Effective exercise program for weight loss at home

Look slim and beautiful every girl wants, but healthy and a style of life under the power of a not many people.

Even if you don't like dance or aerobics, do not visit the gym, you can have a nice and trim shape. For this, you need to give the sport of 20 to 30 minutes per day.

Exercises to lose weight

You need to take care of your body and it will delight you with good health, and also an excellent view to the outside.

Here you will find practice exercises that help you lose weight at home without gym equipment. Knowing them, you will be able to create your own workout chart.

Before you begin the exercise, you should perform an exercise. It helps you warm up your muscles and joints, and also protect against damage and injury.

Develop your need from top to bottom, gradually going to warm the neck, shoulders and arms to the back, buttocks, thighs, knees, and feet.

If you do not know how to act — not a problem. Begin to execute a circular motion of each joint. First in one direction, then in another. Practice therefore, all parts of the body.

So it's good to warm up. To do this, strongly rub the hands until they become warm. After this, pre-heat with them in the face, the neck, the ears, the nose. More warm with the palms of your hands rub the whole body from head to toe.

Exercise for hand and shoulder

Follow a rotation of the shoulders to the front and to the back. You can rotate the shoulders at a time, may — at the same time. The hands remain straight, brush collected, as if they were in the foot (for example, if you are relying on the table or machine) — thus, the arm muscles will work more effectively. Rotate the elbows on the opposite side. Forth, rotate hands compressed into fists.

Exercise for the back

Exercise for the back

Become exactly. Begin to unfold to the right or to the left. Doing the reverse, the part of the stem that is below the waist, and your feet should stay in one place and not move.

During the twist of the muscles of the neck do not have that endeavor. To see, on whichever side that you didn't even turned. Do 20 to 30 laps.

The following exercise, we present in a state of alert in the lower part of the back, including the lower part of the back. To become smooth. Begin to rotate the body around its axis in a circular motion to the left. Do 10 times and start repeating to the other side.

The hand should resemble the motion of the fighters in the ring, that runs away from the blows of the opponent. As in the previous exercise, the thighs and the feet should remain in place.

Exercise for the feet

Walk to warm up thus: we put the socks on the floor and twist the stopper in different directions. Becoming in socks on both feet, lift and down, not counting the heel. Do as more than once.

To complicate the task and make for a more efficient workout, go up on tip-toes as high as possible and squat with a flexed foot, without bending the back.

Training program

Then, the exercise ended, and it is time to begin the main exercise. Below, an efficient structure for weight loss at home.

We buttocks in the tone

  • The squat static. To perform the first exercise, place one foot higher than your shoulders. Standing up, bend them at the knee joints. The angle has to be so, so that you can put in the foot of the cup and not be afraid that she will fall (t. e. angle of approximately 90 degrees). Freeze and is in a rack as the largest time as possible.
  • Normal squat. This is the best exercise for achieving a well-composed priests with undertJantbubbled the buttocks. The squat is best to act in several approaches from 20 to 50 times.
  • Jump. Sit on your heels. Dramatically jump up and return to the initial position. Jump need the highest possible. It will be enough for 20 reps.

We do thin legs

  1. Playback and mixing of the feet. Lie on your back on the floor and placing your hands under your buttocks, lift your legs straight up. Lightweight and move up the legs to the side. Repeat this exercise ten times.
  2. Squat stands from his knees. Extend arms in front of his knees. Now sit alternately in each buttock, shifting body from side to side. Exercise follow quickly so as not to lose balance.
  3. Squat sumo. In the standing position, with legs separated at shoulder width apart, expand the legs and knees out. Slowly squat, to get an idea of how to work the muscles of both hips. Asserivaltecamping in a semi-squat as long as possible. Then, try to gently return to its original position.
  4. Mahi feet. Lie down on your side and bend the leg at the knee, took it to the front. Straight from the upper foot comet raises with a wide range, trying to move as can be slower. Then, peReineRниtecamping to the other side and repeat the other leg. This exercise will help adjust and increase the form of the internal part of the thighs.

You can perform the following exercises with elastic, which will significantly improve the results.

Exercises with elastic band

We create a flat stomach

  • To twist. Lying on your back, place hands behind the head and the legs keep straight. Lift the body, touching the knee, chest. Slowly return to original position, taking care not to tighten the neck. To simplify the exercise (if the run option is not possible) make minor elevations: the main thing — to tear up the shoulder blades from the floor.
  • Abdominal with a twist. Lie on your back, legs, bend the knees and place hands behind the head. Now try to curl up to touch your elbow to the knee opposite of the foot.
  • Lifting the legs. We do not leave the original position for earlier years. Elevate the straight leg up to an angle of 45 degrees, and then try a little more delay in the high position. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times. In this position, you can shake the feet to the top-down with a small amplitude, or even perform a "scissor".
  • Complicated the option of elevating the feet. Lying on his back, Rаскиньte the hands to the sides and slowly raise the straight leg up to the position perpendicular to the floor. Lower the feet is also very slow — the load on the muscles, the press will more. Also, try to swing the foot from side to side and return them, in a position perpendicular to. A exercise thoroughly clean the stomach and the mouth.

