A balanced diet for weight loss

Currently, a balanced diet is considered the least harmful to human health. When overweight, there is no need to drastically reduce the caloric content of incoming food, adhere to a mono diet or reject food altogether. All these measures will have a negative impact on the condition of the body, and with the desired thinness, you can get many serious diseases. A balanced diet to lose weight means avoiding harmful and unhealthy foods, because you can lose weight and not endanger your health. Engaging in active sports, you can increase your daily calorie intake, but do not forget that after lunch food can not be heavy and easily digested, but in the morning you can acquire something higher in calories.

a balanced diet for weight loss

Adhering to a balanced diet, fatty and high -calorie foods should be replaced with natural low -calorie foods, completely abandoning baked goods and desserts. The diet must be less red meat, and more vegetables, sea fish, low-fat dairy products. Fried dishes are replaced by boiled, stewed, grilled dishes.

The most important advantage of a balanced diet is that the body is cleansed and starts working with a new spirit. For those who want to lose weight fast, this diet is not suitable. A proper balanced diet for weight loss is planned for a long time, so as not only to part with unnecessary weight, but also to improve the whole body as a whole.

The effectiveness of the diet, its characteristics

how to lose weight with a balanced diet

A balanced diet for weight loss can positively affect metabolism, with the help of which toxins and toxins are removed from the body. As a result, the incoming food will be digested faster and do not have time to be stored in the form of fat folds on the body. To do this, you just need to stop consuming certain foods.

Fat appears when the menu contains sweets, flour dishes, semi-finished products. Enough to exclude the intake of white bread, bread, chocolate bars, and the body must find energy in its own fat storage, and this will inevitably lead to weight loss.

A balanced weight loss diet balances foods rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. Protein is a type of building block for muscle tissue, and complex carbohydrates are suppliers of vitamins and other nutrients. By eating protein and complex carbohydrates, you can eliminate hunger for a long time, there will be no desire to eat something fatty and harmful.

Eat a balanced diet for at least three months. Ideally, a balanced diet should be the foundation of your diet for a lifetime. This by no means means that you will not be able to indulge in a cake or a piece of cake. After reaching the required weight, once a week, allowed to stay away from the diet and enjoy something forbidden. But, as exercise has shown, after a while, you no longer want to be fatty and sweet.

The biggest benefit of a balanced diet is its undeniable health benefits. Adhering to proper nutrition, not only does the figure change for the better. The condition of the skin improves, the hair becomes stronger and shiny, energy and vitality appear.

The downside of dieting is that you have to change your eating habits, spend your time looking for organic products and prepare healthy meals. But these shortcomings are so small that many people have long chosen a balanced diet and are happy to adhere to its principles.

Balanced diet rules

  1. The diet should not contain spicy, fried, fatty foods. However, it is impossible to completely leave fats, they must be in the diet, you just need to know which ones are useful, and which ones only harm your health and figure. Any fast food, cooking, sweet sodas, chips are also not included.
  2. The menu is made based on the health and beauty of the product. They must provide the body with all the necessary ingredients, while not overloading it.
  3. You need to eat regularly and little by little. Cannot eat food once a day, even if the food is not high in calories and prepared from healthy foods. Snacks are also very dangerous for the figure, so you can’t let that kind of hunger show up when you want to eat a pie or hamburger.
  4. Calorie intake and expenditure should be balanced. By playing sports and moving a lot, you can increase the calorie content of food. If the lifestyle is more passive, then the calorie content should be less.
  5. You need to eat in a calm atmosphere, following this process, carefully chewing each bite. You cannot eat while running, in a hurry, in a nervous mood and in a state of stress and nervous irritation - such food will not bring benefits.
  6. Lowering sugar will help you lose those hated extra pounds faster. Store sweets can be replaced with seasonal fruits-they taste delicious and are very healthy.

Weekly Diet Menu

what foods can and cannot be eaten on a balanced diet

The result depends on how precisely the balanced food menu is arranged. A balanced diet for a week involves the consumption of low-fat dairy products, sea fish, vegetables, fruits, and a variety of grains. The choice is quite large, and everyone can cook their own dishes that will satisfy their tastes. Between lunch and dinner, you can eat any fruit, and before bed, drink a glass of low -fat kefir.


