How to lose weight fast — a technique effective slimming

The theme of the slimming is practically infinite. And in recent years the question of "how to lose weight fast" increasingly, it seems in the most different corners of our immense country. The excess weight is a problem for almost half of the population of Russia. Someone can live comfortably with more pounds, but to someone that they interfere strongly. After all, the excess fat mass is not only beautiful, but also leads to health problems (sick, joints, blood vessels, heart, shortness of breath, hormonal changes, diabetes and t. d.).

Dangerous than a diet read all!!!

All people with excess weight want to lose weight quickly and permanently. Is such a golden dream, which is a virtually. On the internet a lot of queries: how to lose weight fast 10 kg per week? Interesting as the man himself is the magic slimming? This is what happens, what you need to lose weight for almost 1.5 kg per day! What these people are going to lose weight? I hope that the fat? And now do the math: a gram of fat 9 kcal. That is, to restore the 1.5 kg you need to burn 13500 kcal per day!

The diet

You have already noticed this huge number? I hope that you understand what reset much fat in the day, it is simply impossible. Physically impossible. No way. So I'm not going to write here the utopian dream of AS quick weight loss. I think that there are people who really succeeded in any mono-diet to lose weight in a week to 10 kg. But here the question arises: what is it that these people thinner? In our body, in addition to fat still is water and muscle (well, and bones). As well as fat so quickly, losing weight is not possible, so when on a strict diet in the first place leave the muscles (and the water, that these muscles).

Muscle - the main consumers of energy, or kcal. A pound of muscle burns about 30 kcal per day. The fat is almost the energy and does not burn. Then once You lose weight muscle, and kcal, it began to burn automatically the least.

Imagine the following situation. Before the diet, Your weight was 70 kg. this weight 25 pounds were fat, and 45 kg of muscle (in this situation the person will be the first degree of obesity). Make a diet people quickly lost 10 kg. He swings and we are happy with this result. But those 10 kg - 5 kg, which led the muscles, and 5 kg of fat. After the diet the person back to his ordinary behaviour.

BUT, if before your muscle daily burned 45*30= 1350 kcal per day, now they burn 40*30=1200 kcal. The difference of 150 kcal per day. That is, these 150 kcal already is not burnt, but are deposited in the fat cells of the hangars. And 150 kcal is 16 gr. fat. Each day this man is gaining 16 gr. fat. In a month he would recover in 480 gr., and after a year it will be more difficult to 5,760 kg. And this with the condition that he does not eat a lot, to say the least to take missiles to o.

Through a couple of years (but very probably before that) this person will mark the 10 kg and more time will want to go on a diet. And everything will happen again, again, only after this diet muscle it will be even less, respectively recruit it will be the weight faster. And so, with each new diet, the weight back faster and faster.

After several diets person can weigh the same as 70 kg, but now the muscle mass on him, will not be 45 kg, 30 kg. And fat will be all the 40 kg. And this is already the 4th degree of obesity.

Of course, I strongly this is an extreme example, but in reality this is what happens. So, in fact, the important thing is not just the weight in kilograms. And is the proportion of adipose tissue and muscle tissue. Fat is lighter and more engaging, and the muscles more dense and heavy. This man is from an example at the beginning of their work in the diet, with a weight of 70 kg, seemed more intelligent. Through the years and several diets with the same weight, it seems longer, because the ratio of fat and muscles changed. Advise when the loss of weight, measure the volume, and not get stuck on weight.

How to lose weight quickly and properly at home

I hope You read the previous information about diets. Because it is very important to understand that a variety of experiences about a you can turn. The internet is very different diets that promise miraculous results. I do not advise to follow them blindly, and include in your head.

Even better is the best way to lose weight - adhere to a proper diet. But I must say that adequate power will not be able to lose weight quickly. The weight loss will be more smooth, of about 0.5 to 1 kg per week. The speed of weight loss will depend on the original weight of the that he is bigger, faster goes away. A good indicator of at least 10 to 15% of the initial mass of 3 months. That is, with a weight of 100 kg in 3 months you can reset 10-15 kg in nutrition, and, with a weight of 60 kg 6-9 kg.

Also the speed of weight loss is affected by age, sex, physical activity.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. All the calories were obtained from carbohydrates should be spent. As I have already said, the main consumer of energy - the muscles. Beyond them, the energy need of the brain to the heart. If You do not spend the calories that came from carbohydrates, then this energy is delayed in booking in the form of fat. And only a small portion of carbohydrate stored in the liver as glycogen.

