The diet Favorite, although restricted: how to endure 6 days of fasting in various products

Why is the diet is called the favourite — admire-of everything. It is hard to imagine that someone can be crazy, because it is downloaded it is very difficult and the feeling of hunger is present constantly. However, its great advantage, which covers all defects, is the real efficiency. Consisting of successive mini-mono-diet with the duration of one day, it really helps you lose weight.

the diet favorite

How is the weight loss

As well as the diet includes two systems of power — divided and drinking, shoots it once of two ways:

  1. The rear seat nutrition exclude from your diet fatty foods and carbohydrates. In the stomach do not mix products from different food categories, which improves its performance.
  2. Sources of discharge days of the withdrawal of tissue fluid and give the feeling of lightness.

At first glance, the union of two such effective systems within a diet should give excellent results. It is, however, this becomes a stumbling block scientific. Many experts say that this shift may adversely affect the work of the stomach, to restore what, then, will be very difficult.

Description mono-diet per day

For every favorite day of the diet there is a special with the list of products allowed for consumption. Table say that you can eat in different of its stages:

The daily portions are not specified, t. to. does not limited. But it's not worth the whole day objedtSya allowed the meal. In the process of weight loss should always be this easy to hunger.

Pros and cons

Even before she sit down, preferably consider all the pros and cons.


  • She is efficient, because it allows you to lose daily 700 g to 1 kg of weight;
  • don't need to deal with the calorie count;
  • permissions products, you can eat as much as you want;
  • missing malaise, fatigue, lethargy, hunger, psychological discomfort (a very controversial statement);
  • the intensity weight loss;
  • you can choose the minimum duration (6 days), and is of short duration;
  • the menu it is possible to adjust, according to your taste preferences;
  • thanks to a font of the week, it may be good to clean the body;
  • among the benefits also called balance diet, but usually mono-dietas not differ from such a feature.


  • Poorly tolerated;
  • cause serious intestinal disorders;
  • it is not always effective;
  • causes surges in blood pressure and pressure;
  • when you select long-term (more than 2 laps), will give to know the deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

This is not universally accepted postulates. A lot depends on individual characteristics. For someone who would be effective, someone will receive the reward of the just nasty consequences such as disorder of gastric.

Who is harmful

For diet favorite, there are contra-indications special:

  • lactation;
  • pregnancy;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • problems with the digestive system;
  • kidney disease;
  • concomitant of a drug treatment;
  • disruptions of the endocrine system;
  • rehabilitation period.

To not be disappointed, if you have any problems with health do not forget to consult with doctors. If in the process of weight loss began to have bouts of gastritis, vertigo, constipation, do not sacrifice a — choose something more gentle.

diet diet

We are the menu

The menu includes only permitted each day products for a particular mono-dietas.

Classic Menu in the week

Structured for the beloved diet detailed menu 7 days allows you to steer with the selection of products and dishes. If the size of the portions in a table is not listed, it means that there are no restrictions, but still not worth too much.

Expected results, which may issue 7 days of the diet favorite, it is less than 7 stop.

Hard menu in 2 weeks

Not all survive 6 days mono-diet, therefore, the honor and the praise to whom it is resolved by 14 days of this hunger strike. The menu for it must be more carefully planned, because it involves more and more products with VItandminнsм composition to maintain the forces.

7 and 14 days are called balanced. They are designed to allow the output of the diet has been soft — this will ensure that the weight is not coming back. Eat small portions to not stretch the stomach. Dinner — 3 hours yes sleep.

If we withdraw from this menu, 7 and 14 days, obtained the diet the favorite in 12 days, but it is difficult to quit, not re-entering the weight. It is a very difficult option, but it can give output up to 10 kg of weight lost.

Looking for recipes

The ration seemed not to poor, not worth eating raw vegetables or only fruits. Find recipes of delicious dishes that harmoniously fit into a diet.

Dietary cocktail

Drinking days of the diet favorite always seem to be the most boring and difficult. But who denies the dilute this boredom with delicious cocktails? Yes, they will be present for vegetables and fruits, but in liquid form, which allows this system of weight loss. The only restriction is to please yourself not more than 250 ml of the drink per day.


  • 2 floretes of broccoli;
  • 2 slices of pineapple;
  • 2 floretes of cauliflower;
  • green OStalreadyннsй of tea — up to the maximum mark on the glass of a blender.


  1. Cut in pieces of pineapple, and cabbage.
  2. Add all the ingredients in a blender.
  3. Pour in the tea.
  4. Mix 30 sec.

This smoothie green fits in perfectly and vegetables a day, if instead of pineapple, add a little celery or asparagus.


Judging by the comments, it is very difficult to carry the second day of vegetables. This occurs with more frequency because they all eat raw food and not зandморandчandвandюtXia in delicious dishes, which are worth to spend your time, not to fall. This recipe has to be very welcome. This dietary vinaigrette, t. to. prepares for, without the potatoes.


  • 3 Wt. beet;
  • 2 Wt. carrot;
  • onion;
  • 2 Wt. pickle;
  • a handful of pickled cabbage;
  • a handful of peas, fresh;
  • a little vegetable oil;
  • 10 g of the grain of mustard seed;
  • 10 ml of apple cider vinegar;
  • the salt, the sugar;
  • the green onion.