  • boiled eggs, tea or coffee without sugar;
  • boiled beef, natural yogurt;
  • chicken broth, vegetable salad, cottage cheese;
  • boiled or stewed fish, cabbage salad, tea.


  • tuna with cucumber and boiled eggs, natural yogurt;
  • vegetable soup, green salad with low -fat soft cheese, kiwi;
  • beans, boiled in tomato sauce, boiled chicken breast, rye bread;


  • whole wheat bread with soft cheese and tomatoes;
  • low-fat broth soup, croutons, fruit;
  • vegetable salad with olive oil or flaxseed, boiled broccoli or cauliflower, vegetable juice.


  • boiled buckwheat with tomatoes, low -fat kefir;
  • vegetable stew with uncut rice, berries or chocolate;
  • fish, vegetables boiled in sour cream sauce.


  • fruit salad with low -fat natural yogurt, oatmeal with honey;
  • meat broth, chicken fillet with vegetables, tea;
  • fish with salad, tomato juice without salt.


  • vegetable salad with boiled chicken, tea / coffee without sugar;
  • low -fat borscht, vinaigrette, apples;
  • baked potatoes in their skins, with curd sauce and herbs.


  • pearl barley porridge, yogurt, apples;
  • boiled meat with vegetables, chicken broth, fruits;
  • vegetable stew (without added potatoes), green salad with low -fat cheese.

Other Most Balanced Diets

balanced dietary choices for weight loss

Actually, there are some balanced diets. They are not like a regular diet, when you have to count calories every day and adhere to a strict and specific menu.

  • Mediterranean Diet.Many fans of this diet, which can hardly be described as a diet, are very varied and beneficial. The choice of products allowed is very rich, you can prepare new dishes every day. This balanced weight loss diet guarantees well -being, an optimistic mood, and enjoyment of eating. The following products are welcome: of course fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, olive oil, eggs, low-fat cheese, natural yogurt, durum wheat pasta. Dry red wine is allowed, which with this diet is recommended to be drunk daily, but not more than one glass.
  • Finnish Diet.This was created in Finland, when in cold weather people began to quickly gain weight. The essence of the Finnish diet is vegetarian soup. Also, fish must be present in the diet: cod, herring, salmon, trout, and shrimp or lobster are also allowed. For those who cannot imagine their lives without meat, it is permissible to eat rabbits or cows. You can eat cereals, also berries, vegetables, fruits.
  • Fitness diet.This low -calorie and balanced diet is ideal for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and frequent gym visits. Diet will help make the body more prominent, not feel tired and hungry, to support the body while doing vigorous exercise. Products allowed by the fitness diet are protein (eggs, boiled meat, fish, cottage cheese), boiled vegetables or in the form of salads with the addition of olive oil or natural yogurt, as well as whole wheat breads and cereals.

Reviews & Results

According to people who have tried a balanced diet, they are only beneficial. No hunger, a varied menu, the ability to compose a daily diet independently - these are the advantages of a balanced diet that are highly highlighted. In addition, almost everyone after the first month of a balanced diet sees an increase in their well -being, a decrease in volume, the appearance of energy and the desire to move actively.

  • Comment # 1: "I love to sit and starve too much. So a healthy balanced diet is definitely my choice. I managed to lose 2 kg in a week. I think I will continue to stick to a proper diet, Ireally like it. "
  • Comment # 2: "What kind of diet have I tried. Yes, I lose weight if I do everything right. But my hair also starts to fall out, nails break, and my face turns gray. And when I switched to a dietnormal, everything pounds immediately back. A balanced protein diet does not give such consequences, on the contrary. Eating right, I noticed that my appearance became much better. "
  • Review number 3: "I like a simple balanced diet. You can allow yourself a lot, and at the same time lose weight. And the best part is that you don't want harmful foods. At first I was skeptical about this diet, after allall of us are accustomed to the fact that diet is strict restrictions and eternal hunger. But when I lost 6 kg in the summer, without realizing any discomfort in nutrition, I realized that a balanced diet is really a very useful and effective thing. NowI recommend it to all my friends. "