Glycogen is expended by the body, when it does not have the calories for life in the first place. In the second place, the energy of the faults extends from the muscles (if the menu is not enough protein). And only then begin to rasmalatSya fat. From this, we can conclude that short-term exercise, You will not be able to lose weight. Because the first body will spend glycogen, whose reservations will be taken after the meal.

The fat begins to rasmalatSya only after 40 minutes of cardio-loads (running, cycling, and t. d.).

To lose weight quickly need to perform these terms and conditions:

The bike
  • remove from the diet the carbohydrates, leaving only low-carb vegetables
  • increase the amount of protein in the menu (about 1.5 gr. protein per 1 kg of weight)
  • necessarily drink 2-3 liters of drinking water per day
  • include in the diet bran or fiber
  • include in the diet useful Omega-3 fats
  • practice physical activities, preferably, weights that strengthen the muscles

This terms and conditions under which You may quickly lose weight, but to maintain health.

Remove the carbohydrates from a menu - the first step to lose weight fast

In the first place, you need to understand that carbohydrates are the main source of accumulation of excess fat in the cells. When You stop eating carbohydrates, the body will start taking energy from fat, if You will keep the muscles with a sufficient number of protein foods. The first answer to the question: how to lose weight fast - very restrict carbohydrates.

You may think that it is the protein diet. But it is not so.

Here are the vegetables as source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also in the plant are carbohydrates, in small amounts, but these carbohydrates slow, or complex. They are long fission of glucose and do not cause sugar spikes. I have a detailed article about carbohydrates, simple and complex. If you want to read it to better understand what it is.

I'm going to write briefly about what happens when the body fall into the simple carbs (sweets, flour, potatoes, white rice). These carbohydrates are short-chain, in a very rapid fission in molecules of glucose. When the blood reaches the glucose (and she falls a lot, at the same time, the simple carbohydrates), the pancreas begins to actively secrete insulin. Insulin is responsible for maintaining the glucose as a source of energy, to send to the inside of the cells. The excess of the same turns the glucose into fat, because the excess sugar in the blood is very harmful to the blood vessels.

When excess blood sugar is removed, the body feels hunger, it lacks energy. And again, with hunger. And the hand itself stretches for fast in carbohydrates. And everything is repeated again: a blood sugar spike - recycling of excess energy in fat reserves - the feeling of hunger. So if developing hydrocarbondNaya dependency, when a person already can not do without any source of eating carbs.

The ricotta for a time can eat 150 gr., the omelette can be made from 3 eggs or 1 whole egg and 3 proteins.

Vegetables choose a variety, preferably of different colors. In the winter, it can be carrot, beet, cauliflower, herb. You can also use frozen vegetables and a little bit of your lay out in a frying pan or cook in the steam (zucchini, peppers, eggplant, withtruckova beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and dp.).

The second step to lose weight - eat more protein

Protein - essential for rapid weight loss. It is needed to support the muscle mass. The squirrel needs is not the least 1.5 grams per pound of weight. The amount of protein in the different products you can see in this table.

From what products to take the protein? You can eat lean meat, chicken, turkey, organ meats (ventricles, the hearts, the language), seafood (shrimp, squid, mussel, octopus, and t. d.), any fish, dairy products (yogurt, milk, cottage cheese), eggs, soy products (tofu, soy milk, soy meat).

Spread the whole day my normal day of protein. For example, weight 70 kg. Means, the protein needs, there are 105 gr., it can be even more. In the breakfast eat 30 g. protein for lunch - 30 gr., at dinner - 30 gr., the remaining 15 gr. eat the snack.

How much you need to eat products, in order to obtain 30 gr. the squirrel? This can be 170 gr. lean cottage cheese (the more the oil - less protein), 110 gr. shrimps, 200 gr. pollock, 170 gr. the fishing of herring or mackerel (not only in the smoked form, can the salty fish, baked, cooked), 150 gr. chicken, 140 gr. peru. See the table and focuses on the size of your portion. It is very important to eat protein in sufficient quantity.

Drink plenty of water, to lose weight fast without diets

On the water there is a lot of time in all the places write. I think You know that you need a lot of drinking, and not just to lose weight, but to feel good and stay young for a longer time. To lose weight quickly, drink at least 2 litres of water per day, and the best of 3 litres. This is the case, if there is no kidney disease.