  1. The beet, the carrot, cooked until soft state, cool it, clean.
  2. Onion chopped, drizzle with the vinegar, add the sugar, season with salt. Mix, leave in the marinade.
  3. The beet cut into notparaрупнsмand in cubes.
  4. In a bowl put pickled onions and beetroot. Drizzle your marinade, mix.
  5. Cut the carrots into cubes — the largest, the beet.
  6. Grind the pickles.
  7. Wash the peas, add to the salad.
  8. The latter is added to the pressed juice of sauerkraut.
  9. Separately, prepares to refill: the oil is mixed with the mustard.
  10. Everything thoroughly mixed.
fruit salad

Dietetic fruit salad

All waiting anxiously for fruity day, but it brings no relief, as well as the pulp is juicy, provoking the secretion of gastric juice and to eat endlessly. Dealing with the insatiable hunger of help diet fruit сandлandtandparaand.


  • 1 grapefruit;
  • 2 green apple;
  • 2 tangerine;
  • 2 kiwi;
  • 1 pear;
  • a half of a lemon.


  1. Wash fruits.
  2. Clear from the husk, the seeds of the pumpkin.
  3. Cut into small cubes.
  4. Drizzle with the juice of half a lemon.
  5. Mix.
  6. Eat for 15 minutes, otherwise, salad can turn into a porridge.

Fish soup protein

Truly healthy in the diet favorite day of protein. The body finally receives the meat, fish, seafood, dairy products. This diversity can be easy to prepare a variety of dishes.


  • 1 l of water;
  • 300 gr. of canned fish in its own juice;
  • onion;
  • the fennel, the pepper, the salt;
  • the laurel leaf.


  1. Finely chop the onion.
  2. Fork to shred the canned foods, the juice should not be discarded.
  3. Throw in boiling water, the onions, the pepper, the bay leaf.
  4. Place the fish. Cook for 5 min.
  5. Season with salt.
  6. When the power of прandсsпandtü of dill.

If you have decided on some laps diet, necessarily take different recipes for each day, so that the body saturated is all that is necessary.

Questions and answers

The diet favourite is very popular, as well as advocates for the rear seat nutrition. And he, as it is known, is very effective for weight loss. However, in the process of preparation and more of a hunger strike, there are many questions, and a nutritionist on hand may not be. Resolve some of them, we will help you.

  • Which is better: the diet favourite or buckwheat?

Wheat is worth choosing the one who really loves this product and is not afraid of the monotony of the diet. The efficiency of both of the diets are about the same (a loss of 700 g / day), both well clear the body of toxins, both rigorous and downloaded difficult. And yet, buckwheat, as many believe, more rigid, t. to. permissions set of products is minimal.

  • Which diet more efficient: the favorite or 6 petals?

The author's favorite diet is unknown, but a system of weight loss in 6 petals developed known nutritionist, so that she feels a professional approach. It is more carefully balanced. It scientific fact and supported by many nutritionists, that can't be said about your beloved. Alternate mono-dietas with discharge days in liquids can be dangerous to the health.

  • What do you have in your vegetables day?
vegetable salad

Salads all vegetables and beans, also corn and potatoes.

  • How much can you play?

Days 6, you can reset the 6 kg, but this happens rarely. It is best to wait 3-4 stop. If a power system to paint a month, the results will certainly be great, but, behold, resist if you 5 spins, mentally and physically — the big question. Plenty drinking days, and the deficiency of carbs with fats will cause emotional breakdowns and disorders of the stomach. Therefore, nutritionists do not recommend such a long term. Maximum — option 2 laps in 2 weeks.

  • You can drink water a day?

Jam pudding (not always recommended), juices without pulp, clean water, low-fat yogurt and milk, tea, coffee without additives, teas, black and green. For lunch — meat, fish, vegetables, soups and stews, but not very concentrated and lean. If there is the risk of failure, you can entertain a glass of smoothie or a cocktail.

  • Returns whether the weight?

Despite promises that the weight does not come back, the majority of opinions suggest the contrary. The only thing that can delay the process, it is a good output for this system. But it fires for a moment. In 8 ° or 15 ° day return to the series ' dietary fat and fried dishes, the weight loss results disappear very soon.

  • How not to fall?

In fact, in each mono diet there is a gap, which can be used in moments of collapse, when it seems that the strength to continue to lose weight, no longer exists. In the water, the day is a delicious cocktail. In the vegetables — 1 small paraandрtофeлandнand uniform, seasoned with herbs, garlic and several drops of olive oil. Fruity can diversify the favorite, though forbidden banana. In protein per day, simply to make chicken skewers in the frying pan dry with rayparaom — and depression there will be no dash.

  • After a while, can you repeat that?

As recommended by the experts, if it was 1 or 2 laps, — in six months. If the more — in just one year. The most correct option to consult a nutritionist, how many times you can sit in the favorite diet that's right for you. In virtue of the performance of individual intervals can be significantly reduced.

  • How to eat after the diet?

If you liked the weight loss in the diet of hay, you can get to know its principles closely, employed and put on the life. Is the positive impact not only on your way (so pounds lost is not exactly back), but also in the state of health. And so, within 1-2 weeks after the diet need, necessarily, a hot soups for dinner, and fatty and fried foods, dishes to include in the menu, gradually, in small amounts.

  • You can eat canned balls?

Desirable — it is best to eat fresh. But if you want to too much and too little — nothing bad will happen.

Will the diet favorite the salvation in your case — it depends on you. Must have patience, tighten phones attalready and following clearly prescribed layout. Feels that срsвandeteсü, look for tasty dishes, that fit in today's age the mono-dietay, рandдуйte-new recipes, look for support in the face of pet. Only the desire to transform will cope with this difficult technique.