"Favorite" diet: nuances, reviews, results

The "Favorite" diet is a popular weight loss technique. It’s a bit hard to adhere to, but the results will be gratifying. How do I follow the "Favorite" diet? Reviews, results, nuances, menus.

The essence of the diet

measure your waist while following your favorite diet

You must follow a diet for a week. You need to eat certain foods every day. That is, the body is rebuilt every day to process various substances and this leads to active fat burning.

So, the first, third and sixth days are drinking. You can drink low -fat kefir, various fresh juices, broth (including meat), jelly, compote, mineral water, tea, cocoa, milk, drink yogurt, coffee (in small amounts). Of course, you need to drink clean water. It speeds up metabolism, helps cleanse the intestines.

The second day is vegetables. On this day, you can eat boiled, fresh and stewed vegetables. You can't salt vegetables. But you can add different seasonings. Potatoes should be left out, and preference should be given to cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, carrots. What can you cook? Salads, soups, stews, snacks.

The fourth day of the diet is fruit. It is allowed to eat different fruits and berries. You definitely need to add citrus, pineapple, apples to the menu. You can eat bananas, but in limited quantities. You can make fruit salads, smoothies, desserts.

On the fifth day of the diet, you should eat protein foods. These are eggs, fish, white boiled meat, seafood. You can also eat yogurt. Salt should be used minimally, but it is better to reject it. On this day, you need to drink plenty of clean water.

The seventh day is mixed. You can eat all the foods allowed throughout the diet.

Useful tips, results and reviews

According to reviews, the hardest part about this diet is enduring the first day. In order not to be bothered by weakness, headaches, it is necessary to refrain from doing physical activity and eat more meat broth. Need to also plan something interesting for today. This will distract from the desire to always eat something and eliminate hunger.

On protein days, you need to drink more clean water. If this is difficult, you can add lemon wedges to the glass. This will enhance the taste.

On the day of vegetables, fruits and protein, it is necessary to prepare a more varied dish than the permitted products. This will help you follow a diet.

Keep in mind about contraindications. You should not adhere to this diet for kidney problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and hypotension, stress, heart failure.

As a result of an encouraging diet, you can get rid of 2-4 kg. However, to maintain it, it is necessary to get out of the diet properly. Within seven days, you should eat more vegetables, protein products. The portion must be small. And then you have to adhere to proper nutrition. That is, eat less sweet and rich foods, cook meals using a gentle heat treatment, and don’t overeat. In addition, attention should be given to sports. You can choose any physical activity (running, aerobics, swimming, walking).