If the previous exercises is not enough, you can run the following:

Strengthening the back and make it graceful

No. 1. For the first exercise lie on your back, arms extended. Fold the knees. Then, rhythmically lift the taz as high as possible and lower it, trying to stay in the raised position for as long as you can.

To complicate the exercise of one of the legs, feet on the floor, you can raise or even put on the knee of the other leg. This will help you to strengthen the back and build the abdominal muscles.

# 2. From the same position, lift the hands straight up and then lift the legs straight. Do this for hip identify of the floor. Slowly lower the leg.

Now tYanitecamping followed by hands raised, trying to snatch from the floor the upper part of the body. Respecting this order of priority, to try to repeat the exercise several times.

No. 3. Lie face down. Simultaneously, try to take the hands and the feet flat on the floor. To do so, 30 or 40 times.

Push ups from the floor

We strengthen the hands

  • Push ups from the floor. Take the emphasis lying. But, unlike the male, the cart, put his knees on the floor. Try ontMs.tSya of the floor 10 times.
  • Push-ups of the bank. For the next exercise you will need a chair or the edge of the sofa. Become to it back and place his or her hand. The feet need to smooth and relax. Begin to flex the hand at the elbow joints. At the lowest point you should almost touch the warranty for the floor. Then, straighten the hands. Repeat once, 10 to 15 times.
  • Static exercise. Stand erect, with your hands, pull the front parallel to the floor. Try to keep them in such position as long as possible.

Accelerate the results of a proper diet

The proper nutrition - not less important component of the process of weight loss, that physical activities. Of what and in what quantities You eat depends on Your result, so if You want to, to the reflection in the mirror the beginning of pleasing Him, you must follow the following principles.

Respect the deficiency of calories

Calculate the amount of calories per day You need for weight loss, it can be the formula:

(655+ (growth, cm *1,8)+ (weight, kg*9,6)-(age*4,7))*activity coefficient

This relationship is:

  • 1.2 to a person who does not train
  • 1,38 - 1-3 the practice of sports activities per week
  • 1,55 - of 3 to 5 lessons
  • 1,73 - more than 5 exercises

For the weight loss of the obtained numbers subtract 400-500.

Example: growth 167 cm, weight 55 kg, age 25 years, the rate of activity of 1.55.


Subtract 500, and the result is that for weight loss insurance when such introductory need to consume 1617 calories per day. Of course, to calculate all prior calories is impossible, but try to keep accurate records count.

Adhering to the norms of protein, fats and carbohydrates

The protein should be 30% to 40% of the total calories, fats - 15% to 20%, and the carbohydrate - 30-40%. Foods that contain carbohydrates, predominantly try to eat in the morning or at lunch. In the evening, give preference to protein.

Products with high protein content include:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken, lean beef
  • Fish
  • Cottage cheese
  • Almonds
  • Soy products (for example, soybeans, meat, cheese, tofu).

Leave the "bad" food

If You want to lose weight, you will need to give up sweet things, fast food, sweets, soft drinks and lots of juice, mayonnaise, fat and roasted. In spite of all the you know, few are those who, in good faith, this principle and the result continues to use upon himself the hatred of the other.

In fact, in almost any harmful that there is an alternative. Thus, the tea can add a substitute instead of sugar, and a salad, dressed with Greek yogurt, will not be less delicious salad with mayonnaise.

Eat 5 to 6 times a day in small portions

Rare to be able to leads to a decrease in the metabolism, so, to speed up the metabolism, you must have, many times, not to exceed your daily rate of calories.

Do not get carried away mono-diets

The consequences мonнonдиet may be more negative. At best, there is a decrease in metabolic rate and the return on the previous day (if not the biggest) the volume after the end of the diet.


  1. Remember that loss of weight = regular exercise+ proper nutrition. Do not neglect neither one thing nor the other. Of course, you can lose weight just with diet, however, this will lead to a significant slowdown of the metabolism.
  2. Select the time that each day will focus exclusively on in-house training. Don't delay and don't put them under any circumstances - possible result without the regularity.
  3. Put goals that are realistic and do not expect results from a series of 7 kg per week".
  4. Remember your motivation, and don't let others divert Him from the "true path". Do not listen to a little bit of persuasion, "loving" friends уineRяющих, from chocolates or peheNike it will be nothing.
  5. More to take photos and, if You are honestly working on themselves, after some time, You with the joy will start to notice the changes.