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  • The essence and basic principles of the diet for gastritis of the stomach, basics, effectiveness, indications and contraindications, principles, rules, what foods can and can not be replaced. Main menu for this week, cooking methods used, menus, recipes.
    20 February 2022
  • In the material we are talking about a protein diet for weight loss: the menu and what dishes to eat. Read about the incredible results and possible dangers of a protein diet.
    12 February 2022
  • The Ducan diet is not the easiest method, but the most effective for weight loss. We tell you in detail about the nuances, benefits and menu of this diet.
    3 March 2021
  • Satisfying and delicious, protein diet for weight loss is one of the most popular ways of losing weight. She works quickly and efficiently, and in conjunction with a regular exercise helps you achieve a striking effect.
    30 September 2019