pulse, and the range of the cut in the hill, with the increase of the heart rate. Thus, the burning of a large amount of calories. In this trick you will give a more tangible result, to reset the weight can be increased to 30, up to 40% of that during the run-in stage. But it is not suitable for beginners.
  • Hold your breath, don't close your mouth during a race, how do you do this over the course of your journey. Try to breathe at the same time, the mouth and the nose: as soon as you can for each and every breath to capture the greatest amount of oxygen, giving your muscles more work, without acidification.
  • Watch out for your wrist. Endurance is the physical load of service will be effective only if the pulse is going to, within the limits of the target zone. To calculate, subtract your age from 220. Your heart rate during your workout should be no more than 80 to 90 per cent of the total value. Your heart rate over a long period of time in fact you should never exceed 170 DU./min. If you can see it on their sports hour, the pulse, has stepped up to a 160, you must reduce the speed.
  • The timer interval running for weight loss
  • Choosing the right shoes. Riders with too much weight, and particularly important is the use of running shoes with greater cushioning. It is of the utmost importance to the integrity of the joint. If you are suffering from obesity, it does not try to escape, as a professional athlete, with the front part of the foot. Planttect in the middle part of the foot, and in practice, the choice of trail in the park and the stadium of the soft.

Contraindications to the use of the run-up to the weight loss

Before you start running to lose weight, do not be lazy to visit your doctor to find out, there are no known contraindications. In overweight people, as a rule, the indications and contra-indications are more common than others. Banned on the run-for people with heart disease, high blood pressure, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer disease. You need to suspend lessons, and after abdominal surgery. It is not recommended to run a lot of the people, and in the second one, and the more degrees of varicose veins.