A set of exercises to lose weight at home

Diet alone is not enough to look beautiful, you need to take time for physical exercise. Therefore, we have prepared an exercise to lose weight at home for you every day. For women, this is the best option to give elasticity to their muscles in a few sessions. In some cases, you do not need to do a rigid diet, because with exercise alone, you can lose weight from 3 to 7 kg in a month.

a set of exercises to lose weight at home

Basic rules for weight loss

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with some useful rules that will help you create a toned body without extra pounds in the future:

  • sports training should be done daily;
  • an hour before the start of exercise, you should eat loosely;
  • warming up before exercising;
  • the load should increase gradually;
  • during class, you should drink some non -carbonated water in small sips;
  • you should start the repetition of the exercise with 10 times (example: 10 squats, 10 somersault, etc. ), with each subsequent exercise increasing by 5 - 10 repetitions, you should reach 50 times.
  • monitor proper breathing;
  • after exercise, start eating no earlier than 2 hours later.
how to lose weight by exercising

Notes!It is good to practice in the fresh air, if this is not possible, you should open the window. So the body will be saturated with oxygen faster, and the weight loss process will move off the ground.

Proper heating

As mentioned above, before doing any exercise, you should warm up the whole body well. So let's start:

  1. we initiate a circular movement in a different direction from the cervical vertebrae. The rotation should be slow and not too deep;
  2. move to the shoulder. We place our hands on our shoulders with the palms of our hands and continue in a circular rotation back and forth;
  3. we go down below. The elbow can be stretched like this, stretching the handle in front of you, parallel to the floor and starting to bend it at the elbow, and then bending;
  4. Hands. Hold your finger to the lock at eye level and start a circular movement without releasing the grip;
  5. warming the back and waist with oblique movements in different directions;
  6. to prepare the lower back for training, you should pretend that you are rotating the loop, while only your hips can function;
  7. knead the legs with regular squats or forward lunges.

Ten approaches from each point will be enough to start the next exercise.

rules for doing exercises to lose weight

Important!You can continue to exercise only after a good warm -up, this will help you avoid unplanned injuries.

A set of sports exercises for each day

So, the time has come when you can spend an hour to lose your weight and not be distracted by anything. Don't waste precious minutes, let's get started.

Sleek handle

This exercise will help you shape your arms and chest for a firmer appearance.

  • We stood with our backs to the wall, took a step forward, turned around. We accepted the main stand (we put our backs straight, feet shoulder -width apart), straightened our arms in front of us, placed our palms on the wall. From this position, we bend the handle at the elbow and try to touch the wallpaper with the tip of the nose. Then, with a sharp motion, we pushed away from the wall and lowered the handle on the seam.
  • We lay on our backs, bent our legs slightly at the knees, stretched our arms to the sides as if you were tired all day and decided to rest a little. But instead of resting, we take a small dumbbell, if it is not there, you can just press the fist, and perform the following movements: we press the sports equipment strongly, gently connect it on the chest, then slowly lower the handle to its original position, let go of our fists and started from the beginning.
  • exercise to lose weight
  • "Boat" training not everyone can do, but you don’t have to step back, try and learn. We lay on our stomachs, chins looking straight and in contact with the floor. On the back we hold our hands on the lock or again using the help of a dumbbell, take it in our hands and bring it back. Now the hardest thing. . . At the same time we tear the chin, arms and legs off the floor, taking the shape of a ship. Relax and repeat the exercise.

Remove the abdomen and straighten the back

This exercise will help straighten your buttocks easily and give your stomach flat.

  1. We sat on the edge of a chair, back straight, feet on the floor. With a slow movement, we pulled the knee to his chest, hugging him with our hands. We returned to the starting position.
  2. We put feet shoulder -width apart, back straight. We bend forward so that our hands touch the floor, while the legs at the knees and back should be straight, we return to the main position, we repeat.
  3. We lay on the shoulders until the spine is in full contact with the hard surface, yes, this is not easy, but give it a try. And we started pulling the knees to the chest, as close as possible. We smoothly returned to the starting position.

Sexy hips and back

There is nothing to discuss here, the more of these exercises, the more these places will stand out.

  • We accepted the basic stand, we put our feet shoulder -width apart. We point the knees and toes in the same direction. We stretch our arms parallel to the floor or lock them behind the head, tighten our buttocks and start squatting.
  • We lay on the training mat, arms stretched out in different directions, palms down. Lift one foot and pull the toes up, start a circular movement with the rest of the foot, first in one direction, then in the other. Switch legs and do the same.
  • exercises to slim the hips and buttocks
  • We took the back of the chair, straightening the back until the shoulder blades were connected. We set one foot aside and started swinging it from side to side, don’t forget to pull on the sock. Repeat with the other leg.

Slim legs

To create slim legs, we recommend using the following exercises.

  1. We lay on the mat, hands on chest. The legs were lifted off the floor and we started "pedaling the bike" first forward, then backward.
  2. We squatted, putting our legs as wide as possible. Then, we start moving the body from one leg to the other, while the body should be in the same position, and the back should be straight.
  3. The easiest exercise is scissors. We lay on the shoulder blades, hands in an arbitrary position, and lifted the feet with the heels to the ceiling until we got the right angle. We propagated it in different directions, while the knees had to stay straight, and we continued training. Slowly gather the legs, then return to the starting position. To prevent your legs from getting too tired, this exercise should be divided into two passes.

Yoga for the face

We already know exercise for harmony, now it still works with the face.

  1. We draw air into the oral cavity, close the lips tightly and begin to roll them in a circular motion from one cheek to the other.
  2. Pull the lips out with the tube for 5 seconds and relax sharply.
  3. With a deep breath through the nose, we pull the cheek, hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, and exhale slowly through the slightly open mouth.
facial slimming exercises

If you have never played sports before, you cannot do all the exercises at once. Start with the easiest and add new movements after each session. This will allow your body to get used to the stress.

Are there any contraindications?

There are weight loss categories that can do exercises at home to lose weight only with the permission of an experienced doctor. This includes people with:

  • high blood pressure;
  • a recent stroke or heart attack;
  • joint or blood vessel problems;
  • thrombosis;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • trauma to the musculoskeletal system.

Dangerous!If you have problems with the cardiovascular system, then you should not risk your health by doing vigorous exercise. You are only allowed to walk slowly and calmly with frequent breaks and only with your doctor’s permission.


To achieve results as quickly as possible, the following products should be removed from the list in the first month:

  • flour products (white bread, pasta and various breads);
  • fried foods (meat and everything else is better boiled or steamed);
  • sweets (chocolates, cakes etc. ).

Helpful Diet Tips:

  • eat more vegetables and fruits;
  • the last meal must be 2 hours before bedtime;
  • no need to be charming at night, this will not lead to anything good;
  • drink no more than 2. 5 liters of water a day;
  • eat only when the body needs it.


Any woman can handle this exercise to lose weight at home. The main thing here is the desire to achieve a good figure and not be lazy. And after a while, your life will be filled with new colors.