Necessarily, drink a glass of water (250 ml) for 15 to 20 minutes before a meal. Also drink during the day.

There is even a popular diet, which is called "the diet is for the lazy", which is based on drinking water.

How to lose weight fast - drink at least 2 litres of liquid, without gas of water per day.

Bowel cleansing - the fourth step is the harmony


And as you know, the fat accumulate toxins. When the fat from the cells, enters the blood, and the toxins enter in the blood. Because of this, the problems begin with the well-being. The body as it would be sent. Can occur headaches, weakness, the need for more long sleep, nausea. The right, as if tокwithикозе during pregnancy. And to improve your condition, you will need these toxins more quickly as possible to bring the body.

For these purposes, use the fiber. You can buy it at the pharmacy, in the form of tablets. But I prefer to eat bran. In addition to fiber, oats lot of vitamins of the b complex, which is very much lacking. In addition, during the diet, You will not eat cereal, in which these vitamins also. Therefore, the bran solves two problems: fiber and vitamins.

The bran you can buy in large hypermarkets. They can be any type of cereals. During the fast weight loss them you need to eat 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals.

The fibers in general we need, always, to stimulate the work of the intestine, absorb in themselves harmful substances.

How to lose weight fast - there bran three times a day, before meals, with water.

Eat healthy fats to lose weight

The essence of this system of weight loss - the refusal of carbohydrates. Fats we need as building material. The brain is 60% fat! And this fats Omega-3. Is, fats of Omega-3 are fighting with bad cholesterol, purifying the vessels, maintain the health of the heart and brain. And is the Omega-3, we do not eat in sufficient quantity. And these are healthy fats in fish of salt water, only in the navy.

How to lose weight fast - drink fish oil and has linseed oil.

Sport load to strengthen the muscles

Of course, the change of energy is a fundamental condition for weight loss. But if the energy to add the sport - the results will be even faster. To lose weight, it is best to choose the security forces of the load. That is, to deal with the weight of the dumbbells, the bar. For the girls in the squat exercises with a weight, lunges, withtANOVA traction, pumping the press, the contraction of the pectoral muscle (you can work on the simulator, and can be a drain in the floor) and the back.

Practice at home or in the gym - You decide. I know for myself that the house is too difficult to handle. There will always be an "urgent" of a business, that it hurts. Therefore, the best way to go in the lounge, where there are the necessary equipment and the coach, several classes of strength training.

Before weights exercises need a little bit of exercise on the treadmill or on the bike for 10 minutes.

An approximate value of diet to lose weight fast

Now it is time to write an exemplary schema of the power with which You will begin to lose weight quickly. Between meals should not be more than 4 hours interval. The last meal 3 to 4 hours before sleep.

Once a week, you can eat a fruit or porridge.

After slimming, the need to introduce gradually in the menu complex carbohydrates.

Vegetable chicken stew


  • A glass of water after waking up, a glass of water before breakfast
  • A tablespoon of bran.
  • Cottage cheese 170 gr. + salad vegetables 250 gr.
  • Omelet of 2 eggs + a slice of chicken 80 gr. + salad vegetables 250 gr.
  • Cutlet, baked in the oven or grilled without oil, 180 gr. + vegetables 250 gr.

Snack (optional)

  • A glass of water or green tea
  • Boiled egg with vegetable
  • Cup of yogurt
  • Ricotta 50 gr.


  • A glass of water, the bran
  • The meat boiled, baked or roasted 150 gr. + steamed vegetables 250 gr.
  • Vegetable chicken stew
  • Fish is 170 gr. + vegetables
  • 100 gr. of the fruits of the sea. + vegetables
  • Meat + vegetables

Snack (optional)

  • A glass of water
  • The same as first snack

Dinner (3-4 hours before sleep)

  • A glass of water, the bran
  • The same as that for the lunch

Consider your own menu, buy all the necessary products. Take care that the diet has been quite vegetables - about 1 kg per day. Also the control of a protein portion of the food. And don't forget the water. If you are already a very strong desire to eat something forbidden, it is best to eat, but only a little. If you get carried away and fall off, then reset the weight with the pleasure back.

So, before you start the diet needs to have a strong motivation. Nothing comes easy, but the result is worth it. Believe me, You will be very happy, when you will look your best to feel better. Behind his back, as if it were growing wings.